First Official Gran Turismo PSP Screenshots (UPDATE)

June 2nd, 2009 by Jordan


Here’s our first “real” look at the Gran Turismo PSP, including gameplay and menu screenshots!

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  1. namssuk

    who got there s license on gt4 i did

  2. namssuk

    has it already come out

  3. namssuk

    this is gonna be awesome

  4. Wooooo! I’m glad i own a psp 3000 but i have to wait until october for like mgs, soulcaliber, gtpsp , and motorstorm? that’s a long wait


    awesome…wish i could get a psp and buy it…actually i might purchase myself a second hand psp and wait for this stunner to be released..good work PD

  6. That’s not bad at all. With more stuff in it than GT4 packed into less space I was afraid they’d end up using GT2’s graphics.

  7. FINALLY!!!!!!

    I mean this is the one I have been waiting for for sooooooooooooooo long :D

  8. Madison (mad94d)

    Wow, I want it. I’m gonna have to buy it.

  9. Oh my god, this is insane! I’m so glad now to have the PSP xD

  10. deadlyz33

    im buying psp only for this game.

  11. I’m curious about something: How many cars per race? I don’t see any more than 4 in any of those screenshots. Of course, I doubt there will be that few, but I’d certainly prefer more than 6 if possible…

  12. Screenshots updated!

  13. Marky264, it’s from gran-turismo official site, the video is there too.

  14. Fruitcake


    Graphics are in between GT2 and GT3, acceptable :)

  15. DijitaL Majik

    DTM Red Bull Audi! :)

  16. Alonsomania

    That is simply stunning. Wow


    Does GTPSP have damage as well?

  18. Marky264

    Exploding! Jordan where were these Sourced from?

  19. anttwan

    now i have to buy a psp for this and MGS :)

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