Worldwide Release for Gran Turismo 5 “Probably”

August 31st, 2009 by Jordan Greer


In his latest interview with Italian gaming site, Kazunori Yamauchi doesn’t shy away from nearly confirming a “simultaneous world release” for Gran Turismo 5.  A worldwide release has been widely rumored after our own Amar212 first hinted at the fact way back in April, and it is looking more and more certain with each passing day.  Yamauchi was also asked about Gran Turismo 5 feature list, which GTPlanet managed to grab before it was quickly pulled from Polyphony Digital’s website. Although he comes short of explaining why it was posted, he confirms the information is true.  Yamauchi goes on to discuss how the new damage feature will affect a car’s handling characteristics, and goes on to say there will be “real NASCAR races.”  Finally, Yamauchi retierates that the game will run at in full 1080p resolution at 60 frames-per-second.

Although there is no official English transcript for the interview, we can thank our own RoadRunner99 for offering the following translation of the most important questions:

MultiPlayer:  GT5 Release?
KY: “The game is still under development but its release is not too far, it will be after the PSP GT release and, very probably, it will be a simultaneous world release”

MultiPlayer:What about the game features that were published on the official japanese site, 1000 cars, 80 tracks and YouTube download?
KY: “We would like to wait to publish them, but what you read on the site is true.”

MultiPlayer:  Is there something new in the single player mode
KY: “If you look at the PSP version, you’ll see that the game is very different from the previous Gran Turismo versions. The 5th episode will have many similar features to the PSP version”

MultiPlayer:  How the damages will influence the gameplay?
KY: “The damages are not only visible, they will affect the driving style.
It depends on the player, some players will like it, others will not”

MultiPlayer:  Will we have Nascar and WRC championships in the game or just the cars?
KY: “There will be real Nascar races in the game. Nascar had necessary to be included in the game. Regarding WRC championship we have been trying to add it to series since long ago. Now we got it.”

At the end KY confirmed 1080p and 60 fps.

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  1. Sep. 2, 6:56pm

    Btw, @Azzer: I totally agree with you, this MUST be in next Gran Turismo.

  2. Sep. 2, 6:55pm

    @Adam: A’ight, I hope you’re right.

    @Kingpin: I can only say ”Hmmmmm…”

  3. Sep. 2, 3:20pm

    “02.09.09 – Sony CEE könnte womöglich einige PS3 Slim-Bundles für Europa vorbereiten, wie Play3-Live erfahren haben will. Die Bundles würden sich wie folgt zusammensetzen und jeweils EUR 339 kosten:

    – 01.10.09: PS3 Slim + Need for Speed Shift
    – 14.10.09: PS3 Slim + Uncharted 2
    – 24.10.09: PS3 Slim + PES 2010
    – Oktober 2009: PS3 Slim + 2 Blu-Ray-Filme
    – 04.11.09: PS3 Slim + Tekken 6
    – 19.11.09: PS3 Slim + Assassin’s Creed 2
    – 04.12.09: PS3 Slim + Gran Turismo 5”

    This was posted @
    They are saying that the Play3-Live has wrote that Sony will bring this PS3 Slim Bundles !!!
    But not official accounced by Sony…

  4. Sep. 2, 1:34pm

    Blablabla… Just release the damn game instead of talking About it…

  5. Sep. 2, 11:19am

    @ driver, he already answered the question about will it run at 1080p and 60 fps, it will, and it is out this year

  6. Sep. 2, 11:17am

    ok jamaicagansta i sent it

  7. Sep. 2, 4:44am

    Why on all gt games, the cars don’t have reverse lights ??? It’s supposed 2 be realistic & they leave this out on all gt, why?

  8. Sep. 1, 11:54pm


    jamaicagangster3. y u seend meh rippin up inna ma skyline in gt5 pro? ahha

  9. Sep. 1, 9:37pm
    Canadian STIG

    This ought to be something worth reading…—december-4–/908381

    news or just full blown rumors, we’ll find out eventually.

