First Gran Turismo 6 Goodwood Hillclimb Gameplay Videos

July 11th, 2013 by Jordan

Gameplay videos of Gran Turismo 6‘s newest confirmed circuit, the Goodwood Hill Climb, have finally been released – one of which is a directly-captured video from Polyphony Digital themselves!

Interestingly, Polyphony’s video is labeled as a “concept”, and would appear to feature altered or placeholder engine sounds. The other videos below have been recorded off the TV by Gran Turismo fans at the event.

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  1. Cobra2245

    When will there ever be footage of GT6 gameplay without the music? -_-

  2. phil_75

    When are youtube videos gonna work on Android App?

  3. Pit Crew

    Strange…the font style of the clock for the Z4 GT3 video is different than the Delta wing and GT-R clocks… Early Build maybe?

  4. ChromeBallz

    This honestly looks like something from the inside of a track rather than an actual track. It really looks bad. What gives?

    • Ittybitty Stigy

      Errrr, not to be mean or anything, but do you need glasses?

  5. xXMann07

    Maintenance notice posted for next week

  6. infamousphil

    Regarding sounds. Based on what I hear while watching GT racing on TV, PD is missing a lot off the deep engine rumble and the echoes bouncing off the hill sides and grandstands and the other structuresthat surround the track. I’m no expert on these things but that seems to be a major obstacle for them.

    • Flagmo-T

      You got it spot on Phil .. Even Grid2 does a better job, than this – Seems to be a very sterile sound system, no typical Chaos, No Testerone.. Environmental bounce back sound is great for replays, but also you can hear it in the cockpit if it’s a Race Car ;)

    • Not to be rude, but ppl on here are always saying that gt5 pushed the ps3 to its limits, and the handing an graphics where top notch, ya it got its flauws but not every game is goin to get it all rite

    • Pit Crew

      Project cars sound sample for the Z4 GT3 is good too, but something about theirs seems to be missing, cant put my finger on it but its still far closer than PDs present sample. This example is better then the last Z4 GT3 video far as the sound though. Somethings different for sure.

      @100111 Yeah…you do knew Kaz said the samething right? About GT5 pushing the PS3 to its limits? GT6 is said to do the samething…by Kaz no doubt…imagine that.

    • Flagmo-T

      @100111 you are not being rude bro, mature discussion is positive, even in disagreeing with the topic starter ;)

      PS3/GT5/6 is a great effort from PD, but it’s not the only great looking game to be honest. in all these years of developing GTHD/GT5P/GT5/GT6 you would have expecting more in the overall Game experience. GT6 isn’t perfect either, as you can see and hear :)

      No doubt lots of people are satisfied as it is and that’s good for PD/Sony, but if we don’t push them and give them Critic, they’ll get lazy and stop focussing on the game, instead of the business side.. The GT’series/PS3 isn’t a Gift you get, it’s something you pay for, and it’s for money you work for, and if your a grownup with Kids and wife, and a household, you’ll need to be wanting smart developing and constantly fairness, because we are actually funding this game ..

      I’ve got all PS1/PS2PS3 and the GT series, and also got a expensive race setup and a huge monitor, so you see I want at least fairness, and honesty from PD

      In my mind it’s far from good enough to keep on getting all these Awards it gets, it’s actually more like a joke to me, and a handshaking business deal among the greedy bunch.

      I’m just trying to be honest to my self with the minimum knowledge i have, and give the industrial Train a run for my money ..

    • myopinion11

      Flagmo-T: Your comment is spot on and you absolutely right with the lazyness beacuse the demo looks a bit bad on sounds and graphics part on the track and the ai looks horrible but its just to show you the physicks but a demo is to give you a sense what the game will be. And have you noticed that the rollingstarts is a bit poorly made beacuse the race start when your car crosses the line and the time starts but when you crosses the line the ai cars are much further and their time start the same time but they have a shorter distance to the finish and gets much faster first time. Like your time starts where the time line is mean while the first cars time starts at the end of the strait and this looks to be on the demo which is a MEGA FAIL and a dum thing to be honest. I hope they notice this comment or hopely you guys have also noticed this BEACUSE THERE LOOKS TO BE SO MANY FAIL THINGS ON THE GT5 AND THE DEMO, SO FIX IT PD OR OTHERWISE YOUR SERIE IS GOING ON THE WRONG DIRECTION!!!!!

    • GTHEAD87

      I agree infamousphil. I watched some goodwood videos and the racket the cars make is awesome. I hope the sounds are deeper with more echo.

  7. Lol, how are the people going to overtake?

    • Ittybitty Stigy

      It’s not multi car races……’s time trials..

    • HKSBro92


    • ScotteDawg

      Oh, haven’t you heard!? They’re having bicycle races on the Goodwood Hillclimb, so you’ll be able to overtake then!

      And they’re doing it just for you!!!

    • Flagmo-T

      And if you twist your monitor 45 degrees, it will feel like it is a Hillclimb :P

      Sorry dude, it’s the internet, people love being smart asses, Ittybitty Stigy very informative ‘Thumbs up Bro..

    • GTHEAD87

      Too good

  8. canieaturchikn

    I thought the actual hill climb was longer than that. I’m I wrong?

  9. ideachain

    I can’t wait to try the track!!!

  10. Amac500

    GT6 fan to critic: “Stop drinking the haterade!”
    GT6 critic to fan: “Stop drinking the kool aid!”

    • Pit Crew

      Kool aid is way more refreshing, Haterade has that “bitter” aftertaste…yuck

  11. Jayson619

    Anyone have any info of the song’s title do sound out!

