Win a Copy of Gran Turismo Sport This Weekend at Barcelona Games World


Are you a Gran Turismo fan set to be in or around the Barcelona area this weekend? Do you — like most people — enjoy free things? Then you may want to check out the Barcelona Games World event that kicked off yesterday and runs through Sunday (October 9), as GT Sport will be one of the prizes.

Boasting over 40 PlayStation titles, as well as PS VR (read our test-drive of the tech here), BGW will be playing host to the latest Gran Turismo Sport competition. Simply playing the game is enough to enter into the competition, but only the fastest will take part in the finals. According to the Spanish PlayStation blog, these finals will take place from 18:30–19:00, though the exact day isn’t specified.

Up for grabs are 12-month PlayStation Plus subscriptions, and GT Sport itself. The Plus subscription is appropriate, since it’s required for PS4 online play, and GT Sport’s FIA Championships promise to make the game the most online-oriented title in the series.

The chance to win a copy of the game is a new one amongst all the previous GT Sport live events. You’ll need to be quick, but it’d be quite the bragging right. Of course, with GT Sport being delayed to an indeterminate time in 2017, it could be a while before you get to collect.


The 2016 Barcelona Games World event runs October 6–9, 2016. You can grab tickets straight from the official BGW website. We’ll be keeping an eye on the event in case of surprises, and you can always stop by our GT Sport forums to catch the latest news as it unfolds.

Hats off to Freeman_Cruz for sharing the news!

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Comments (9)

  1. SZRT Ice

    Hopefully this is a sign that the release date isn’t as far away as some would like to think, and that we can possibly be getting a re-reveal soon.

    1. ImaRobot

      It’s not looking to good in that aspect. If a release date was fairly close in the future, they wouldn’t have set it up as an indefinite release date, as that has too much potential sale loss. If they knew it was close, they would have gave something definite.

    2. jm79

      Don’t do this very often, but have to agree with Robot-bro on this one.
      I’ve given up on hoping for release until April/May, at the very least. As for release date news, this is PD, so who the hell knows!

  2. JockeP22

    I just very recently came home from Barcelona. Was there between 2-5 October.
    Would have definitely checked it out had I still been in the city.

  3. dualshock

    Not keen on hearing it’s gonna be the most online orientated yet….unless it doesn’t affect the single player part.

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