  10. Sep. 1, 8:58pm
    Canadian STIG

    @ Driver

    It would be neat if Kaz actually addressed your letter at TGS!

  11. Sep. 1, 7:42pm

    Yes cort if you above at the right corner realtime weather GT5P SPA

  12. Sep. 1, 7:36pm

    Will it have Spa?

  13. Sep. 1, 7:24pm

    I have send a mail to Kazuri Yamauchi i hope i get some answer

    Hi Kazuri Yamauchi i am a old gt fan i have some quistions about GT5

    Will all the 1000 cars in gt5 have cockpitvieuw and headtracking

    Will gt5 still running at full 1080p and 60fps

    the 80 tracks was confirmed is this a full 80 tracks or with variation

    the video whe saw at gsc subaru damage is this the first step or the full damage

    will gt5 also have realistic weather and day night races

    i wish gt5 has also PhotoGameface so you race with your face

    and of course the release date , will gt5 releases this year and worldwide release

    Thank KY and PD for GT5

    Hopefully i get some answers

    regards Belgie

  14. Sep. 1, 5:53pm

    @ Sam the citroen is an actual production car thats why it has the interior. The GTR proto isnt really what the current GTR looks like, plus the car was made in 2005 i believe, as a test car (prototype). the Citreon is an actual production car tho, hence the interior. Hopefully the non-interior cars apply to concept and prototypes only.

  15. Sep. 1, 12:36pm

    Curious how the WRC will work. Will there be point to point stages (several for each location)? Will there be gravel, dirt, snow/ice surfaces? Or will the WRC part simply be the WRC cars running on various traditional GT circuits set up in a championship form?

    No big deal one way or the other as this is a GT game and not a rally game, but seeing as how it looks as no one else is planning on making a proper rally game w/ real WRC cars in the near future that simulates how real the WRC works (and GT now has WRC license) this is the only hope I have.


    “MultiPlayer: Will we have Nascar and WRC championships in the game or just the cars?

    KY: There will be real Nascar races
    in the game. Nascar had necessary to be included
    in the game. Regarding WRC championship we have been trying to add it to series since long ago. Now we got it.”

  16. Sep. 1, 11:57am
    Sam__ NY48

    the GT by Citroen was a prototype, but it had an interior. unless PD considers it a concept car or something.

  17. Sep. 1, 11:35am

    jamaicangamer psn

  18. Sep. 1, 11:11am

    Well yeah, its a prototype withouth interior in reality, lol :D

  19. Sep. 1, 9:30am

    Does anyone her plays gt5p on samsung led 7000 whats the picture Quality

  20. Sep. 1, 8:40am

    @ Razor The GTR Proto doesn’t have a cockpit… But i hope its just for those kinds of cars. (prototypes)

  21. Sep. 1, 7:14am

    All cars in GT5P had cockpit views, so why should it be different with GT5? It was clear 1.5year ago that cars will have cockpit views….

    You better start writting about skidmarks, that would be nice to have in GT series….

  22. Sep. 1, 6:56am

    Hi, I’m Italian and if anyone is interested, a couple of days ago I made a complete translation of the interview on youtube. Here’s the link:

    (I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes^^)

  23. Sep. 1, 6:11am
    Paul Mc

    Man doing all these interviews and being asked the same questions over and over again must suck. As far as I’m concerned release it when it’s ready. I’m sure well get a solid release date at TGS.