  12. Maddens Raiders

    PD never ceases to amaze me. This video looks and sounds fantastic, and I know that Kaz and Co. will only make it better! Viva la GT6!

  13. Drifter7000

    The most boring Hill-Climb-Track i ever seen.

    Ayent-Anzere in Switzerland is a cool Hill-Climb-Track, because it has Hills!

    I hope in GT6 it has some other (better) Hill-Climbs.

    • ExplodeTheApex

      Most boring comment I have ever seen.

    • If im correct, Goodwood is european famous, and gets notice across the globe. People across the globe, manufactuers across the continent bring cars over. Half the supercars are store abroad so its nkt just about rhe track but the event itself.

    • Amac500

      Great comment YoungGun

    • Devedander

      That’s what I was thinking… it looks very boring, the graphics look knida cheesy (possibly just do the blandness of the track) and where is the hill?

    • Quigz125

      And that of course was Devedander with his “Expert Opinion”…. Here we go again. -.-

    • The hill starts at Molecomb. The first left hander. Believe me if you’ve been there you know that hill well. It’s a long old slog to get to the end and to the rally stage. But it isn’t really a hillclimb track. It’s the driveway to goodwood house.

  14. Start two finish is similar to touge video’s, sprint no laps.

  15. paracefan2002

    “Placeholder sounds” or not, I’m still going to buy this game!!!! It looks incredible!!

  16. myopinion11

    Amac500: It will better be in the release or otherwise there is no sense to by a game which most important component is not finished, so i think it will be on the release game, otherwise PURE LAZYINESS PD !!!

    • mistersafeway

      So sounds are more important than car selection, track selection or physics? Are you high!? :P

    • Amac500

      ^Exactly. They’ve got more things to do then sound and they aren’t about to half ass it to get it out and get met with more complaints. The physics are there, the graphics are there, and the cars and tracks are now there as well. If sound is something that we don’t get until shortly after the release its fine. Kaz said he didn’t know if the new system would be on time or not, so that tells you it shouldn’t be a year away or anything.

    • Ittybitty Stigy

      You think the sounds are the most important thing on a sim…yeahhhhh….

    • myopinion11

      ittybittty stigy: i am not saying the sounds are the most important thing but it is a important thing and it takes a bit the feeling away for me but most of you probably not. But it is strange to drive a Ferrari 330 P4 with that sceaming v12 but instead you geat a hovering sound and not a sceaming v12. Its just yout opinion but engine sound are one of the basics.

    • Ittybitty Stigy

      Ok, I just interpreted “…the most important content is not finished…” to mean the sound was the most important thing.

    • myopinion11

      Ittybitty Stigy: O sorry i just noticed that, my bad writing :) But yeah i hope they get the game completed and doesnt have to update it later over and over beacuse i have no online and also many others, we want a finished game and not half completed on its release. Sorry for writing a bit wrong and getting many confused on what i was trying to say. MY BAD :)

  17. Rafael F

    PD usually uses fake sounds for CG trailers. But the Z4 trailer is based on a gameplay footage, so why use pasted sounds there?
    1) Is it because they just wanted the trailer to sound better?
    2) Are they trying to fool us?
    3) That pasted sound is like a demo of they are working to the final version?

    • Amac500

      The 3rd choice. Kaz has said they are working on a new sound capture system but he was t sure if it would be ready on time to be implemented into the games release. So we should be seeing that in GT6 at some time, be it release or an update afterwards.

    • Rafael F

      I will buy GT6 anyway, but i really hope they do it in time for GT6.

    • TheGTGuy

      I personally think those sounds are a combination of different recording techniques that PD are trying to implement. I think it’s what Kaz was talking about the new way to record.

  18. Quigz125

    Something nice that I noticed in the demo is that in on the bumper camera with the odometer display it shows the car’s mileage behind the speedometer needle. That’s going to be very useful when breaking in cars. Good addition.

    • Deko Wolf-GTPT

      That feature has always been there since GT3. But missed in GT5 sadly.

  19. What with this AWFUL yellow tint on every damm GT6 videos!!! look less realistic now than GT5!

    • Normalaatsra

      You mean everyday life past noon.

    • ScotteDawg

      The Dude is probably a vampire…

    • Amac500

      Perhaps he just got his eyes dialated, or maybe there’s a new street drug.

  20. smskeeter23

    Seriously people the vacuum jokes are all played out, busted, and stale.

    Get something new.

    • TeamCZRRacing

      I remember seeing someone saying that the cars sounded like a toaster. *DING* Oh wait, there’s my toast…

    • forzaturismo

      the engine’s sound of the top video is good, hope PD ll use this for GT6 :)

    • smskeeter23


      Yup I jumped in on that one for a few minutes because it was new and funny (at least to me). I’m just saying that there might be other things to compare it to. Honestly though, the sound whining is getting pretty old.

  21. xXMann07

    PD got data from “Dyson” to produce the anticipated vacuum sounds that will be present in GT6. BYBD on that.
    | |

    • ScotteDawg

      Go troll a different site!

      EVERYONE knows they are “placeholder sounds”, something Kazunori Yamauchi TOLD us would be in the demo!

      If you don’t yet know this it would be my guess that you don’t read the articles, you just read the “headlines”, watch the videos and make unfounded/uneducated comments!

      Or it could be that you do read the articles, just your brain can’t hold the large amount of information that is given to us and you, therefore, forget what you have read and revert to what you have seen and heard on the videos to back up your comments…!

