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Sony Bravia Master Ad Hints at RUF’s Possible Gran Turismo Return

Today has been something of a day for leaking GT Sport car news. However, while a short list of vehicles for the next game update appearing on the New Zealand PlayStation… Read More »

The Crew 2 is the First New Game to Feature Porsche and RUF Since "The Porschening"

The Crew 2 7 Jun 26, 2018 by Kyle Patrick

Today, thousands of players across the globe are getting in on The Crew 2. Early access has begun, and the game marks a rather unique point in the history of the… Read More »

When Is a Porsche 911 Not a Porsche? When It's the Legendary RUF CTR2

Car Culture 23 Jun 13, 2018 by Joe Donaldson

While the history of Porsche dates back 70 years, RUF is even older and closing in on its 80th birthday. That’s why for this week’s Want we’re taking a look… Read More »

RUF Revives the SCR in Fiery 510hp Form

Although a new Porsche is exciting, seeing the house of RUF work its magic is just as fun. Thankfully then, the German manufacturer has revealed its latest piece of work… Read More »

Is Porsche Pushing RUF Out of Racing Games?

Gaming 81 May 4, 2017 by Kyle Patrick

One door opens, and another closes: could Porsche accessibility mean Alois’ creations become rarer in our favorite genre?

RUF Celebrates the CTR's 30th Anniversary with an All-New Yellow Bird

Built from the ground up, the new CTR marks the first vehicle completely engineered and designed by RUF.

Could Porsche Feature in Forza Horizon 3 From Day One?

A ‘Blink-And-You’ll-Miss-It’ moment from Xbox’s E3 presser gives us hope for the German manufacturer…