Goodwood Hill Climb to Feature in Gran Turismo 6

July 10th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

The official UK Gran Turismo website has announced the Goodwood Hill Climb will be featured in Gran Turismo 6.

The 1.86km hill climb takes place at the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed, a large celebration of all things automotive at the Earl of March’s British country estate.

This year’s Festival of Speed is happening this weekend, and a new GT6 demo will be on display for the public which will let them drive the new hill-climb circuit, and – as the announcement describes – attempt to beat “Nick Heidfeld’s 1999 41.6s course record set in a Formula 1 car,” which you can see below.

Polyphony Digital has also released a gallery of 27 new screenshots showing off the new course. Notably, this marks a return of point-to-point time trial stages to Gran Turismo games.

Stay tuned for more photos and videos from Goodwood throughout the weekend. Thanks to Gareth for the quick tip!

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  1. Jul. 10, 6:35pm

    I am happy to see Goodwood represented in Gran Turismo 6. They complement each other very well. Even though the hill climb track is the only layout confirmed thus far, I still hope to see the circuit included, and add depth to the Historic Cup event, which was a little lackluster in Gran Turismo 5. Cheers!

  2. Jul. 10, 6:22pm

    A return of point to point TTs FINALLY.

    Hopefully, we’ll get more than 2. Eiger is vast and beautiful. It would be nice for a point to point verision there as well.

  3. Jul. 10, 6:17pm

    Gunsai touge & pike peak “13 for me please Kaz as sprint track … will paid the high price for this

    • Jul. 10, 9:28pm

      Gunsai Togue would be awesome, or any other tie-ins to Best Motoring. There is not much JDM culture in the game and it is a missed opportunity and a bit surprising given how many JDM fans must be working at PD!

    • Jul. 10, 11:46pm

      There are far more Japanesse cars in the game and there are more Japanese tracks then any other country, I think their focus should stay on Europe and America.

    • Jul. 11, 12:00am

      And Australia!

  4. Jul. 10, 6:17pm


  5. Jul. 10, 6:09pm

    This track looks awesome and I can’t wait to drive on it! I just want SSR11 and Seattle now though D: The old Tahiti tracks would be cool too haha. I’m fine with whats been shown as new so far though :)

  6. Jul. 10, 6:07pm

    Touge anyone? I’m glad to see more of the SLS GT3. Erebus Motorsport GT will be racing their SLS GT3 at Sydney Motorsport Park this weekend!

    • Jul. 10, 6:11pm

      Oh yeah, it also looks like they brought back the people( in the game) from GT4.

  7. Jul. 10, 5:51pm

    I can’t wait to do endurance races on this track…. with a Daihatsu Midget.

    • Jul. 10, 6:00pm
      Ittybitty Stigy

      That would be interesting.

    • Jul. 10, 6:32pm

      Forget the Midget! I’d go with the Citroen 2CV.

    • Jul. 10, 7:14pm

      ok I will take it as far as we can…

      mercedes-benz patent motorwagen 1886….. :)

      next one will be a horse….

      anyways.. I miss that piece of history in GT.. they have to put it back.. just for a respect for a first real car ever build!!

    • Jul. 10, 7:50pm

      Not really the first car ever built. George B. Selden built a car in 1878, 8 years before Benz. But because he was in america, the paperwork and legal process of getting the patent through took 16 years and was granted in 1895. So Benz beat him in the patent race even though it was not the first car.

    • Jul. 10, 8:19pm
      drag lab 101

      True that kekke2000

    • Jul. 11, 5:08am

      I didnt know that (and its true, just checked)… real world is cruel…

      you dont only need to know how to create it .. you also must know how to use it..

      sadly this happens all the time.. there is no real proof that someone creates something, unless there is a witness or a document..

      maybe history counts Mercedes benz as a first car because it released 25 models in that period of time.. and tha George_B._Selden didnt.. anyways.. respect for them, as they created all we see today! we can say, they started GT series :D

  8. Jul. 10, 5:49pm

    Excellent news. Lets just hope they’ve modeled the old GP circuit too!