    • xXMann07

      You make laugh scottydog

    • Deko Wolf-GTPT

      You mean your Dyson sounds like a car? That’s amazing!


      Don’t kid yourself scottedawg, and solid GT fan that knows the game inside and out realise that all this “placeholder sounds” is BS, they dubbed sounds in pretty much every GT5 trailer to make it sound good.

      They will be the same in GT6, or atleast nearly the same.

    • smskeeter23

      You know… the thing that does get me about this all though is that PD feels the need to overdub in the trailers to make it sound better but then Kaz says the in game saounds are “too perfect”. If that is true and they actually aren’t placeholders then why does he say that?

      I do believe they’re at least working on it.

    • MeanElf

      Any solid GT fan will also have read the articles and news items where the sound issue was talked about by Kazunori san – so know the facts, as they stand and not just make assumptions.

  22. I’m happy GT6 is getting this track.

  23. the sound in the trailer are pasted in and not real of the demo. but like it said in one of the articles up there, they are working on a new sound engine, but it’s not in any of the demos.

    • forzaturismo

      Hope that the final engines sounds will be close to real life sound engines!!!

  24. TheGTGuy

    I beleive that the BMW video is PD mixing and sampling different sounds and there’s nothing to confirm that the sound is just a paste over. I believe that PD are using the new method Kaz spoke of to record and mix sounds. People might say I’m stupid to think this but I’m trying to be optimistic.

  25. TheGTGuy

    I beleive that the BMW Z4 video is PD mixing and sampling different sounds and there’s nothing to confirm that the sound is just a paste over. I believe that PD are using the new method Kaz spoke of to record and mix sounds. People might say I’m stupid to think this but I’m trying to be optimistic.

  26. TheGTGuy

    I beleive that the Z4 video is PD mixing and sampling different sounds and there’s nothing to confirm that the sound is just a paste over.

  27. sayba2th

    Kind of makes me wonder if most of the people complaining about this track being added have actually watched a Goodwood event before? This stretch of road used, yes – maybe on the short side however this event holds great significance in the motoring world. Remember GT is billed as a driving sim not a racing sim so this type of addition is in keeping with the games mantra.

  28. zeron824

    That ending of the Z4 with the time reminded me of GT4. Remember that Vegas stage? Will GT6 finally include a proper drag track? o.O

    • JeremiahTB

      I hope not.

    • You already have a drag track, it’s called Route X.

    • ScotteDawg

      @Streeto – Route X is not a drag track! Sure, the makings are there, but it can’t be used as a proper drag track for other reasons!
      These reasons are…
      1) Where’s the “Christmas Tree” light tower?
      2) Where’s the competition? There is no other car! (offline)
      3) PD did not include programming for online events with friends!
      4) The seasonal events have no drag races as there is no “Leader board” to compare times on!

      @JeremiahTB – Tell us, why do you hope there are no drag strips? If there is one (or more), are you going to feel pressured to use it/them? Everyone is different and has different likes or dislikes – if you don’t like a particular track, don’t bloody well use it then!!!


    This looks like an Isle of mann TT TRak.. BRING ON THE MOTORCYCLES…!!!
    C’MON TTrophy2

  30. NanoSaibou

    wait the sound in the trailer?

    • Kratos_Q8

      not real fake sounds and dont expect the game to sound like that

  31. Very nice .. but how would it be as a lobby ? .. if there were 4 ppl in the lobby then theres too many ppl already ,, unless the circuit track is also added, and a service road connects both in the game, so its considered as a single site/venue, that would work :-)

  32. sumbrownkid

    It’s good that they got Goodwood.

    Now let’s get Pikes Peak back. The real hill climb.

  33. WCheffirs

    Good lines.

  34. Johnnypenso

    I didn’t realize the Delta Wing had a motor from a Silvia in it!!!

    Track looks awesome, real sense of speed when you get in close to the trees. Should be a lot of fun and something different for GT6. Can’t wait for the TT!!!

  35. gripmaster345

    I wonder how much time they put in the sound of the game,i mean to make an authentic sound of a car I would think you try to mount microphone around the car and put the car on a dyno machine, you could get some guy that have the souped up cars all over the world,let these cars speak to the mic I think you’ll get a better sound..hell mount some under the car maybe you might get a better engine sound or around the tires to get a better rubber to the road sound on different compound of tire only thing that comes close to a authentic sound is the muscle cars gt5 even the r8 sounds like a muscle car fully tuned.

  36. Can’t believe I’ve wasted 250$ on simraceway when I see jaw-dropping stuff like that!!!!! Will take me hours to run 1200 cars up the hill but I feel like it’s a bit flat no? Is it really hillclimbing?

    • teppischfresser

      How the hell did you do that? I’ve spent about $30 and have all the cars I want. WTF did you do?

    • Well… Bought all the expensive historic cars :S

  37. HuskyGT

    This track will be my new favorite place for photo shoots!

    The sound on the Delta Wing was a pretty accurate 4 banger engine sound. I know it’s a placeholder, but it was actually a good choice of a sample.

    The one on the Z4 was obviously just pasted over the video and it’s not in-game sound. There were various sounds, and despite they did sound realistic, none matched the very characteristic sound that the Z4’s V8 has.

  38. 20B_4ME

    Wow so Nissan cars will be in GT6? Sorry the sarcasm button was left on again.

    • Amac500

      What’s GT6? I thought the game was being called GTR6 ;)

  39. Amac500

    I wonder how old that demo if the BMW Z4 is . Look @0:34 into the BMW vid. See that road joining the track on the left side how there is that cut out shaped like a rumble strip? Now look @0:23 into the Nissan video and notice how a rumble strip has now appeared where it was absent in the Z4 video.

