Things Get a Little Muddy in DiRT Rally 2.0 Launch Trailer

DiRT Rally 2.0 3 February 21, 2019 by

We’re less than one week away from the launch of DiRT Rally 2.0, and things are beginning to heat up. Before the big day however, Deluxe Edition owners will get the first crack at the game this Friday.

While the rest of us wait a mere five days, Codemasters has released the launch trailer for the game. If the wait was painful before, the latest trailer does nothing to resolve that. Right off the bat, the trailer jumps right into the action with a Ford RS200 sliding about.

The snippets of gameplay do a fine job of conveying what the game has to offer. Whether it be the claustrophobic twists and turns of classic rally venues, or jumping hills in world rallycross, DR2 brings it to the table.

There’s be no shortage of news leading up to game’s release next week. Recently, Codemasters revealed its plans for the game post-launch with an 11-week schedule for DLC releases. Putting the information out ahead of time lets players know what’s on the map and to plan accordingly, so good on it for that.

For those looking to get the best out of their setup, Oculus Rift VR support is on the way this summer for PC players. We’re still waiting on the word for PlayStation VR support, which we expect sooner or later.

With 50 cars at launch, there will be plenty of things to get wild and crazy in. If that isn’t enough and you need something more to hold you over until the weekend or next Tuesday, you’re in luck because we reviewed the game ahead of time.

Spoiler alert: we liked it. A lot. Go read it!

Stay tuned for more on DiRT Rally 2.0 over the coming weeks. Who knows what Codemasters still has up its sleeves.

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