  9. Jul. 10, 5:46pm

    I actually asked for this in a forum 6 months ago, this is quality, I live 10 minutes away from goodwood, and drove up the hill circuit 2 years ago. Not at the festival of speed though :-( .

    • Jul. 10, 6:01pm

      Congratulations on getting your home track added, ya lucky b*****d. Lol, I’m still praying for the new Belle Isle Park!

    • Jul. 10, 8:07pm

      I want knockhill :( this is good tho :)

  10. Jul. 10, 5:36pm

    I so want to drift this track!

  11. Jul. 10, 5:35pm

    Would like two see a layout of this track. Keep it up PD, nice work!. More REAL WORLD circuits please.

    • Jul. 10, 5:43pm

      Google is your friend.

    • Jul. 10, 5:50pm

      I tried to google that aswell, I got a few different track layouts, none was as detailed as I was hoping. Just a line as if it was drawn in paint…

    • Jul. 11, 1:19am

      Even better, YouTube onboard vids of the Goodwood circuit!

  12. Jul. 10, 5:30pm

    This is wonderful. I know I’ll spend alot of time on here, especially with Photo Mode!

  13. Jul. 10, 5:30pm

    They can do point to point……Give us a real dragstrip.

    • Jul. 10, 5:50pm

      Las Vegas was a good strip I’d like to have back!
      It would be hard to manage in an online room with 16 people, but I’m sure there’s a way it could be done…
      I’m thinking that a competition could be run where, for practice, everyone goes out on to the track but only two at a time and ONLY when all in the room have been on the track twice for tuning can the actual comp. begin!
      Similar with Goodwood, but only one car at a time and only one tuning run!

      If anyone else has an idea on how these races can be run in an online room, write it here…

    • Jul. 10, 7:00pm

      Heck yea they better have a real drag strip. And who ever said they wanted the las vegas drag strip is crazy because that was a terrible track.

    • Jul. 11, 3:20am

      Dylan, Las Vegas was only bad because there was no competing car and there was no “Christmas tree” – other than that, it was, IMO, an OK sort of track!

  14. Jul. 10, 5:14pm

    I’m a bit surprised by this news. Nice to see PD are trying to increase their track list with GT6. The lack of tracks was a real issue for me with GT5.

  15. Jul. 10, 5:08pm

    It looks beautiful…hope it looks the same in the game…or at least like GT5 looked compared to the GT6 blurry demo.

  16. Jul. 10, 5:08pm

    Hmmmm Audi Quattro @ Goodwood…

    • Jul. 10, 5:53pm

      Hmmmm ANY car @ Goodwood… (except K-cars)

  17. Jul. 10, 4:55pm

    I don’t see what is to be excited here.
    Sure a new track is awesome, but is a track that you drive in less than a minute… I mean is nothing special here, it just makes the chances of seeing Apricot Hill, Seattle or even Bathrust smaller as in the day 1 release.

    God I hope SSR11 and Seattle make it to the game without being DLC, is not like I wouldn’t buy them, but I really wanna drive em on Day 1.

    • Jul. 10, 5:15pm

      It’s an amazing track, it doesn’t have to be long you can do more than one lap on it.

    • Jul. 10, 5:23pm

      It’s exciting because Goodwood is steeped with motoring history and tradition for race and street cars alike. There is a circuit, a hill climb course, and it should be what is used to demo cars in the dealer, so it makes the game that much more complete and deeper as a whole.

    • Jul. 10, 6:01pm

      I like all the tracks you mentioned, particularly Bathurst, but if they don’t make the final cut then DLC it will be!
      IMO, the remodelled tracks from previous GT games should be FREE DLC, whereas the new Real World circuits we’d have as paid DLC!