    • Amac500

      ^That seems to be proof that the demos are evolving, haters! Lol

    • Tenacious D

      I agree. With the game four months off or so from release, of course PD is going to be refining every aspect of the game from sounds, models, features, you name it. GT6 is far from done.

  40. omgitsbees

    Regardless of it’s usefulness in the game, the track looks really nice in GT6. Was very impressed by how good the lighting looked.

    And there you go, I used up my one positive comment about GT6 for the month.

  41. playahater94

    Awful track. Complete waste of development time.

    • another_jakhole

      We’ll see.

    • Amac500

      Waste of development time??? If you don’t understand the value of Goodwood as a motoring venue you most like don’t have a place in Gran Turismo. Plus having this deal with Goodwood opens then up to other things, like the circuit track they have there, and they can use Goodwood for the demo mode in the car dealer, which is a detail that goes along way toward making the game that much more complete as a hole. I mean just look at what PD did with their deal at Silverstone. Once they got the deal, they have us 3 tracks, not just one. I would hugely surprised if we don’t see the Goodwood circuit in GT6.

    • sayba2th

      Wow, you must have come direct from the haters ball & drunk off that haterade to be making such dumbass statements

  42. Amac500

    I love that we will have the Goodwood venue incorporated into GT6 and hill climb races will be great. I deffinently hope we get Pikes Peak too, but I actually don’t mind much if its there for release or not, just because I think it would be a perfect DLC pack to give us the Pikes Peak track along with cars from this year. Rhys Millens Hyundai and Loeb’s Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak were two seriously cool cars and it was a terrific year at the Peak. I do kind of hope we get the paved version though (I know I’m minority), just because I’ve never claimed to be a rally driver, lol. That and as the top of the track errodes away we are at a point where we will never see faster conditions around the track then we have now. In fact I think the only way Loeb’s record falls is if Loeb and Peugeot do it again next year, lol, what they did was incredible and I’m surprised there wasn’t more talk, but now I’m off topic, sorry bout that :D

    • adrianhettich

      Amac 500 who give u the right to decide who have a place in gran turismo and who’s not????!!???? Maybe I will remind you what forum is about- talking, exchanging infos and most important showing their opinion about article, SO CALM DOWN MATE. I know gt is the best game on the market and I love it but in the end it’s still game but you try to defend some track like you’ve create it, relax !!!

    • Amac500

      On the same token who’s to decide that this was “a total waste of PDs time”. In any form some have more of a clue then others and those pinning this as an absurd waste are a bit far from validation.

    • Amac500


    • adrianhettich

      He said his opinion and have a huge right to do so, don’t wanna be rude coz that’s not the point but when you’ll be a real race driver you can say someone knows more someone less but now we all playing this game ( and waiting patiently for a new one ) if you think that you know more then others then please explain it but don’t decide who have a place in gt coz I don’t like arguing for stupid reasons but judging people by their opinion?? Please relax little bit, lets all keep smiling while waiting for gt6 which is bloody hard:( but pls everybody want something to say:)))

    • Amac500

      Well even if I was a race car driver it don’t matter to much because as far as venue prestige the fans and the drivers know it all the same. I fall under the hardcore fan category as I have my whole life, and I would suspect that those who are more of a videogame fan then a real world race fan and car enthusiast who follows it all and not just an occasional F1 race would understand the value of Goodwood a bit more. Main consideration being the people who are outraged that PD spent time on this boring “waste of a venue”, who sure don’t seem to really get it to much and fact that any brand new venue is being protest in such an outraged way is rather bad. As I’ve mentioned before, the use of forming an alliance with the venue does a lot greater good for the game then they seem to realize. So it might be a forum, but the shallow rash comments denouncing it are far from worth while and isn’t a very productive bit of feedback, unless of course it were a social experiment testing people attention span and quick temperedness :P

  43. lspredator

    The delta wing Sound’s like the Nissan s15 in GT5 loool

  44. Amac500

    Lol, DeltaWing video, illustrating why the DeltaWing is no fun to drive. When the front is on the track, the back is in the grass! The only place that car belongs is in its own spec-series and there’s about an arms length long list of reasons.

  45. Rage9one


    • lspredator

      The delta wing Sound’s like the Nissan s15 in GT5 lol

    • lspredator

      The delta wing Sound’s like the Nissan s15 in GT5

    • oneloops

      Not yet, in the first video sound is pasted in postproduction

    • HuskyGT

      Like the Nissan Silvia and so many other4 cylinder cars with racing exhaust. The sound is fine actually.

  46. Lihapiirakka007

    Finally a track beside’s Nür Nordschleife that I can call my favourite!

  47. S R T 8

    loved the sound ;)

  48. Ben Rogue

    Good to see PD are thinking about point to point sprints rather than just circuits, would like to some more a-b rally events, some real ones perhaps.

    • Tvensky

      well said.. GT really needs these point to point tracks.. I love them..

  49. dice1998

    Is PD that ashamed of their car audio samples that the video editing department has to overlay tons of other vehicular audio samples on the video to make it exciting?

  50. Neilson248

    even though there are many GT haters out there, everybody knows the only game worth buying a console for is GT. Lets be honest Forza has its perks and is quite fun but who’s going to buy an Xbox or an Xbox one just for Forza? If you already have one of those, it only makes sense then to get. Personally, I’d rather get Race Pro than Forza.

