Gran Turismo 5: March 2010 in Japan

September 24th, 2009 by Jordan


Gran Turismo 5’s release window has just been set to March 2010 for Japan, according to Kazunori Yamauchi at the TGS press conference.  This, unfortunately, runs directly counter to everything that we’ve heard so far from a wide variety of sources for nearly an entire year:

November 30, 2008 – Sony executive in Europe mentions GT5 will “arrive at Christmas” during an interview with a financial magazine.

June 4, 2009 – Kazunori Yamauchi states: “We can release Gran Turismo 5 whenever we want.” during E3 interview.

August 2, 2009 – GTPlanet acquires internal company documents which clearly outline the date that Sony expects to release the game (and it was well within 2009).

August 22, 2009 – Kazunori Yamauchi states that “GT5 will be released shortly after this date [October 1st]” during an interview.

August 23, 2009 – Printed material distributed by Sony at the GamesCom 2009 conference clearly indicate the game will be released during the fourth quarter of 2009.

Needless to say, everyone – including myself – are pretty surprised by the most recent turn of events. Was there a problem during the game’s development? Did criticisms of the damage engine shown off at GamesCom send Polyphony Digital back to the drawing board? We may never know for sure.

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  1. OkeyDokey

    Guys, get over it. We have only ourselves (and Jordan) to blame for getting our hopes up. PD never said it was coming this year. Kaz said it was coming “soon”. He said he could release it “any time”.

    Soon and any time =/= 2009.

  2. Confi-User-3

    Wow… March 2010? Ok, at least I’ll have enough money to buy it then ^^
    Now we can see these people who are impatient and the others who are patient. The impatient people are complaining, disappointed and angry and say that they will buy an X-Box 360 for Forza 3. I can fully understand this, you can do that if you want, I don’t care about what you’re doing in the future. The other people are disappointed, too, but they don’t do a huge thing about it and keep on waiting and know that the longer wait will bring a better result. I think I’m a patient guy, I can wait, this is no problem if they keep on working on the game. Well then, then we have to wait 6 months longer, time goes by fast.

  3. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    yes i new this bullshit news was going to happen what can i say about GTP and GranTurismo 5 you have failed the mission for GT fans it is not fair to read stupid release date and make fans piss of

  4. Im pleading with everyone not to buy gt psp, this is the reason for it all, they can go fuck themselfs now

  5. oneword

    Now we have something, Gran Turismo 5: March 2010 in Japan.That not so far away..we can wait.We have used to wait..maybe there is some features still coming to the game.

  6. i expect gran turismo 5 summer 2010 bescause they never released the game on the first date like other games

  7. oppylocky

    Man people are angry. If the game looks like this @ 65% then what will the final game look like? Absolutely mind-blowing. I read an interview with the developers of Wipeout HD and he said that it took them 8 months to develop one track from scratch so that they can get it upto 1080p standards. So just imagine the ‘difficulties’ PD have been having? Still, i for one am not so angry with PD/KY, but just a teeny bit bummed that it is being released so far away (well it feels like it right now!) At least I can get on with concentrating on Forza3 and then finding out how i get on with that game.

    Oh and one final note, GT5 is not just about getting the car modelling right, tracks etc, has anyone given the on-line aspect a thought because as sony admitted earlier on in the PS3’s career, ‘this online stuff is bloody complicated’ so there is more to getting gt5 perfect than just defending the game with comments about 1000 cars, tracks, etc. Peace out.

  8. It comes, when it comes. We can´t hurry it. We can´t make a pressure on PD.
    They release it, when they want it.

    And ALL OF US here in GTPlanet will buy it…
    That´s a fact, I think.

  9. Yeah streetKid, cause we all know, pardon me, I all know PD’s spotless record when it comes to release dates.

  10. Matthew

    Amen, Streetkid.

  11. gtguy88

    LoL – instant fail and lost a LOT. All b.c of the gt4 psp

  12. streetkid

    The thing that irritates me most about the complainers is the use of words like ”we” and ”us.” Speak for yourself. Kaz and PD disappointed YOU, not ”us.” I’m thrilled I have a release date that is confirmed to look forward to.

  13. chris, I like your thinknig but they’re like, 12 or 14 hours ahead, not 4 months

  14. WTF I hope he means 2010 in JP/2009 in US

  15. @The Masfer: Because Kazunori Yamauchi on stage with a gigantic GT5 slide means they’re talking about the motion controller date.

  16. i expect gt5 summer 2010 bescause they never released the game on the first date like other games

  17. Matthew

    Shut my face huh. This coming from the same guy who apparently feels it to be a bad thing as the developers are in the business of game development to quote ”take your money”. Sorry Omega, I’m not from the land of socialism. We don’t condemn profit motives in this part of the world.

    Goodnight. And by the way, I for one am not disappointed. Just disappointed that the guy didnt specify what exactly he meant by ”SOON” when saying it would be out SOON after GT PSP. Thats a legitimate point of contention. Saying they should release it before they feel it is ready is, in my opinion, not.