    • Jul. 10, 7:01pm

      Get used to the idea of the classic GT tracks being DLC – only seven new tracks were cited as being with the game on release – the classics aren’t new.

    • Jul. 12, 1:30pm

      Sorry MeanElf, have to correct you on that one. 7 new LOCATIONS and 19 new LAYOUTS!!

      Now, something I forgot in my last comment was that some of the old tracks MAY make it into the finished product but will not be given the NEW LOCATION or NEW LAYOUT tag!

      We have been told that there will be 71 layouts in GT6! There’s ALREADY 95 in GT5, including Original, World, City and Snow & Dirt circuits AND Time/Weather change where applicable!

      My thought is that Kaz was being elusive about some of the track details so that WE get a surprise from some of the classic tracks being included!

  18. Jul. 10, 4:27pm

    YES!!!! This is amazing news!! SO happy about this.

  19. Jul. 10, 4:14pm

    Wait, so not only do GT6 has a laughable amount of new tracks, but one of them is a 1.46km stretch of road where you can’t really race against others. It would only be nice to have that road in a world where GT6 doubled the track roster of GT5. Won’t be buying this at 60$, not in a 100 years.

    • Jul. 10, 4:31pm

      Yet the same people that say they wouldn’t spend $60 on a game, spend over that a month on cigarettes or other non-essentials. The price of games are really cheap when you compare them to other un-needed things in our lives. You can easily spend $60 at a bar in one night.

    • Jul. 10, 5:25pm

      Goodwood also has race circuit dummy, where Formula 1 cars raced 17 times mind you.

    • Jul. 10, 5:35pm

      Good point Aronh17

    • Jul. 10, 5:58pm

      Your comment is laughable, seriously it is. @aronh17 is totally right and I agree. Just get over yourself, please just do it… -_-

    • Jul. 10, 6:13pm
      Ittybitty Stigy

      Aggred toko,amac, and aronh.

    • Jul. 10, 8:37pm

      And where does it say anything about a track other than the hill climb? I don’t know about you, but making claims based on assumptions and faith is dumb. I deal with facts.

      I wouldn’t value electronic entertainment as high as you do. Video game have a very low value as services and even lower as goods.

    • Jul. 10, 11:52pm

      It doesn’t say anything about the circuit, I’m talking about the venue of Goodwood. If the hill climb is in the game we can only imagine that the circuit make it in at some point as they have formed an alliance with the venue. Goodwood is steeped with motoring history and if you don’t under stand what Goodwood means for fans of street and race cars a like the you probably aren’t somebody who should be playing Gran Turismo anyways.

  20. Jul. 10, 4:11pm

    Awesome. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come as I would love to see tracks like Prescott, Gursten Down and Shelsey Walsh in Gran Turismo.

  21. Jul. 10, 4:10pm
    Ittybitty Stigy

    Looks simply amazing. :)
    Will be my new test track.

    • Jul. 10, 5:27pm

      My thoughts are the same Ittybittystig, Make’s for a nice test circuit.

    • Jul. 10, 5:37pm

      I was going to do that as well and I probably will a bit. However, it’ll be a bit hard for me to evaluate how the car will do on a race course when the road is so narrow. I’m jut not sure about evaluating the cars turn in ability when there aren’t multiple line to use. Still, I think it will be good for a base time trial for a basic evaluation.

  22. Jul. 10, 4:10pm

    Boring hill climb, i’d prefer outlon park :(

    • Jul. 10, 4:11pm

      Only two or three turns… what a “track”…

    • Jul. 10, 4:14pm

      Pikes peak, that’s a hill climb ! not good wood.

    • Jul. 10, 5:37pm

      Oulton Park and Goodwood.

    • Jul. 10, 5:42pm

      Yeah? And I want the new Belle Isle Park course. If you don’t understand the value of Goodwood you have not have a place playing Gran Turismo. It’s history of motoring is unrivaled in the world of both race and street cars in a way that Oulton is not. Plus there is a circuit there they can add, and they can use it for at demos in the dealer. I like Oulton and would enjoy it in the game, but the history and versatility of the Goodwood facility opens alot of doors for PD.