    • Amac500

      I’m on the same page. I’ve been saying for a while that Forza is king when it comes to the bells and whistles, like the livery maker and personally I think they have better cars. However, when it comes to physics and realism, Gran Turismo can’t be touched and once you experience GT it’s gonna be damn hard to willing make a step down in that department to Forza, at least for me.

    • MLRSparco

      Of course people who play forza are going to buy the new Xbox1 but it all comes down to what’s more enjoyable for that person.The small bit that I played of forza 4 was awesome, mostly because of the sounds and cars, those are two huge aspects that make up a good racing game along with physics.

    • Amac500

      I disagree with the sounds in Forza, they are worse then GT5. I was playing split screen with my friend just last week and he was in the Pagani Zonda while I was in one of the Aston Martin GT2-spec cars. The engines are literally identical and from what I experienced it was the same sound for every car in the game, including all the old race cars like the DB3.

    • MuoNiuLa

      Er, I bought a 360 just for Forza and I couldn’t be happier. And don’t think just because you put GT on a ridiculously high pedestal, everyone else will too. Please apply yor close-minded comments only to yourself.

    • HuskyGT

      Sounds in Forza 3 were a bit better. In Forza 4 they are close to be as badly broken as that piece of trash Shift and Shift 2. and I’ve also notices repetitions in sound samples as Amac500 mentions. When it comes to car selection, I agree; Forza is better. However, even though we cannot expect the current tendency in GT titles to change in GT6, we still have yet to see what they bring in the new Premium list.

      But one thing is for sure and no one can deny it. GT will always be on top of Forza when it comes to physics.

    • HuskyGT

      HAHA! The “Pedestal” guy is back.We’re only missing the “Foolish” guy XD

    • MLRSparco

      I only drove a few bimmers and from what I heard there sound is pretty much on point.I don’t see how anything can be worse than the sounds of GT5.

    • MLRSparco

      In all honesty I think that you guys do put GT on a very high pedestal,IMO GT and Forza are pretty much neck and neck,the only thing that GT has over Forza is physics and the Online system.Now normally physics would outweigh everything but that fact that Forza has so many other things to offer other than physics makes it catch up to GT.

    • Neilson248

      Forza is like some kind of GT wannabe reject. I cant take it seriously. First of all, Gt has produced real-life racing drivers, whereas Forza has not. GT’s physics are much closer to those of PC sims and although not quite there yet, will surely be up there on the PS4. Yes they messed up the sounds for quite a few cars in GT5 but having said that some cars sound almost identical to the real thing, HSV-010, Lexus ISF, Pagani Zonda for example. Even though there are only a few of them, I hope GT uses the same techniques for those sound recordings for the rest of the cars in GT6. Forza’s sounds maybe better to some people, but they sound spiced up to me and the backfire is ridiculous. Don’t get me started on the physics. The 2 things i really like about Forza is the customisation and car selection… they have definitely done a better job than PD in those areas. By the way guys, no need for insults, its just my opinion. If you get so wound up that you have to call me “foolish”, “close-minded”, “pedestal guy” it shows that you know these facts are true, but you just loath to admit it. Cheers

    • Neilson248

      I forgot to mention that GT’s graphics and replays can’t be compared to anything.

    • MLRSparco

      I wouldn’t call it a GT wannabe reject that’s a bit harsh,I see Forza as a Simcade,it has simulation properties but has a arcadey feel to it,for someone who wants to get into racing I think this is the first step then GT then a PC sim,Forza wants to be friendly to ever type of player so that someone with no racing experience can still pick it up and have a good time and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.And we all know that Graphics aren’t everything so you can throw that straight out the window, and as far as I’ve seen GT6 doesn’t look any better then GT5,and Forza has way better replays than GT,they have a great selection of views that I would love to see in GT like the rear fender cam and the gyro cam that Forza has.Now I’m not saying that Forza is better than GT but there are definitely some things that GT can take from Forza to make a better game.

    • Amac500

      “You guys put GT on too high a pedistal… The only thing GT has over Forza is physics and online system m” In the world of sim racers, isn’t physics the thing that counts? Bells and whistles, yes it’s Forza, but reviewing the bells and whistles its a livery maker and… perhaps cars, that caries by person. Track selection is a coin tosh too. So physics or a livery maker, which takes the cake?

    • MuoNiuLa

      @Neilson248: First, GT has produced real life racing drivers, so that automatically makes it better? Are you serious? You do realize GT Academy is just a marketing strategy, right? And how can you say Forza doesn’t have as good physics as GT? Have you played the final version of Forza 5? If so, please tell us about it. I can’t wait to hear this.

      And lastly, maybe people wouldn’t feel the need to “insult” you if you didn’t try to pass off your opinion as fact and again, assume everyone thinks the same way as you. By the way, nice job contradicting yourself. I’ll leave you to find out how you did it.

    • Neilson248

      @MuoNiula… lol i actually find it quite funny how you get so pissed of at my comments. I didnt say that because GT has produced real-life racing drivers, that it automatically makes it better than forza but that is certainly one of the things that puts it above Forza. And you are damn right I have never played Forza 5 and i never said I did lol, talk about selective perception. However, I am really not going to be surprised to find that GT6 is a better overall game than Forza 5 and I believe that this is part of the reason why PD was so confident to release GT6 for an older-gen console while competing directly with Turn 10’s next-gen game, Forza 5. PD is doing this to prove a point and to show off that GT cannot be beaten by Forza. Releasing GT6 on PS3 is a step into taking console sim dominance to new level and I actually love the arrogance and confidence shown by PD because they know that they have produced something special. You will see and all the GT-haters will be secretly loving GT in their homes.

