U.S. GT Academy Silverstone Finals, Behind the Scenes, Day 1 Video

June 3rd, 2011 by Jordan Greer

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  1. Jun. 3, 10:16pm

    Rental Karts, yuck. lol JK
    Next year, they should also incorporate a team strategist!
    So it’s like B Spec, except Bob knows what the command “speed up” and “overtake” means.

    • Jun. 6, 12:08pm
      Poor Execution

      Well they had the Signature Edition Competition. Good idea, bad execution. Was less about strategy and more about finding B-Spec’s flaws… I hesrd there isn’t even a strategic aspect to the real world events they’re gonna have for it :/

  2. Jun. 3, 8:33pm

    They really need to make a Canadian GT Academy! A lot of talented drivers here, probably as many as the US. Besides, we know how to drive in the snow with precision! I would love for a Canadian GT Academy where the prize is joining a Rally Team. Rally is an all time passion of mine and would love to be a part of a rally team and race through a snowy forest at 200 kmh (120mph-ish)! Im sure other people in Canada would love for a GT Academy here where the prize is joining a rally team! 1 UP if you agree…

  3. Jun. 3, 7:48pm

    Very cool, wished I were old enough too enter the competition, but oh well. These guy’s look very proud to be where they are, and I agree to their behavior. The opportunity too drive on Silverstone, in a rental car, is a chance of a lifetime, and these guys are getting to do it in real race cars. Hat’s off to these guys.

  4. Jun. 3, 7:36pm

    Beautiful site to see these guys play out their dream, you can’t help but be happy for them!

  5. Jun. 3, 2:34pm

    Cool, they’re using the T500RS :D

    • Jun. 3, 2:48pm

      Weird, they were using DFGT’s at all the finals this year. It’s about time though! They are such a great setup.

  6. Jun. 3, 2:19pm

    Awesome, I imagine myself in such competition… Go karts in the rain is just pure talent!!

    • Jun. 3, 8:03pm

      If anyone has any experience it’ll be nothing about natural talent I’m afriad it’ll just be about experience, the talent will not get spotted, unfortunately they’re not very astute the guys running the finals. I mean Eddie Jordan was there last year, the guy that embaresses Jake Humphrey every 5 minutes whilst thinking of something to say that inflates his own ego.

      They need to take a very close look at the guys without any reality experience at all.

    • Jun. 6, 4:38am

      @davissi EJ is a great talent scout, just look at who he has bought into F1.

  7. Jun. 3, 11:07am

    I love the contributions Jordan. For everything you do. FOr all the information you have provided to us. FOr being the #1 source of GT-related information to everyone. I love you. And I love the site.
    No homo. Bromance.

  8. Jun. 3, 10:50am

    Great videos. Very well put together. I would imagine that this will seriously boost sales of GT5 in North America and encourage a lot more guys to enter the competition when it comes around next year.

    Just one question though. US and EU have separate finals. Do they both have the same prize or is it a different route for each?

    • Jun. 3, 11:10am

      I suspect they’ll be on the same team next year that will compete in the 24 Hours of Dubai in January 2012. By that time, there will be four GT Academy winners (Lucas Ordonez, Jordan Tresson, the US and EU 2011 winners), allowing Nissan and Sony to advertise a complete team of drivers that built their careers on Gran Turismo and the GT Academy.

    • Jun. 3, 1:23pm

      I’ve been thinking, if Lucas does really well at Le Mans next week it proves once and for all that the idea is successful. I would imagine that the following year they will try get Jordan to race with Lucas in the same car and possibly the following year add a third Academy graduate. That would be a fantastic story for the sponsors to work with and would really cement the future of the competition.

      I very narrowly missed out making it to Silverstone this time around, so I’m hopeful that next year will be my year. It’s very early days, but I’m already fully focused and training myself in every way as I intend to win the competition outright. Big thanks to Sony & Nissan for giving me another dream to chase for another year :P

    • Jun. 3, 3:28pm

      Wow. That is a great idea. Sony and Nissan should make a team just made up of GT Academy winners. Now imagine that they are a very successful team and win (for example) the 24 Hours of Le Mans sometime in the future, that would put Sony, Gran Turismo and GT Academy on the spot. Really! Then this would have a massive affect on people that don’t even like GT to buy it just so they could do GT Academy and have a chance to become a real race car driver.

  9. Jun. 3, 10:49am

    Americans know how to drive? that’s new…. jk jk haha :D

    Sleeping in a race track that’s cool!

  10. Jun. 3, 10:11am

    yeah KARTING ;D

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