  23. Jul. 10, 4:08pm

    That looks absolutely positively biblical!!!

  24. Jul. 10, 4:08pm

    I can’t help but think of Pikes Peak now, being the only other hill climb course I can recall ever being in GT.
    Surely its a possibility now….?? If that happened, along with this, my God…

    I don’t know what I’d do.

    • Jul. 10, 4:31pm

      only if its in its 80’s mixed surface state. an all paved pike’s peak (as it currently is today) is rather “meh”

  25. Jul. 10, 3:47pm

    Amazing news!

  26. Jul. 10, 3:47pm

    Brilliant news.The lighting is fabulous.

  27. Jul. 10, 3:46pm

    EPIC NEWS!!!!

  28. Jul. 10, 3:45pm

    this is excellent but they could have shown some pictures with the ford gt40 race car premium ;)

    • Jul. 10, 4:32pm

      I must agree with you. The GT40 is in my top 10 standard cars to become premium list.

      Lets hope they left it for a trailer showing the track … in which also would be the Mclaren MP4/4, some classic F1 Lotus, Williams, Benettons, etc.

      Well, a man can dream.

  29. Jul. 10, 3:42pm

    I’m so hyped about this especially as Goodwood is in Chichester, West Sussex, where I was born and raised for some of my life.

  30. Jul. 10, 3:41pm


  31. Jul. 10, 3:37pm

    Looks so real.

  32. Jul. 10, 3:34pm
    Mister Slow

    Short, but scenic…

  33. Jul. 10, 3:31pm

    Awesome! Nicely done PD!
    Can’t wait to try the Quattro here.

  34. Jul. 10, 3:26pm

    I will do this track in 26.3s in my redbull x2011

    • Jul. 10, 3:33pm

      Probably the ONLY car PD will leave out from GT5!

  35. Jul. 10, 3:15pm

    Amazing. Great job PD. That’s why I love PD.

    This track could be user as a photomode location and even as a exibition for cars, where you could see then racing fast, slow, with the public cheering, like if they where present in the festival. With the perfection that PD put on the replay cameras, this would be epic.

    • Jul. 10, 3:24pm

      Right with ya! Exactly what you just described should be the demo mode when you buy cars from the dealer

  36. Jul. 10, 3:13pm

    Awesome! What about maybe the PP hill climb too? Loved doing it in GT2

  37. Jul. 10, 3:09pm

    I’d love to see more street tracks,a bigger version of special stage 7 would be awesome.

  38. Jul. 10, 3:06pm
    At 1ness

    So happy Goodwood HC is going to be in GT6! :D (i remember wishing for it back in 2009, when i first signed up to GTP)

  39. Jul. 10, 3:04pm

    That F1 car @0:35 sounds awesome

  40. Jul. 10, 3:00pm

    What a lovely track things are looking good for GT6 cant wait but i see we still have the standard spectators going on lol

  41. Jul. 10, 2:48pm

    Too short!!!!!

    • Jul. 10, 2:49pm

      Only in fast cars ;)

    • Jul. 10, 2:51pm

      Perfect for testing and tuning setups.

    • Jul. 10, 3:17pm

      And cruising too. W00T! But I guess those things are still too short for King also, oh well. ;)

  42. Jul. 10, 2:46pm

    That’s what I call a pleasant surprise!

    • Jul. 10, 3:29pm

      Very true – I’m surprised that I missed the rumours from last month – really very happy about this as it has the flavour of GT6 being quite different in more ways than purely physics.

  43. Jul. 10, 2:43pm

    And it keeps getting better!!! I see myself testing all my cars in this track to see which one is the fastest.

