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Mixed Reality Video: Porsche 911 Carrera S at Vallelunga

If you’re keeping tabs on the Virtual Reality space within the sim genre, you’ll probably know the name Marcel Pfister. The racing enthusiast has created some great mixed reality videos in the past including a tour around DiRT Rally’s snowy Sweden and Assetto Corsa’s Green Hell. The newest of these videos center around Kunos Simulazioni’s racing title once more, this time taking the Porsche 911 Carrera S for a spin around Italy’s Vallelunga circuit.

Mixed Reality Video: Snowstorm Playground in DiRT Rally

We can’t really imagine more hazardous driving conditions than those presented in the latest video in Marcel Pfister‘s Mixed Reality series. Night-time combined with a severe snowstorm manages to create a really uncomfortable racing scenario. To experience the danger full-scale, Marcel used an Oculus Rift VR headset in combination with green-screen technology, a well-known recipe we have encountered in all previously-released Mixed Reality videos.

Mixed Reality Video: Managing Night Conditions in DiRT Rally

Today we’ve brought you some new entertainment from Marcel Pfister‘s Mixed Reality video series. Racing at night is what Marcel decided to demonstrate, using his tried-and-true pairing of an Oculus Rift VR headset with the aid of green-screen technology. Support for Oculus was made available for the PC version of DiRT Rally last month in a sizeable download.

Mixed Reality Video: Greece Trial in DiRT Rally

Project CARS is no longer the sole title on the market that supports Oculus Rift in its retail form. Recently support has been added to rally simulator DiRT Rally, introduced in an update earlier this summer for PC game versions. Although the download weighed an eye-popping 10.2GB, it certainly seems to be worth it, considering the praise from people who’ve used it.

Mixed Reality Video: GT3 Competition at iRacing’s Watkins Glen

Previous Mixed Reality videos recorded using iRacing featured GT3-themed gameplay where Marcel Pfister aimed to display the benefits of the Oculus Rift VR headset while tackling corners in a RUF GT3 machine. The video we are presenting today is exactly the same concept, albeit with one difference major difference: Marcel narrates this video. Listen to his thoughts on flying starts and overtaking at the Inner Loop bus stop while he navigates around Watkins Glen International, the Mecca of North American road racing.

Mixed Reality Video: BMW M4 Drift at Road Transfagarasan

Once you witness the level of immersion VR headsets have to offer the driving genre, the world of racing as you know it will likely change tremendously. With VR being one of the most advanced and anticipated additions to the driving genre, we’re excited about all the possibilities. We’re not alone, either: Marcel Pfister has been presenting its abilites using green-screen technology, to better convey what players will witness when they strap in. His latest video highlights one form of driving where being able to look out the side windows is of the utmost importance: drifting.

DiRT Rally Oculus Rift VR Support Arrives Today as Whopping 10GB Update

DiRT Rally is one of the best racers available this generation. After launching on consoles this year, the audience who could experience the title has grown past the initial PC audience who got the game in early access a year previous. Those PC players once again have the upper hand in terms of features, with VR support launching on PC today through the Oculus Rift.

Mixed Reality Video: A Run With PCARS’ Caterham R500

It’s been a while since we covered anything related to Marcel Pfister’s Mixed Reality series of gameplay videos. After the last few clips showcased iRacing’s RUF GT3 Cup car (tackling Laguna Seca first, followed by the Green Hell), we’re back to Project CARS, Slightly Mad Studios’ multi-platform sim racer.

Mixed Reality Video: RUF GT3 Cup at iRacing’s Nordschleife

Marcel Pfister, creator of the popular Mixed Reality series of videos, has decided to run yet another session in the popular and distinctive racing simulator iRacing. The video once again demonstrates the ability of the Oculus Rift VR headset, an interesting accessory that in combination with green-screen technology allows for new levels of immersion in virtual racing.

Mixed Reality Video: RUF GT3 Cup at iRacing’s Laguna Seca

Coming from the world of drifting to the warm Californian asphalt at the unforgettable Laguna Seca, Marcel is back on track with his Mixed Reality recordings. We’ve have been hearing a lot of rumors regarding Porsche lately, so what better time to turn our attention to their spicier counterparts?

More Mixed Reality Fun: The World of Drifting in Assetto Corsa

People who enjoy spending much of their time in drifting lobbies could find the following video quite delightful. The Mixed Reality video series created by Marcel Pfister continues, this time focusing purely on drifting, a discipline that can definitely benefit from the freedom VR provides. Watch the video above and enjoy the beauty of tandem drifting.

Mixed Reality Video: Mazda MX-5s at Brands Hatch GP

It has been quite a while since we shared anything related to the groundbreaking gaming accessory known as the virtual reality headset. Who’s to blame, you’re no doubt asking? We don’t know if you heard, but a little game by the name of Gran Turismo Sport had our attention for most of last week…

In Pursuit of Realism: Mixed Reality Nordschleife Lap Reproduction

One reality against another – that is exactly how we could describe this latest split-screen comparison video, meticulously prepared by Youtube user Marcel Pfister. His Mixed Reality gameplay and tutorial videos (previously highlighted here and here) show off the advantages of owning an Oculus Rift VR headset, a device that could soon change the experience of playing a video game tremendously, driving games in particular. Just look at the level of immersion, all without going far from your sofa!

Feel the Rush in This Awesome Project CARS Oculus Rift Video

We’ve been witnessing a prodigious heat increase among gaming enthusiasts ever since Slightly Mad Studios announced the adoption of the Oculus Rift VR headset into Project CARS, introducing the breakthrough of virtual reality technology into the world of driving games. The tried-and-true method of comparing still images isn’t sufficient these days; here you have to monitor vehicles in motion to truly perceive the magnitude of this technology. We recently reported about Oculus Rift experiments on Assetto Corsa and DiRT Rally and now it is time to see how this virtual reality item works in conjunction with Project CARS.

More Mixed Reality Recordings: RUF Yellowbird & Greenscreen Tutorial

If there is a novelty in hardware technology that could rapidly change interaction with future video game driving simulators, the virtual reality headset certainly could be leading the way. Ever since becoming commercially available in March 2016, VR has been at the centre of talks relating dropping players directly into the world of virtual reality, a matter particularly interesting to the driving game genre.

Experience VR Immersion in These Awesome Mixed Reality Videos

If you’re one of those people on the fence about VR headsets, you might want to look away now, for your wallet’s sake. Youtuber Marcel Pfister has unleashed two videos that combine green screen techniques with Oculus Rift to convincingly drop viewers into the driver’s seat.

Project CARS Becomes an Oculus Rift Launch Title

While the seeds have been planted for quite some time now, Slightly Mad Studios have now made it official: announcing that the critically-acclaimed WMD-powered racer will be an Oculus Rift launch title.