    • MuoNiuLa

      Keep thinking whatever you want. This is not worth it anymore. And for the record, I am a fan of both series. I own GT 1-5 and I am getting 15th Anniversay Edition of GT6.

  51. skadaddy2004

    This is all well and good, but I wanna see some of the old tracks come back, too. Midfield, Apricot Hill, Complex String, Infineon, Special Stage 11, any of those would be great additions in their own right (sorry, been playing GT3 pretty heavy lately lol)

    • skadaddy2004

      Before anyone says anything, I know, Infineon was in GT4 lol

    • ScotteDawg

      Infineon no longer exists – it has been replaced by Sonoma!

    • Amac500

      Yeah Infineon, Sears Point, Sonoma, all the same, lol. The track has went through a lot of corporate sponsors, I just stick to Sonoma because the Grand Prix there has always been called the Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma.

  52. ProjectWHaT

    Will there be more A to B tracks?!

  53. Watched trailer…watched actual game-plays…watched trailer again…watched actual game-plays…

    I like the sound in the Trailer but not in the game. Placeholders?…let´s see about that…

    • oneloops

      At least PD keeps us busy detecting those true or false sounds, lol

    • Amac500

      It’s like a Where’s Waldo book for your ears, lol

  54. ZacDaMan72

    Is it just me or did he Z4 actually sounded real? :O

    • It did because the sounds are artificial and not representative of the final product.

    • oneloops

      no, not in game sound, at second 48 it’s evident that the sound it’s pasted, not in game.

    • Amac500

      This is the kind of sound we are hoping to get in GT6 at some point though. Kaz said they are working on a new way of capturing sound and we’ll see it at some point.

    • Firedragon

      I’m sorry, but it is you. Compare it with the real sound and the conclusion is that it sounds absolutely nothing like the real car:

      The difference is even greater when you hear the exterior sound. The real engine is a super-high 8200 rpm-revving engine which should scream when going past. Even when the sound in the GT6 video is dubbed, it does absolutely not sound anything like the real thing, which is just such a real shame.

  55. TheGTGuy

    The Z4 video is PD mixing different sounds and trying to find a balance. Some of the video is actual gameplay footage with those sounds, there not pasted over there the actual car sounds.

  56. JKcreativeworks


    >implying GT1 was bad.

    Someone is too demanding, keep in mind it’s a game. Seriously stop crying.

    • bigspleen

      ?? Your the one who is crying idiot lol. He made a comment I responded, you decided to cry about it. Truth hurt. Who said anything about Gt1? Crying about people crying? You are a real winner.

    • dimassa19

      Remember gentlemen, keep the level of discussion

    • JKcreativeworks

      1. I am not crying, i am pointing out it is just a game, and you people should cut the makers who put hard work into this some slack.

      2. You were actually mentioning any GT game, so that means GT1, 2 and etc etc:

      “The game will have the same bad sound, AI, and lifeless 1990′s racing design as all other GT games”

      3. How is GT1 bad may i ask? It was far ahead in it’s time.

      4. Racingchamp30 was being optimistic and rational. He assumed they would change things on the game. You on the other hand blandly disagreed, and called him naive.

      5. The first trailer was an actual official trailer, wether the sounds or anything are legit.. the other 2 videos were gameplay videos captured at a game conference already a while ago.

    • JKcreativeworks

      I apologize about the 5th statement, this one is invalid. As the videos are from the present time.

    • Amac500

      Why did ya start a new comment rather then reply to his original one?

  57. racingchamp30

    Have to remember for anyone complaining how bad the sound is, these are just early videos and tests. Got 5 to 6 more months to work on the product before final release so i am sure everything will be worked out before release of the full game. The more videos i see of what is currently shown of GT6, more i want the game.

    • bigspleen

      Yeah just like GT5 got worked out right……LOL, you are so Naive. Name 1 game that was drastically different then the demp, and trailers? The whole point of both is to show off how the game is looking. The game will have the same bad sound, AI, and lifeless 1990’s racing design as all other GT games

    • Ittybitty Stigy

      @bogspleen-Why are you watching any GT6 content since you seem to already know what GT6 will be like…confusing…

    • Ittybitty Stigy


    • Amac500

      I hate how people keep saying GT 5 is incomplete and crap just because there are things in the game they wanted to see different. GT5 did factually see improvements as it went and came alot farther then any other games do after release. Plus, Kaz has said they are currently developing a new sound capture system, so @bigspleen clearly doesn’t know what he is talking about and isn’t a regular follower of Gran Turismo’s progress.

    • Ittybitty Stigy

      Thank you amac, that’s what I was trying to say but yours makes more sence.

  58. RattijuoppoFIN

    Again horrible sound.

    • Amac500

      What???? This isn’t even game sound, they pasted a real world sound sample. That’s a sound recording of the real thing!!! You just lost your right to ever complain about the sound again because you both have no ears and haven’t been reading to be aware that it isn’t game sound!

    • Encyclopedia

      Real sounds yes, of several different cars. Quite funny really.

    • Amac500

      Oh yeah, forgot there were 2 game videos, lol, my bad

  59. These are the kind of tracks that i wanna see and enjoy in GT6, that Willow Spring Raceway and Nurburgring of course ;p

  60. oneloops

    At second 48 it’s evident that the sound it’s pasted, not in game.

    But it’s a good reference if PD want to achieve that sound.