    And we have yet to see the new customizing features, new tuning parts, the new premium cars and much more. Oh man, GT6 will be epic! And not to mention that all of this will be working around these new awesome physics we just tried out in GT Academy.

    • Jul. 10, 3:15pm

      Yeah!!! I thought to be the only one who is happy like a kid at its birthday party on GT6 (hope this was the correct grammar)

    • Jul. 10, 3:30pm

      Hey, put me in the same boat with you guys! Finally we’re getting those European GT race cars that are the heart of Gran Turismo symbolizes to me. Not to mention how good the time changes look and they’ll be available on a lot more tracks! I still can’t get over how realistic the terrain is when you stray off course. All we need is a livery maker or some way to customize those GT3 racers and I’m set!

  44. Jul. 10, 2:41pm

    Happy enough but I can’t help but think of Pikes Peak. If that’s in, I’m pre-ordering GT6 this minute!

  45. Jul. 10, 2:40pm

    What car are they giving people to bet Nick Heidfeld’s time with?

    • Jul. 10, 3:43pm

      Fiat 500

    • Jul. 11, 3:24am

      Reliant Robin

  46. Jul. 10, 2:39pm

    Hopefully they include the Circuit & Rally tracks from Goodwood too. Also who else things that the bonus thing unlocked at the end of the GT Academy is going to be taking the DeltaWing up the Hill?

    • Jul. 10, 2:51pm

      They might change it but the event has already been done by a few GTP members who turned their PS3 clocks forward to the 29th – it was the GT-R 2013 at Silverstone.

    • Jul. 10, 3:20pm

      GT3 spec GT-R, wasnt it?

    • Jul. 10, 3:27pm


    • Jul. 10, 8:50pm

      Bleh, was hoping for something more fun.

    • Jul. 11, 4:03am

      Well, in a few months you’ll have your chance to do just that, in any car ;)

  47. Jul. 10, 2:27pm

    Istle of Mann tt track will be ace!

  48. Jul. 10, 2:26pm

    What about the touge track from Best Motoring? :)

    • Jul. 10, 2:32pm

      I’ve been watching this show on YouTube and would absolutely love to see that track in the game!

    • Jul. 10, 5:48pm

      Yeah!, would love to see that one and Ibesu. Not sure if spell’t right?.

  49. Jul. 10, 2:25pm

    Awesome, awesome. Goodwood is a great location to include in the franchise with its deep motoring history. They should use Goodwood for the car demos too, like when you’re buying from the dealer. It would be perfect for that and would be one of those little deals that makes the game just that much more deep. I’m really hoping for a livery maker for those GT3 race cars too though, that’s the detail that could provide me the most realistic game experience of all!

  50. Jul. 10, 2:15pm


  51. Jul. 10, 2:12pm
    Rafael F

    I bet nobody is going to complain about the trees now.

    • Jul. 10, 2:24pm
      Ittybitty Stigy

      Yeah, they look real.

    • Jul. 10, 2:41pm

      Minecraft could do trees better!!! Naw I’m just kidding :P

    • Jul. 10, 2:58pm

      Trees look too realistic, maybe it’s because the small course and the PS3 can do it, or rendered image.

    • Jul. 10, 3:44pm

      I’m sure people will find something to moan about. The trees look great, I think. But in exchange for that, people are probably going to make fun of the pedestrians on the side of the track or maybe the clouds don’t look soft enough.

  52. Jul. 10, 2:12pm

    F**king awesome :D May be this means Pikes Hill Climb will be included on GT6 as well.

    • Jul. 10, 2:42pm

      Yea bro I hear ya! Thats why I go back to Dirt once in awhile to drive it. Would be sweet!

    • Jul. 10, 3:00pm

      Oops, I meant Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

  53. Jul. 10, 2:01pm

    Can I get a Whoop Whoop!!

