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Onboard with Yamauchi at the Nurburgring 24h Race

As you may recall, GT series creator Kazunori Yamauchi joined the Team World Car Awards for the 24-Hour Nurburgring race just a few weeks ago. Despite some mechanical troubles, they finished fourth in their class, with Yamauchi himself setting the team’s second-fastest lap at 9:48. Check out on-board video of one of his laps below, featuring his signature smooth-and-steady driving style. Congratulations to the whole team, and thanks to all who sent this in!

The GT Academy 2010 Experience [Video]

We know the GT Academy 2010 Silverstone finals were intense, but what was it really like? For those of us who couldn’t make it (or were geographically excluded from the competition…), here’s the complete experience on video, showing what the competitors went through during each day of the finals. Watch all of the clips below, and don’t forget to check out video from the first GT Academy finals as well!

JR Rocha's Infiniti G37 Hits the Nordschleife

Remember JR Rocha‘s heavily modified Infiniti G37, which won immortality in the GT Awards at SEMA 2008? We got to see a few high-res screenshots of the car at last year’s show, but now here it is in action around the Nurburgring in one of mimaximax’s latest videos. It looks a bit odd to see a car like this on the Green Hell, but I’m sure this clip would bring a smile to the face of its late owner...

Castrol Supra Shows GT5's Improved AI Avoidance

In one of mimaximax’s recent videos, he (attempts) to show damage on the Nissan Motul GT-R. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it’s a race car, it doesn’t show anything more than a few scratches in this old demo that he’s using. While trying to damage the car, though, he inadvertently forces an AI-controlled Castrol Supra into a last-second avoidance maneuver. For a game which has long been criticized for its artificial intelligence, this is a positive step forward. Watch for the incident shortly after 2:15 in the video below. Thanks to TorqueHappenS08 for the tip!

McLaren F1, TVR Tuscan Speed 6, and More at the 'Ring

The latest videos from Mimaximax have taken an interesting turn over the past few days, as he begins to feature some of the more unusual and exotic cars found in the demo. Most notably, we get to see the highly-anticipated McLaren F1 in action on the Nurburgring, along with a race-prepped TVR Tuscan Speed 6. He’s even thrown in footage of a Mercedes SLR and in-car replay from a Nissan GTR V-Spec for good measure!