  61. TokoTurismo

    Man, Goodwood’s track looks so much more beautiful than TGTT IMO. So happy the hillclimb is in the game, hope the circuit and the rally stage will be in too. :D

  62. TheGTman

    Surely the sound from that BMW isint going to be in the finale game, it’s to good to be true.

  63. ric1511

    Top video: my favorite song from GT6 demo! I can’t wait for the full game.

  64. dimassa19

    Variety is always good.

  65. DSUjoeDirte9

    The Top video sounds and looks like. BUTTT the bottem demo video i think looks pretty good. Grant it he was driving really slow. :P

  66. KingDejch

    how is this HILL climb, if there is not hill climbing? :D

    • MeanElf

      You fancy walking up it? The hill is there, just not so readily aparent as the slope is evened out. Wait until you see the track stats with elevation difference included first.

    • neema_t

      Yeah, you want to try walking up to the Rally stage on a hot day with 5kg of camera gear on your back. It’s definitely a hill.

    • Ittybitty Stigy

      ^ lol

  67. lldantell

    i wasnt expecting the deltawing to sound like that

  68. jpbonadio

    It’s looking very good.

    Could be just an wrong impression due to the offscreen effect, but for me in the gameplay video (offscreen) the textures look better than the concept video. So realistic.

  69. For all the sound comments, I’m guessing no one watched the Delta Wing? If that sound makes it in to GT6 I’ll be horrified!

    • ScotteDawg

      Prepare yourself then!
      The sounds you can hear will (most likely) be in GT6! Kazunori san said that the sounds will be “placeholder sounds” until they can get the correct sounds! It’s my guess that PD are sounding out the sounds they want, then they will patch the correct sounds through to us!

  70. TrevSkyline

    Looks fantastic! Lets hope those sounds make it into the finished game – Roll on GT6 and competing online to be the quickest up the hill!

    • SavageEvil

      I just hope that course creator can create point to point, that would more than suffice for online point to point races. I would be happy if we were able to create a nice downhill togue course.

  71. dranzer19

    This hillclimb is boring, PD should’ve sticked with pikes peak like in GT2

  72. TomBrady

    How is it that they can get good engine sounds in the trailer but not in the damn game?

    I don’t think the sounds in GT5 are bad, but having really good sounds like Forza, R3E, hell, even NFS Shift would be nice. Plus, we could finally stop hearing haters whine about how bad the sound is.

    People act like the sounds are the worst sounds ever but they’re not. They need improvement, but it’s not the most important thing in the game. Plus some cars still sounded awesome GT5, I’m betting GT6 will have more cars like that.

    • Umbra344

      You’re right. A handful of cars were dead on with the right sounds, like the 787B. That is one of the only cars where I’ve seen people compliment the sound in GT5. There were others but I don’t remember which . I would rather have good physics, I don’t care all that much about the sound.

    • Quakebass

      They can plaster in fake sounds in a trailer. It’s really simple, like adding in music overlays.

    • TomBrady

      No trust me, the trailers have samples that they’ve recorded themselves, they’re just better samples and they made them sound more accurate. If they can do that for trailers, they can use the same methods for the gameplay.

      @Umbra Actually the 787B isn’t one of them in my opinion. At least not from outside the car. Watch some youtube videos of it from outside the car. It sounds different than GT5. The idling sound of the 787B in GT5 is perfect, but the exaust sound isn’t right.

      The cars I was thinking of was the LFA (most accurate version of the LFA in any game), after the updates the HSV-010 sounds really good, the Zonda C12 7.3 sounds incredible, premium camaro SS ’69 sounds great, shelby cobra, and the gallardo sounds great too. I think there are some more I can’t remember, but point PD isn’t incapable of doing good sounds, they just don’t.

    • Neilson248

      Well-spotted Tom… actually I really like RRE3 sounds, probably the best of all racing games but I’m actually not convinced about forza’s; not bad but they seem a bit spiced up to me, not really realistic imho. You’re spot on with the 787B, which in gt5 has captured the idle sound perfectly but in real life when the car is under acceleration, it actually has a very smooth rotary sound and not constantly spitting like in GT5. It also has quite a bit a backfire when braking and changing down. You’re right some of the sounds in GT5 have been captured very well; HSV-010 is actually very difficult to tell apart from the real one and Lexus ISF is almost identical to the real one as well. I think they didnt include all the sounds in gt5 simply because they had to rush the game out so hopefully, we’ll have more cars with great sounds. Cheers

    • TomBrady

      You’re right about Forza. Their sounds are definitely inaccurate at times but still much more pleasant to listen to and they sound like real cars. What I really like about Forza’s sounds is they have a lot of ambient sound unlike GT5. Even in the replays you hear almost no reverberations from the surroundings at all in GT5 and I hate that. It’s really not a hard thing to implement. Forza does a much better job of that, so does codemasters F1.

      Hopefully PD improves these things but eitherway, GT6 will be great. I’m really happy about the physics, and the new features and can’t wait to try all this stuff out. Cheers

    • ScotteDawg

      It doesn’t matter how good the sounds get, there will ALWAYS be a group of tossers who think they should be better!

  73. gripmaster345

    Touge city

  74. Whodoyouthink

    Is that the BMW that upset the 1-2-3 Mercedes finish at this year’s Nurburgring 24?

  75. SavageEvil

    Lol, why does that first video have the V8 sounds of the mercedes SLS GT3 engine note? What type of engine is in that BMW, I guess it’s probably a V8 but do it sound like the AMG V8 in the SLS GT3?

    • gtfanforlife

      They have V8’s in ALMS.

