Turn 10 and Hutch Team Up for a “Car Customization Experience” Mobile Title

Forza Motorsport developer Turn 10 Studios has issued a joint statement with mobile developer Hutch to announce that the companies are collaborating on a new automotive game for mobile devices.

According to the announcement, the brands have been working together on a joint project since 2020, though as yet there’s no information on what the title will be called or when it might be out.

Instead the short press release only notes that the game is born of the “world-leading gameplay and visual style” of Forza, and Hutch’s decade of experience in mobile titles. It adds that Hutch will lead development on the title, with “creative input and guidance” from T10.

In fact Hutch is probably best-known for its title F1 Clash, originally launched as F1 Manager in 2019 before a re-brand. However it has an interesting portfolio of car-themed mobile games, including the card game Top Drives, Hot Wheels Race Off, and the now-defunct Race Kings.

T10 of course needs no introduction, having developed the Forza Motorsport series for 18 years — and with the latest entry in the series just around the corner.

A natural conclusion here would be that the title will bear the Forza name, although at this point we don’t know whether that will be the case or not.

There has of course been a Forza mobile title before, although that came about from a rebranding of another studio’s title — Miami Street, from Electric Squareto Forza Street, rather than something into which T10 had direct creative input. It also shut down less than two years after its relaunch.

At present, all we know about the title is that it will be “focused on a car customization experience” and, given the timing, we’re likely to learn more about it sooner rather than later.

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