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Red Bull Talks Night Racing in GT Sport, Polyphony’s Custom HDR Cameras

Last week offered quite an explosion of information on not just the PS4 Pro, but GT Sport. For the first time since the delay announcement at the end of summer, Polyphony was on hand at a demonstration of its upcoming game, sharing details on what’s achievable on the new, more powerful hardware. Chief amongst these revelations was our first look at VR in GT Sport, tempered by the news it would be limited to a dedicated “VR Tour Mode“.

Mixed Reality Video: Managing Night Conditions in DiRT Rally

Today we’ve brought you some new entertainment from Marcel Pfister‘s Mixed Reality video series. Racing at night is what Marcel decided to demonstrate, using his tried-and-true pairing of an Oculus Rift VR headset with the aid of green-screen technology. Support for Oculus was made available for the PC version of DiRT Rally last month in a sizeable download.

Gran Turismo 5 Weather Video Trailer (Now in HD)

Here’s our first look at the new Gran Turismo 5 “Weather Trailer” just revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2010 Sony press conference. I’ll update this post immediately as soon as the HD version is available!

More GT5 Details: High/Low Beams, Dynamic Crowds, No BBQ Smell

EuroGamer was first to share new details that emerged from the private GT5 presentation Yamauchi hosted at E3 on Wednesday, and now we’ve got even more information from MotorTrend, Kotaku, IGN, and GameSpot. Now, in addition to the new details I’ve already covered, here’s what we know:

Nürburgring at Night Confirmed for Gran Turismo 5

There’s some good news confirmed in a new article from Auto Express – a “secret” demo was apparently at last weekend’s 24-hour race, which showed the Green Hell at night. They were also able to confirm that the race-spec Lexus IS-F which Yamauchi drove in the event will be included in the game:

Night Screenshot of GT5’s Special Stage Route 5

Although the Official PlayStation Magazine UK editors were not provided with any new information about GT5 for their latest feature article, they did include an interesting shot of what appears to be Special Stage Route 5. As you may recall, this track was always played at night in previous GT games, but that doesn’t make it look any less cool. Thanks to Captain Roh for sharing these! Evilneal has also shared the full scans here if you’d like to see more.

Night Racing, Weather, Indy Cars (IRL) Confirmed for GT5

Our own user Digital-Nitrate has discovered an early copy of the February issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, and it’s got some pretty incredible news! Indy (“IRL”) cars have been confirmed, in addition to “weather effects, as well as night racing for all tracks”! Here’s a nice little summary of everything that’s discussed and confirmed: