WRC 7 Gets a New Esports-Ready Patch

WRC Series 241 January 18, 2018 by

Kylotonn Games has deployed a new update for WRC 7 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The main motivation behind the patch is to prepare the game for its use in the upcoming WRC Esports series.

The patch brings a variety of technical upgrades under the game’s skin. Kylotonn has made a few key tweaks to tracks in the game, in order to stop potential cheating during online qualifying. The stage designs have received various alterations to stop players exploiting certain sections of impacted tracks. For example, where a driver could use jumps or hills on a track to skip sections, this should no longer be possible. Kudos to Kylotonn for getting the patch out before the issues could influence the upcoming Esports series.

There are also other minor fixes relating to the overall presentation and authenticity of WRC 7. These changes include fixing nationalities of those who compete in the series and the names of some teams and cars. We suppose if you’re going to have a fully licensed game, it better be totally accurate.

You can find the full list of changes below. Don’t forget to check out our review of WRC 7 as well.

WRC 7 Version 1.4 Changes And Fixes

Improvements to track design on the following tracks have been made. This change has been made to address exploiting opportunities on the stages prior to the WRC Esports series:

  • Monte-Carlo – Special Stage – Agnieres en devoluy
  • Sardegna – Special Stage – Lerno
  • Portugal – Special Stage – Fafe
  • Deutschland – Super Special Stage – Panzerplate
  • Australia – Super Special Stage – Coffs
  • Poland – Super Special Stage – Mikolajki Arena

The following corrections have been made to driver, team and car details:

  • Sebastien Marshall’s flag now shows Great Britain
  • Sergei Larens’s flag now shows Estonia
  • Lorenzo Bertelli is now assigned to F.W.R.T
  • Martin Prokop is now assigned to OneBet Jipocar World Rally Team
  • Dennis Rådström (team and driver) now shows correct accenting in name
  • ADAC Sachsen e.V. now shows in-game correctly
  • Quentin Giordano car choice has been corrected to Peugeot 208 T16
  • Ford Fiesta RS WRC has now been renamed Ford Fiesta WRC
  • Mini John Cooper Works has now been renamed BMW-Mini John Cooper Works

PC version fixes:

  • An issue with Nvidia Ansel technology has been fixed.

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