GT Academy Season 4 on Spike TV: Episode 2

GT Academy 13 November 21, 2014 by

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another new episode of GT Academy 2014 on Spike TV, airing tonight at 11:30pm Eastern Time. First, though: let’s catch up on last week’s Episode 2, which you can see above.

There was as surprising bit of drama between the contestants, after what looked like a very fun session in some head-to-head, off-road, dirt buggy racing. Breylon Lawrence-Williams found himself in hot water after a dangerous on-track maneuver, and it didn’t sit will with his fellow contestants… Watch the full episode above to see how it eventually played out.

Finalist and GTPlanet member Donald Aarseth (@scca_ziptie) has published an extensive behind-the-scenes writeup describing what it’s actually like to be on the show; it’s an interesting read, and offers important information for anyone hoping to be in Race Camp next year.

Once again, finalist Tommy Gontkof is hosting a special viewing party just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, complete with a GT6 racing competition, door prizes, and a fundraiser for the Armed Forces Foundation. Enjoy the show!

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