  24. Sep. 1, 5:41am

    You Guys need to read this if it’s unTRUE or TRUE???!!! :/

    Cars and Tracks

    Gran Turismo 5 will feature over 1000 cars and 60 tracks confirmed with 20 or more to be revealed[7]. One such course will be the Top Gear Test Track from Dunsfold Park in UK,[8] popularized by the British automotive television show Top Gear. Full interior modeling, as well as cosmetic and mechanical damage, will be featured for the first time in a Gran Turismo game. It has been confirmed that not all cars, only approximately 170 of the 1000 vehicles, will implement these new features. According to Kazunori Yamauchi, this aspect of the game is not yet finalized.[9] In a video and images released by the developer, a Subaru Impreza is featured with its bumpers hanging loose, hood bend upwards, and doors missing.[10] Also, Saturn, Kia, Geo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bugatti will make their first appearance in the game. Porsche will not be in the game due to contractual agreements with other developers. [11] In an article briefly posted on Polyphony Digital’s website, the introduction of electric cars was confirmed; these include the Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, and the latest Tesla Motors vehicle.

  25. Sep. 1, 2:39am

    I would think youtube up load would be race replays and possibly PSeye pix of loosers cryin’ over damage to their rides. I wonder how repairs will be done, if given the choice, do you spend the credits or replace the car?

  26. Sep. 1, 1:37am

    wat is youtube upload oh ma gudness >XO

  27. Sep. 1, 12:39am

    And imagine all ae86 variations with cockpit view xD

  28. Sep. 1, 12:33am

    Firmware 3.00 is now live!

  29. Sep. 1, 12:07am
    Lenny Smalls

    He is risen

  30. Aug. 31, 10:21pm

    Their Should be more than 80 tracks in GT5 1000 cars is FINE :P

  31. Aug. 31, 9:58pm

    Driver: now just imagine what GT7 will be like on the PS4.

  32. Aug. 31, 9:10pm

    First of all, if anyone cared to notice, the cars in gt5p are designed full with interior. Since models from all categories are modeled in full details, how would PD distinguish between which cars’ interiors they should model and which ones’ they shouldn’t? I suppose all 1000 cars will have fully modeled interiors..

    ..however, being pessimistic, I think that only nascar and wrc cars will have damage -hope I am wrong though, because I would be really dissapointed. A ‘real driving simulation’ without damage? :/

    …as for the tracks, even if there are 40 or 60 or 80, just imagine… on gt5p with 5 tracks and we’ve been playing for a year (at least I have :).. imagine this x8, or x12..or x16!!

  33. Aug. 31, 8:19pm

    GT5 is the best game of ps3 , i think it uses 100% power of ps3 , it has more then everything photo realistic grapix and 1080p etc this is the true power what a ps3 can do , its only a console with limited memory , imagne what the PD can on unlimted pc power virtual reality

  34. Aug. 31, 8:06pm
    Super Smash Bros. Fan

    This game just gets more exciting by the days. Gran Turismo 5 will be the ultimate racing game for this generation and the reason why I’m getting a Playstation 3.

  35. Aug. 31, 6:26pm
    Sam__ NY48

    These interviews with KY are so bland. you mine as well duct tape kaz’s mouth and let him shake his head cuz it wouldn’t make one bit a difference. Common Kaz, spill the beans already!

  36. Aug. 31, 5:12pm
    Aaron Jaggan

    omg!!!!!!! this is gonna be EPIC!!!!!!!
    cant wait for confirmation of weather as well..

  37. Aug. 31, 5:09pm

    ok…wats utube upload??

  38. Aug. 31, 5:00pm

    @ Aaron Jaggan: Yes, replays surely gonna be 60fps. Cool, isn’t it ^^
    I think I can be patient till Q4 =)

  39. Aug. 31, 4:51pm

    @ Aaron: I sure hope so

  40. Aug. 31, 3:52pm

    imagine all the cars from gt4 from clasics to prototype all with cockpitvieuw and headtracking 1080p 1000 cars 80 tracks nascar , wrc hopefully also pikes peak track

  41. Aug. 31, 3:05pm

    12/11/09. A date which will live in infamy.

  42. Aug. 31, 2:50pm
    Aaron Jaggan

    so replays gonna be in 60fps?

  43. Aug. 31, 2:30pm

    Its kinda hard but I’ll try to express myself in a polite and friendly manner:

    When the term ‘Q4’ is mentioned in a leaflet handed out to general German public it means between oct first and dec 31st.