  18. taekwondo4ever

    I have this feeling that something is gonna be unveiled about this game before this show is over…the press conference just stated things that we already knew for the most part.

  19. The Masfer

    But If you don’t want to trust me but you’ll be regretting it

    just trust me

  20. who in here besides me thinks matthew has Polyphony tattooed on his ass…

    just because your not disappointed doesnt mean others cant be…if you dont like us “whining” then go play GT prologue and let us whine all we want..

  21. The Masfer

    Yes for the motion controller.

    Look it up the motion controller is planned to release then

    they are making more of a fuss about that controller than gt5

  22. reaperman

    how about letting us fans at least download these demos the press is seeing?

  23. irishash

    is there more to come regarding GT5 or what? because i fail to see the “major advancement” part of this press conference.

  24. Matthew


  25. Wow, how shocking! 3 months later than what people thought it would release! boo boo!

  26. Tick tock tick tock tick tock…com’on…com’on!

  27. how about a prologue update, PD? that should ease the pain.. a little.. LOL

  28. @masfer

    Look at the pic posted. Its says 2010, 3 which probably means March 2010.

  29. Matthew

    Ok I can’t be bothered responding to every single delated whiner on this board tonight but I will close with one comment. It is not that people who understand that games are not a product of fulfilling a duty are making excuses, it is just that we know that there is always room for improvement. Personally if they came out with the game in 2012 I wouldnt care, but you bellyachers obviously would. As I said before, it is just a game. With this much work having gone into the project already, there is no way it will not be impressive. Just look at the sheer scale of what they’re trying to bring out. Stop being immature and really THINK about this. 1000 cars, including NASCAR and WRC (which means authentic rally tracks and NASCAR tracks), all interiors fully rendered, etc. There is no way in hell a consumer has the right to complain (Even given the 5 year development time). We should be proud they’re doing all they can to make it just right.

  30. irishash

    @The Masfer the photo clearly says 2010/3 which is March 2010

  31. The Masfer

    The poster says 2010 for ps3 motion controller.

    That’s what they go on about the most.

  32. maxpontiac

    Great news. We finally have a date in which this game will be released.

    Disappointed in the fact I have to wait, but even more disappointed by some of the comments in this thread.

  33. gtkiller

    Man people have really calm down, I want the game as much as everyone else but seriously all this about “i hate kaz, f this game, etc… is a little much. Geez it’s not like our life’s all ending. Plus TGS is not over yet maybe will get some really cool videos. (crossing fingers)

  34. Felipe Jardim

    Yea…so after all this exitement…i get MARCH 2010!

    Am i pissed? Yes

    But if thats whats gonna take PD to finish the game, then be it. in the meanwhile ill play the PSP version at school and work breaks!

  35. Snaeper

    They never announced a release date… no, but they did leak a features list that said Q4 2009. Kaz said the list was accurate and with E3 and Gamescon building up for what could’ve been a december release (anything sooner than that wouldn’t make sense) I can understand everyones frustration. I’m just going to be patient though, I DID buy a PS3 just to play this game so I really don’t have any complaints, especially when we DO FINALLY HAVE A SOLID RELEASE DATE.

    I think the accuracy of the cryptic message in the forums also didn’t help.

  36. @RedBaron yeah don’t compete with your competitors just lay down and let them win and instead compete within the company against say god of war also an exclusive for the ps3 sounds like a terrific marketing strategy

  37. @Hernan, like 3 or 4 games have been produced within these 5 years, Tourist Trophy was released after GT4 aswell

  38. Matthew, I’ll give you that beggars can’t be choosers, but I’d hardly call the hundreds of dollars I’ve invested in the game over the years begging. They may all have a passion for what they are doing, but in the end, they still have bills to pay. I’m very passionate about my profession, but I still charge for it. Condemning them is way too far because in the end it is simply a game, a simulation, whatever you want to call it. With a few exceptions (Lucas) the vast majority of us will never make a career as a result of it. I think we’re all just a little frustrated at the 6 year development.

  39. gtone339

    Maybe Gtpsp took their time to finish? So thats why GT5 has to be released next year.

  40. The Masfer

    No I’m here in Tokyo just left the confrence though they finished talking about gt so…

    I’m from gamespot covering gt5 and psp.

    Get to try the demo tommorrow before anyone else from the uk.

  41. RedBaron

    But very sad, of course :o(

  42. DaveTheStalker

    It’s a sad day indeed.

  43. zach9569

    Ok forza has come out with 2 count em 2 games in not even 4 years that is sad come on kaz you can do better then that

  44. irishash

    @The Masfer nah it even says in the photo 2010 release

  45. RedBaron

    It’s just strategic thing. They just don’t want to compete in christmas sales with Forza 3.

  46. Wow..the internet is soo low..

  47. @The Masfer if the game is 60-65% complete am I am leaning towards March sounds like the translator got it right to me, don’t get everyone’s hopes up lol

  48. FUCK THEM!
    I hate Kazunori, why the hell he make us think that the game was almost ready and we will see it soon.