    • That’s a GT3 car though, so it doesn’t run in the ALMS, if that’s what you mean! Looks good though! :)

    • Firedragon

      It is a 4 liter V8 based on the E92 M3 road car’s engine block. In real life it sounds absolutely incredible. I hope the game will resemble anything like it, but my hopes are not high..

    • Firedragon

      Oops, I was mistaken, as it is a 4.4 liter engine from the M3 GTS, not the regular M3. :) Sounds epic, listen to this video:

  76. Ferrari458Italia

    SOO much fun looking!! ahhh

    PD just give us better sounds and you have yourself a KILLER game!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ferrari458Italia

      seems like they fixed the crowds too

    • TomBrady

      @458 Bro you have to keep in mind that the hill climb is different. It’s not like a grand prix track where the fans sit in grand stands. It’s more like Eiger or a rally track where fans sit on the side of the course. GP tracks could still have empty grandstands.

      I don’t see the problem. the crowds in the grandstands look like crap anyways, I’d rather them not be there to make room for other graphics.

  77. japlkofk69

    This seems like a lot of fun! Really especting a lot more from GT6 now :)

  78. MOV Games

    I thought there were more corners than that. Still, seems to be a good course for testing out vehicles.

  79. ChicoMaloXD

    I like the idea of PD including this course.
    Would be awesome if PD could include those sounds in the final product, as well.

  80. FLASH48

    Some of you guys amaze!

    PS. I like anything new in the GT games!!!

  81. Freemanroad1986

    Wow I can’t wait I think I’ve just wet my self :-\

  82. Such a boring track.

    • Don’t use it then?

    • When did I say I was, and when did I say I wasn’t? Never that’s when.

    • What part of this course did you find boring?

    • TomBrady

      It’s definitely way too short. Seems like a waste to me. If they’re going to add a hillclimb it should be a normal lengthed one.

    • The first few turns were particularly boring to me. The later part of the course it less boring, but still not quite as entertaining as other hill climbs I’ve seen.

    • MeanElf

      Because it’s at Goodwood, I’m assuming, so a part of the package deal. Rally, Road and Hillclimb possibly with other functions attributed to the latter, such as photomode.

  83. Quakebass

    Yeah… I could tell the sunds weren’t in-game with the BMW… They just didn’t sound right. They didn’t seem to kick in and fade in the right places…

    If the X1 ends of in GT6, this will be a TERRIFYING course to try it on… These look like some of the skinniest roads I’ve EVER seen…

  84. Flagmo-T

    Why so Sterile PD ? – It looks a little Boring as not exiting, the only positive thing to say, is that it’s a new very short track to learn and to race on, and then back to a little Boring again…. It’s actually a little embarrassing to watch tbh .. Look more or less like a older PC race game, except from the cars .. So much for the actual driving view experience, but at least you sit in a 18 carat diamond .. :)

  85. varmintx

    What is the racing surface?

    • BlindZenDriver


      Everyone should go on youtube a look up Goodwood Festival and see what the event is about. It’s is such a big thing that car companies launch their new cars there and that some of the best drivers attend driving all sorts of amazing cars to show off their skill (and their courage – note the Stone walls and the lack of run off).

    • Asphalt

    • QuikSlvr223

      I know, doesn’t it look like gravel?

    • MeanElf

      Because Goodwood is a listed site, the tarmac would have replaced the original road surface, which likely would have been pebbles (or gravel, if you like) but made to the same colour. Listed sites have to keep the same appearance in the UK so original colours and form cannot be changed by heratige law.

  86. roflcoptor

    Excellent inclusion to the game!

  87. Lazy Liquid

    When i readed “hillclimb”, automaticaly i tought it was related to any decent touge…
    But i got mistaken.

    • Hillclimb isn’t touge. Hillclimb is much, much older – almost as old as the car itself. It involves driving up a hill in a car. Generally speaking, hillclimbs are sprints and take place over courses much less than a mile. Amongst the better known courses are Shelsley Walsh (1000yd course, run since 1905), Prescott (1100yd course, run since 1930s) and Rest And Be Thankful (1,400yd, 1906-1970 and currently attempts are being made to have it revived)

      This particular hill is the Earl of March’s driveway. It has been used as a hill climb course for 20 years, since the inception of the Goodwood Festival of Speed and it’s one of the very longest at over 2000 yards.

    • ScotteDawg

      @Famine – I knew there were shorter hillclimbs, I just had no freakin idea what or where they were! Thanks for the information and clarification!
      Hillclimbs aren’t big in Australia and they aren’t televised, so my knowledge of them is only what I have learned over the years from photographs in motoring books. Until the article on the inclusion of the Goodwood Hillclimb in GT6, the last I had read about it would have been 10 or 15 years ago!

  88. Swagger897

    That BMW’s engine by spectator sounds good! I wish we could get this, the R8 lms and the Merc GT3 and whatever cars of the like to go by the first curve at Le Mans Past the pit exit…

    • nascarfn

      it sounds amazing inside too!! go look up on board video it sounds very realistic i’m impressed

  89. nascarfn

    the sounds on both videos are impressive IMO. GREAT WORK PD!! definitely getting this!

    • PaMu1337

      The sound on the first video is pasted on, it is not the sound from the game.

    • tpark103

      Did you really just say that the sound is pasted on?

    • Codename6

      Yeah he said pasted on..another way of saying the engine sound in the video is overdubbed just like all of their official videos. Sad.

  90. L8erBaby

    I see they’ve changed the racing line design. Hm…

  91. sind3ntosca

    woosh, excited! :)

  92. Swagger897

    Looking good…

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