  54. Jul. 10, 1:59pm

    A couple weeks ago, someone made a thread on the forum saying he knows someone who works at Goodwood, and that he saw PD there. Some guy went the typical pessimistic “proof or it didn’t happen” route. I thought it was stupid. It didn’t seem like the kid was lying. I don’t understand why people need proof instead of just discussing the possibility of goodwood being in GT6.

    Now that it’s confirmed, I think it’s kind of funny that we were right.

    Very excited that it’s a hillclimb too. I’ve been wanting hillclimbs in GT6 for a long time.

    • Jul. 10, 2:06pm

      Nice, maybe we should espect the Circuit too? We’ll see :), always wanted Goodwood (the hill climb and the circuit) in GT.

  55. Jul. 10, 1:57pm

    Oh man PD, please tell me you are making those vintage Lotus Formula 1 cars available to drive, too!

    I have a feeling this course will become my newly-acquired-car benchmarker.

    • Jul. 10, 2:05pm
      Ittybitty Stigy

      Agreed on both thing you said.

    • Jul. 10, 2:06pm
      Ittybitty Stigy


    • Jul. 10, 2:44pm

      It’s a much better benchmark then the Nurburgring, that’s for sure! Better then Le Mans too, track won’t be too long.

  56. Jul. 10, 1:51pm

    Downhill races, here we come! :D

  57. Jul. 10, 1:37pm

    Honestly, this track is very short. They could move their work to the more interesting tracks, imo.

    • Jul. 10, 1:43pm

      But it’s REALLY popular in the gearhead (or petrolhead) community, so it’s only right.

    • Jul. 10, 1:53pm

      ^ +1

    • Jul. 10, 2:46pm

      Agree with the other 2 guys, it’s steeped with motoring history for both street and race cars. Deffinently a worth while location and I think vintage racing could become a big thing online with the circuit.

    • Jul. 10, 3:52pm

      There’s also a race-track, rally-track, maybe whe get that after. It’s a good extra for the game.. Big surprise and who knows what come’s next, still more then 4 moths to go.

    • Jul. 10, 5:59pm

      Nothing wrong with short… Like the short one’s better than the long one’s. That’s what she said!. lol :).

  58. Jul. 10, 1:33pm

    Question, attempt to beat the record done in an F1 car, and you will be driving what exactly the Audi Hill Climb Quattro? Or do they have an F1 car just for this demo build, if they have a newly added F1 car then AWESOME! Great to see point to point returning to GT, hope you can create your own in the course creator too. Each passing news bit makes me all warm and fuzzy about GT6, better physics, sweeter tire simulation, monster car selection(depending on your tastes or lack there of :D), visually cleaner output…all I need is a solid frame rate that is as close to 60 fps as possible even in the most hectic situations and I’ll be one happy camper. I’m lying, if the frame rate is like GT5’s minus the tearing I’ll play it.

    • Jul. 10, 1:45pm

      I agreed with you 100%. The more I read about new features in the game the more I want it. Sounds like a lot more content than GT5 and some good returning features

  59. Jul. 10, 1:29pm

    If they’re going to go through the effort to model those old F1 cars for the map, I hope they throw them in the game. They probably look no worse than a standard model at least.

  60. Jul. 10, 1:28pm

    I really like the direction they are going, keep up the good work PD!

  61. Jul. 10, 1:26pm

    I hope this means the inclusion of point to point track maker!

    • Jul. 10, 1:34pm

      Yes please! :D

  62. Jul. 10, 1:22pm

    Wow!!!!!!! That’s really cool!!!

  63. Jul. 10, 1:19pm

    Stelvio Pass and Pikes Peak?

    • Jul. 10, 1:51pm


    • Jul. 10, 1:54pm

      +1000000000000000000000000 lol, i been to the stelvio and OMG thats so cool to drive there!

  64. Jul. 10, 1:18pm

    honestly at first glance, I thought those were photos… GT6 is looking ridiculously beautiful

    • Jul. 10, 1:31pm

      So true :)

    • Jul. 10, 1:33pm

      I must say I really agree. :)

    • Jul. 10, 1:42pm

      I agreed with you 100%. The more I read about new features in the game the more I want it. Sounds like a lot more content than GT5 and some good returning features.