    People claiming otherwise are very talented in not believing the obvious, this could be seen as an accomplishment on their side. I, on the other hand, do not share this opinion.

  44. Aug. 31, 1:48pm
    aleksandar SRB

    probable with variation”s that mean about 50 different circuit and 30 variation”s for some circuit.

  45. Aug. 31, 1:22pm

    the 80 track that he confirmed is that full 80 tracks or with variation

  46. Aug. 31, 1:18pm

    Honestly guys. When you get up and go out somewhere, do you really have GT5 on your mine? Or how about when you’re talking to friends at school or at the workplace? do you still have GT5 on your mind. As much as of a huge fan I am, truth be told when I get up from my computer, I really don’t think of GT5 that much. patience is obviously the key here.

    oh who am I kidding, I DEMAND THE RELEASE OF GT5 NAO! =P

  47. Aug. 31, 1:13pm
    aleksandar SRB

    80 track confirmed !!!!!! YEEEEEE….

  48. Aug. 31, 1:07pm
    aleksandar SRB

    I hope that they included Meclaren F1, Mclaren F1 LM and Mclaren F1 GTR in GT5 !!!!! Those car”s is mu favorite, I would like to drive them on Spa-francorchamp circuit !!!!!!

  49. Aug. 31, 12:51pm

    I don’t like the words “under development” :(:(:(:(

  50. Aug. 31, 12:04pm
    Tenacious D

    Gran Turismo games never leave me disappointed.

    Human beings, though, they never fail to fail somehow. ;P

    By the way, that should be Youtube upload.

  51. Aug. 31, 11:53am
    Sam__ NY48

    When KY says “real nascar races” does he mean a full 43 car field, or does he just mean 16 nascar cars on a nascar circuit.

  52. Aug. 31, 11:00am

    wait wuts utube download?

  53. Aug. 31, 10:59am

    @ Canadian STIG…I’ll be game for some friendly competion..I’ll shoot you a invite today…PSN: Turbo_Grand_Prix. I can really care less about a world wide release long as the game reaches North America before 2009 is over lol

  54. Aug. 31, 10:45am

    @Alan stop complaining about NASCAR. The game isn’t just made for people with your exact taste in racing, it’s made to appeal to as many people as possible.

    I’ve never been a fan of NASCAR but I’m a fan of cars in general and the more variety in GT5 the better IMHO.

  55. Aug. 31, 10:31am

    I think Japan gets the game first. But a worldwide release would be great.

  56. Aug. 31, 10:25am

    PS Careful about interpreting “Q4”. Some talk in calendar terms, others financial year. And different countries have different financial years. So Q4 2009 could mean many different time periods.

  57. Aug. 31, 10:23am

    Yamauchi, please name a date or shut up. Please.

  58. Aug. 31, 10:00am

    Oh great, real nascar races, im so happy now hearing that, NOT, nascar shouldnt be in the game at all, i dont even classify it as motorsport, whats worse is that the game probably would of been out sooner if it wasnt in there in the first place

  59. Aug. 31, 9:55am
    Canadian STIG

    If this (rumor?) of all cars baring cockpit views is true, I am the happiest person in the world. GT5 is still going to be brilliant if there are still plenty of races to enter, licenses tests to take, a plethora of cars to purchase (the interiors being my motivation :) ), and the new added features which Kaz claim to be true. If weather entered the picture… o_0. Oh my, this game would be over the top, but we can’t get to excited about this feature due to the lack of any confirmatioon by PD or even that list they immediately took off their official site. Damage I’m sure we’re all aware about, although improovements would be nice. Even if one were to find next to no improovements I’m still fine by that (but many having outlandish expectations might be terribly disappointed). I can’t believe its almost here though…

    If anyone fancies a go when GT5 arrives,heres my PSN ID: oooSTIGooo


  60. Aug. 31, 9:54am

    Why dont you trust in an Release in 4Q2009? It is official!
    And you all know PD. Cockpitview is for every car, 1000 cars is fantastic, i think it will contain about 100 tracks, we only saw the first step of damage! PD always shows the first step of their stuff until short time before release. Full Nascar and WRC is totally new to GT, their will be GT-Mode with Licence-Tests and Drag-Races and “championships, endurance, different race categories (power limit , weigh limit, rear wheel drive categories,4WD categories,europe car cup, muscle cup, japan car cup…)”. Their will be everything in GT5 that has been in 4 and 3 + a lot of more stuff.

