GT Sport Mileage Exchange

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How We’d Fix GT Sport’s Mileage Exchange

The Mileage Exchange — or MiEx for short — in GT Sport is an in-game store that carries some things that are invaluable for making your car your own. You exchange your mileage (Mi) points that you gain from driving for the items within, hence the name.

Going Gray With This Week’s GT Sport Mileage Exchange

It’s all-change in the Mileage Exchange this week. Keeping with the traditional schedule, Polyphony Digital has shuffled the deck, bringing back cars, paints and other items for personalizing your GT Sport experience.

Singing the Blues With This Week’s Mileage Exchange

Polyphony Digital seems to have tapped into the UK’s mindset this week. As millions of people return to work following the Monday holiday, they’ve got a serious case of the Tuesday Blues. The Mileage Exchange reflects that.