    • Jul. 10, 1:45pm

      Damn smartphone. That last message was for someone else. But I agree with Neilson too. The game still looks great and I’m sure PD will fix the frame rate if it really bothers people.

  65. Jul. 10, 1:05pm

    I had a funny feeling when i saw that they were adding that Alfa because, Goodwood was the only place I had ever seen one. It was also easy to tell that they were going to because when ever they plan to go to an event there is a reason.

  66. Jul. 10, 1:05pm

    Pikes Peak pls……

  67. Jul. 10, 1:05pm

    I wonder what’ll happen if you reach the end of the track.. Can you turn around and drive back or do you ‘teleport’ back to the start or do you have to go through (time consuming) menu’s to start again or or or… And how will it work in multiplayer?

    • Jul. 10, 1:14pm

      Japanese Hot Version’s ‘Initial D’ rule I guess. One-on-One.

    • Jul. 10, 2:13pm

      Probably the same as the drag strip in GT4: you cross the finish line, then the AI kicks in and stops the car.

  68. Jul. 10, 1:00pm

    Well done PD and Kaz expanding the GT Portfolio :)

  69. Jul. 10, 12:57pm
  70. Jul. 10, 12:56pm
    Dan Hill

    Yes my local track (just need Brands Hatch now as Dunsfold isn’t far away either)

  71. Jul. 10, 12:54pm

    I love the track but I don’t know how there can be only 7 tracks? There has to be more
    -brands hatch
    – Willow Springs
    -Apricot Hill
    I am very confused by this?????????

    • Jul. 10, 1:00pm

      meybe some of theme are photomodes ?

    • Jul. 10, 1:03pm

      Perhaps they wanted to keep some surprises or they didn’t want to promise something and not deliver.

    • Jul. 10, 1:05pm

      They never meet their goals :)

    • Jul. 10, 1:09pm

      Where did you get the list from? how do you know those circuits are in the game

    • Jul. 10, 1:24pm

      Every circuit except brands hatch has been practically confirmed, or at least hinted at appearing.

    • Jul. 10, 1:39pm

      I’m not counting in apricot or seattle until offical confirmation.

    • Jul. 10, 2:08pm

      I’d bet on some of those being DLC. I’d further guess that the legacy tracks are more likely to be DLC than the new locations.

    • Jul. 10, 3:32pm

      Like MrOdin says, there is always the DLC option for those older tracks.

  72. Jul. 10, 12:54pm

    Nice! Hope they make more point-to-point tracks :)

  73. Jul. 10, 12:52pm
    S R T 8


  74. Jul. 10, 12:51pm
    S R T 8

    gelreat news :)

  75. Jul. 10, 12:49pm

    Could this be a sign that they could bring back Pikes Peak?

  76. Jul. 10, 12:48pm

    Hopefully the front entrance will be a photo location. But this is awesome, Iv’e always wanted to go to Goodwood, now I get to drive it!

  77. Jul. 10, 12:42pm

    FUDGE YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Jul. 10, 12:36pm

    Oh, PD… I will love you guys so much if you included those old F1 cars (on the statue) in the games’ car list.

    • Jul. 10, 12:37pm

      I’m really glad to see Goodwood BTW. Looks like fun.

  79. Jul. 10, 12:33pm

    Looks beautifull was not expecting, and we actually get public in this one, i hope they put public on silverstone too, it looks like a post apocliptyc circuit

  80. Jul. 10, 12:32pm

    I’m so excitement!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jul. 10, 12:34pm

      …and you just can’t hide it?

    • Jul. 10, 12:39pm

      He’s gonna lose control, and I think he likes it.

      Anyway, this is good. But having it online in free run would be terrible.