    I am totally optimistic that GT is going to be THE Racinggame fpr PS3 and will stay at the top until GT6 (probably in 2015).


  61. Aug. 31, 9:33am

    Gt5 is not far from the release, if they they release gt5 12/09 it will blow everything away

    1000 cars , Cockpitvieuw headtracking , 80 tracks , maybe weather , 1080p the real driving simulator

  62. Aug. 31, 9:32am

    I am just happy to read that 80 tracks is confirmed again.

  63. Aug. 31, 9:20am

    Guess it’s gonna be TGS before we know for sure but if it’s still in development can’t believe we’re gonna see it until Feb/ Mar 2010 :(
    Personally I don’t care if it’s only 90% done, I want it NOW!!!!!!! Release the damn thing PD

  64. Aug. 31, 8:49am

    Hmm, of course, good informations. But why don’t they ask him about Interiors on ALL 1000 Cars? THAT would have been very important (for me). I hope, that we get very very soon assuredness about this rumors/facts (only 170 cars interiors, etc.) [And sorry for my english :-)]

  65. Aug. 31, 8:44am

    ok 1000 cars and 80 tracks confirmid will all the 1000 cars have cockpit vieuw ? hoppefully the game is done so they can add realistic weather and full damage

    Suzuki escudo , cockpitvieuw, pikes peak, night weather damage races

  66. Aug. 31, 7:41am

    Dom, can I just say has anyone ever done a decent Nascar Game to date ?
    If the GT5 version is just 50% better than its nearest rival it will be a great movement towards a great Nascar Game. All the official Nascar Games have been Diabolical.
    I do agree with you Dom, Nascar is a differentstyle of racing thats for sure. I for one hope they nail it, it will make me very happy if they do. P.S. you can call me Jimmie Johnson from now on lool.

  67. Aug. 31, 6:44am

    I doubt we will see 1920x1080p in GT5. It will use the same engine like GT5p. My biggest concern for the graphics are the textures and the flickering.
    For the Gameplay, I fear we will not get the full Grid for Nascar races. That would be great, but I fear the Nascar races will not be accuarate anyway. It’s a very specific form of racing and I am not sure if PD can do it, because of cultural differences and the neglecting character PD shows in it’s will to change stuff.
    Damage will hopefully be more realistic in the final product. I think the progress so far is not doing their passion for driving justice.

  68. Aug. 31, 6:25am

    full hd is great news =D

  69. Aug. 31, 6:24am
    aleksandar SRB

    I want traditional GT mod with licence test, different championship”s , world map same as GT4 !
    I don”t like challenge race from GT5P I want real race and championships, endurance, different race categories (power limit , weigh limit, rear wheel drive categories,4WD categories,europe car cup, muscle cup, japan car cup…). A”m optimistic!!!

  70. Aug. 31, 6:05am

    Mustangmiha – he said the game was still under dev – wait and see what happens dude. A lot of people are saying they will be disappointed etc etc but there has been no information officially given regarding the game so why are you going to be disappointed? you are only disappointed in what you personally think the game will be like and everyone’s thoughts are different. Hold fire until we get some solid info! Don’t get me wrong I’m not having a go at you I keep wanting different features etc but I won’t be disappointed just as long as there is a proper racing game I will be happy! :)

  71. Aug. 31, 5:38am

    I really hope that there was something wrong in the translations of the Gran Turismo 5 feature list because that means that there will be more than 20 tracks with more than 60 layouts. If thats the case, then there better be DLC.

