Red Bull Talks Night Racing in GT Sport, Polyphony’s Custom HDR Cameras


Last week offered quite an explosion of information on not just the PS4 Pro, but GT Sport. For the first time since the delay announcement at the end of summer, Polyphony was on hand at a demonstration of its upcoming game, sharing details on what’s achievable on the new, more powerful hardware. Chief amongst these revelations was our first look at VR in GT Sport, tempered by the news it would be limited to a dedicated “VR Tour Mode“.

Red Bull recently sat down with Kazunori Yamauchi to discuss Polyphony’s progress on the title. While it was announced months ago that GT Sport would not feature the dynamic time and weather found in the PS3 era, fans have been eager to see a race at night. It sounds like Red Bull has witnessed just that, utilizing the power of the Pro no less:

“The quality improvement brought about by the enrichment in brightness capacity are most obvious during night races when cars have their beams on full and there exists an incredibly high level of contrast between the headlights and darkness around them.”

Intriguingly, no night racing footage came out of the PS4 Pro London event. When could we be seeing it with our own eyes? Only Polyphony knows, but it’s unarguable that both HDR and the wide-gamut colour space the Pro offers should make for even more authentic-feeling visuals.

Tunnels should really show off the advantages of HDR in GT Sport.

The interview also sheds light on one of the more confusing bits of information to make its way out of London. A few articles have made mention of Polyphony crafting its own camera to better capture HDR. As it turns out, the team needed to build the device to capture the amount of data needed to accurately recreate the assets in-game:

“When the team started to work on the game three years ago there didn’t exist HDR images, of track and backdrops etc, from which the designers could work from and so they had to come up with their own. As a result of this groundwork, however, Yamauchi is adamant that lessons have been learnt that will assist in the creation of all Gran Turismo releases from this point forward.”

Kazunori emphasizes the “future-proof” nature of the game, especially in terms of the high-nit limit the game’s engine supports (up to 10,000). No commercially-available TV on the market can hit that number, but Yamauchi states this is being done for the “HDR TVs that will come in the future.” Polyphony recently tackled the technical aspect of these new features in greater detail, which you can read about here.

Hopefully, Polyphony releases more information on night racing soon. We’d hate for this to end up as another Pikes-Peak-in-GT5 situation.

Hat tip to Samus for sharing the interview!

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  1. Bjorn Lucas

    these kinds of articles do not strengthen our beliefs in PD,….
    they are talking crap,, the game must do the same on ps4 and ps4 pro, only HDR, framerate, loading that kind of stuff is different,..

    it is idiotic they are promoting the ps4 pro in this way,…
    Same like how the advertized the PSVR compatibility,..

    if the game is like these promotions it will be full of gimmicks people will be tired of in days not years!!!!!!

  2. Skidmark68

    Next we’ll be hearing about Kaz remarking on the apparent limitations of ps4 pro etc. same as he spoke of the PS3. He’ll say “We had to rethink the design philosophy so by keeping some standard sounds and cars we were able to push the graphics in Gt sport to their absolute limit and beyond” or something like that haha. Gt old gen (user-controlled) Gt new gen (users-controlled).


      Didn’t they made all cars premium & they’ve started on improving the sounds ?
      Also about the graphics – they’re already top notch & could be better after the release.
      The PS4Pro should do the job when it comes to 4K & HDR.
      Let’s wait then judge once the game is released.


      I think it’s half right & half wrong … They can finish it faster but they want the game to be gold once sold.
      I think it could better to postphone the PSPro idea of HDR 4K & etc in order to release the game faster but they still insist to do it in order for not to let the XBone-S takes the cake.
      So i think it’s frustratingly justified on what they’re doing currently.

  3. DR_SID

    GT Sport new slogan should be the king of trigger. Those fanboys don’t want to admit it but GT Sport is going to be damn good.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Yet another derogatory use of the word “fanboy.”

      It still escapes me how you’ve managed to be a member of GTPlanet for this long.

    1. Szuper

      Only one think is important GT Sport. Its looks good! This is game for 10 year drivers :) If you are 10yo, buy VR Glasses.

  4. GregOr1971

    I am a patient person, but this is slowly getting ridiculous. FFS PD, just release the game, so I can enjoy it NOW on my std 1080 tv and btw. please do not forget to include PS VR option (when racing,I do not care about menus…) no matter how ***** you think it will look. That’s that. I do not need PSpro, 4k , 10000nits , hdr , superduper realistic ferarri red color or whatever **** you plan to develop/perfect for another 3 years just in time to release GT when PS5 comes out.Rant over.

    1. Szuper

      Development goes far ahead so the GT can not keep up :D

      Next coming hyperultraxenon lights and game be late one year, and after this coming superhyperyellow, more year. And after this 100 new cars, wait more than 2 years maybe.
      And new GT Sport logo, maybe 7 years. Game is out something 2030.

    2. Szuper

      And i hope next is 8K resolution! Pay more than 10K$ If you have play this amazing super color game. And after this is to turn new vr glass and PS4 ProSuperUltra.

    3. karelpipa

      Their only chance to calm down their fans is start to release Gran Turismo each 2 years for some time from now.

    4. Oyashiro-sama

      @Szuper Plus new wheel and do not forget PSN monthly subscription. Might be better to rent a real track and race car.

  5. Johnnypenso

    Didn’t sound to me at all like Redbull had any first hand experience with night racing, it was written more as a regurgitation of a marketing pamphlet more than anything else.

  6. Oyashiro-sama

    And how about worrying about the present? I just hope that at least this mean that the awful glare (screen turning all white) and cockpit instruments going totally black gets fixed. (From what I’ve seen from the footage that came out months ago, they were still not fixed!) Also, I’d rather had dynamic time and weather changes than HDR for TVs that do not exist yet… oh well.

    1. GTguy88

      @TeamCZRRacing No, he said HDR TVs will be obsolete by the time GT Sport is released. Which, at this rate, probably will.

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