    • Jul. 10, 1:32pm

      Yeah, too narrow for online, unless it was set as point-to-point only – that would work.

  81. Jul. 10, 12:31pm

    Yes yes yes! Been a couple of times (and spotted Kaz there too!) was there last year so they’ve modelled the Lotus centre piece which is added bonus!

    Used to create my own hill climb stage on GT4 in Citta di Aria from start finish to the castle church building arch so glad we have a proper hill climb track now! Epic!

  82. Jul. 10, 12:30pm

    This is awesome news!!!!’

  83. Jul. 10, 12:30pm

    How many locations (or tracks) have now been announced? Is this 4 now?

    • Jul. 10, 1:33pm

      Four locations.

  84. Jul. 10, 12:29pm

    THe screenshots look spectacular!!!!

  85. Jul. 10, 12:29pm

    Fantastic I love goodwood so this is great to have it in Gran Turismo 6, Hopefully them lotus’s on the arc will be playable, one can only dream

  86. Jul. 10, 12:28pm

    Wow this looks awesome. Can’t wait for the full version…

  87. Jul. 10, 12:28pm

    hoping to be next is Pikes Peak and Mt.Washington :) hill climb finally in gt booya

  88. Jul. 10, 12:28pm

    Definitely cool.

    Again: track or location? Now the numbers really don’t make sense.

    It bodes well for hosting hill climbs online, too, hopefully with an (even only mildly) improved course creator – or even just against AI with an event editor, should such a thing be included.

  89. Jul. 10, 12:28pm

    It looks really good, really happy Goodwood coming in GT6! :D

  90. Jul. 10, 12:27pm

    You’ve earned a trophy!
    “Goodwood Master”
    Beat Nick Heidfeld’s record of 41.6 seconds on the Goodwood Hillclimb.
    Is anyone up for this trophy?

  91. Jul. 10, 12:27pm

    Oh hell yes.

  92. Jul. 10, 12:27pm

    I’m thinking that they’ll also use it as a photomode location.

    • Jul. 10, 12:40pm

      +1 That is literally the first thing I thought of! If it is not I hope it is really open too, as in the pictures where it shows an opening off the track! This is partially because I cannot stand invisible walls, and it would be cool to drive around over there!
      I would honestly rather see a wall there that is not there in real life than have an invisibles wall.

  93. Jul. 10, 12:27pm


  94. Jul. 10, 12:25pm

    Really hope they include the motor circuit too. Doubt it but that would be absolutely brilliant. I could practice before trackdays & sprints!

  95. Jul. 10, 12:24pm

    This is pretty cool. I was thinking it was fairly likely with Kazunori’s usual attendance at the event, plus the GT booth this year, but great to hear it’s confirmed in the game. Will be quite fun to cruise on.

    I wonder if it counts as a track or “location” though…

  96. Jul. 10, 12:23pm

    Forgot Bathurst !

    • Jul. 10, 12:29pm

      Yes they did. This is GT5.5 er….GT6 and its about time Bathurst is represented. We’ve waited 15 years

      Still, I like this track. Anyplace new to drive in GT is a good thing

    • Jul. 10, 1:38pm

      They’re not announcing everything. Bathurst was scanned about the same time as Silverstone, so I think it’s in there, just not revealed yet. I hope we can see some gameplay from this new event demo.

  97. Jul. 10, 12:23pm

    So so cool, never expected the goodwood hill climb to be features in GT6 or any GT game, but i like the direction they are taking with soe of the tracks they are adding, Silverstone, Willow Springs, Goodwood Hill climb, i personall saw Brands Hatch mentioned on the back of the GT6 placholder in my local “GAME” store, that would be the icing for me.

  98. Jul. 10, 12:21pm

    Outstanding! (Homer voice)

  99. Jul. 10, 12:20pm

    This is AWESOME! :D
    For something that PD seems to attend alot, this is no surprise to see this in the game.

  100. Jul. 10, 12:20pm


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