    But otherwise I’m looking forward to TGS!

  72. Aug. 31, 5:20am

    I hope that there will be realistic damage, not like we saw some days ago. And they should make effects like straching other cars, dirt (no dirty WRC cars on first GT5 Trailer), definetly better smoke and shadow effects. But if they will keep same damage/smoke effects from first gameplay videos, I’ll be very disappointed with game.

  73. Aug. 31, 5:12am

    So 80 tracks is true? Like, 80 unique tracks? That’s all i want, really.

  74. Aug. 31, 5:03am

    “The 5th episode will have many similar features to the PSP version””

    i hope it isnt all challanges :S . i hope its traditional gt mode.

  75. Aug. 31, 4:59am

    That what I hate about KY, everything is a maybe or very vague (to cover his ass when it comes out and loads of stuff gets dropped. But then other times he will make big statements like realistic damage and ‘we can release the game at any time’. I think after all these years of GT development he’s gone slightly insane!

  76. Aug. 31, 3:36am

    I agree, however I think it might be released around Thanksgiving time, possibly. If not closer to Christmas

    Around the time of GT PSP is too soon, for a game such as Gran Turismo 5 they need at least a 2-4 month pre-planned date that they’ve released to build hype around that day. If it was at, or around GT PSP they would’ve announced the official date because they are so close. iirc Forza comes out before GT PSP.

  77. Aug. 31, 3:11am

    Guys i just have predictions on the release date and these are just wishful thinking. But i have 3 time frames for the release this year.

    Going along with the Q4 release.

    1.It comes out the day or day after GT PSP.

    2.It comes out a little bit after or the day forza 3 comes out.

    3. Comes out when maybe a new product comes out in a bundle form. Examples are:PS3 250gb(if im correct) or the logitech G27

    Like i said before just wishful thinking but most likely GT5 will be out this year. YAY :)

  78. Aug. 31, 2:43am

    I would IMAGINE, Dec 31st.

  79. Aug. 31, 2:39am

    That’s fantastic news, looks like we won’t get a 3 month delay as was how things went with GT5P

  80. Aug. 31, 2:38am

    When does Q4 09 officially end?

  81. Aug. 31, 2:38am

    Thanks swifta… I would think they will have it at 1920 x 1080. I doubt they’d announce it like it was something special if it was still the same as GT5p.

  82. Aug. 31, 2:33am

    hmm full 1080p??? really, gtp was 1280×1080 res… that’s not “full” 1080p to me… maybe they’ve upped the res back to 1920×1080.. which is TRUE full 1080p!

  83. Aug. 31, 2:25am
    Lenny Smalls

    I hope that GT5 shares the GUI simplicity of Prologue and PSP. It some times got kind of annoying having to navigate map, going back and forth between several layers with a mouse pointer just to get the tires I wanted for a race. I see no worthwhile reason to keep the complicated map interface.

  84. Aug. 31, 2:20am

    The next 3 weeks and some days until TGS will be exhausting. The run after that to the release of GT5 will be hard to relax. Especially if it does come out in Dec. KY did say the release will be a surprise and he’s got to know we are expecting Dec. because of the history of GT releases.

  85. Aug. 31, 2:15am
    Frederique Rijsdijk

    Agree. So far, Yamauchi is only good in giving probablies, maybies, and most likelys, along with a 4th quartal.

  86. Aug. 31, 2:13am

    Definitely problably… maybe…. but that’s a very certain maybe…

  87. Aug. 31, 2:10am

    Still under development. Man I’m glad Modern Warfare 2 is coming out this November as I don’t think we’ll see this game before June next year at this rate.

  88. Aug. 31, 2:09am

    I wonder what percentage of completion the game is currently at. What did GT5P run at as far as resolution and fps?

  89. Aug. 31, 2:07am

    Not encouraging

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