    5 FULL years in development and 2 of those they have been talking about how they expect the game soon.

    I really hate KAZ.

  49. I’m predicting that when launched in March 2010 it will cost something like US$80, because like bobmcgee said it’s not possible for a company to get profit in a software that was developed during 5 years, no way a US$50 can pay so much work put on it…it’s a pitty…GT5 is starting to abuse it’s fans. Raping will be the right word if a “premium price” becomes true… T_T

  50. It’s funny how the loyalist keep making excuses for PD saying “they are pushing it back so the game will be perfect”. Now if march rolls around and it’s not perfect these same loyalist will be making another excuse for being shortchanged. It’s much like a woman who is being abused and stays with the man abusing her all the while justifying it. The bottom line is that GT5 has been delayed for too long it should have been out. I mean forza 2 came and went and here we are at part 3 and still no GT5. The last GT game worth playing was on the last gen system. Uhhhh ps3 was released in 06 roughly 3 years ago and here we are waiting for 2010 to get GT 5 at best we got to play prologue. Well i have ordered my fanatec wheel and i am waiting for the forza 3 demo that will release in a couple of hours and i can’t wait to play the full game with damage on ALL the cars in a month. Good luck believing PD when march comes they will prob give another fall release date lol. So much for big announcements for GT5 but look on the bright side at least you have GT5 psp till then hahahahahahahhahahaha

  51. bobmcgee

    u sure masfer? i think you’re playing with us. Not cool.

  52. Matthew

    Jbthbt, fair enough but in the grand scope of things 6 months is a small window of time compared to say, the amount of time it takes for new consoles to be put to market.

    I say it is better to be patient and not outright condemn the developers for delaying a project that, in the final analysis, is the product of their own generosity and passion. You cant expect them to cater to people before they cater to themselves. Thats all I’m saying. I dont mean to seem like I’m saying I’m superior, by the way. Sorry if it comes across like that.

    I’m just recognizing that beggars can’t be choosers.

  53. March 2010 better have NO delays and this game better be beyond PERFECT, and have no doubt in my mind as well as a 10/10 score.

    Hey GT Planet, what ever happened to your release date that you knew was right? Or heard it from the right people that we will like? Just wondering what date that was, and what your source has to say about it.

  54. The Masfer

    I’m in Tokyo and the fuss is big because the translater got it wrong kaz said the game will be released within the next 6 months so the translator thought he meant in 6 months time and said march. It’s kaz messin with us again. He’s saying it could be tomorow or it could be march.

  55. There’s just no way that GT5 will live up to the demands expected of a game that was in development for 6 years before release.

    I think PD have messed this up pretty bad



  57. 2010 for japan. europe is there biggest sellers. fingers crossed its 2010 for japan

  58. its interesting to see sony planning a release for its two major exclusive titles in the same month god of war 3 and gt5 really strange, something tells me 1 of these titles will be moved into even later in 2010 and i bet it isn’t god of war

  59. F Says:

    September 24th, 2009 at 12:55 am
    ive had enough of this game..
    im not even interested anymore to be honest

    All I can say is LOL.

    Good riddance, whiner

  60. gtone339

    What if they don’t release it in March 2010? lol?

  61. Matthew, they all have as much right to gripe as you do to revel in your superiority. We all know that the majority of us will still buy the game, and we will be grateful for the final product, but it is no less frustrating to have been led to believe one thing when in fact another is true. Can’t we all just get along?

  62. lemon6192

    He could have at least given us an exact date…

  63. ive had enough of this game..
    im not even interested anymore to be honest

  64. jacksmith


  65. No problem as long the is completed with everthing on it in detial i mean whe can play gt5p maby whe get a new updated with cars ands tracks until gt5 release

  66. gtkiller

    Well to be honest PD never mentioned and real release date so we can’t really blame PD for that. It was stupid internet speculation that thought GT5 was releasing this year. Kaz just said he can release it whenever he wants. This doesn’t change anything for me come march I’ll be playing GT5, in the mean time GTPSP and Forza 3.

  67. bobmcgee

    the meltdown is waiting 5 years for a game with no solid release date. How is it possible for a company to work on a game for 5 years? That’s ridiculous. You can’t expect to make enough profit from 1 game to pay for 5 years of work. I mean metal gear was very realistic and that came out very fast. Compare this to GT5?

  68. Are these delays related to having damage in the game? If so, then they should just forget the damage.

  69. reaperman

    Hell if I’m just going to wait around for gt5. Time to start shopping around the PS3 driving games that actually are coming out this season.

  70. @bobmcgee how is this a delay?, they never announced a release date until now.

  71. Yea I definitely was looking forward to killing a painful winter with this game. BUT ALAS! It will come just as winter is coming to a close, or later. When I WILL NOT play it AT ALL. It honestly might as well be delayed to holiday 2010 for me.

  72. irishash

    japanese definition of major advancement = delayed release?

  73. Matthew, absolutely.

  74. @matthew – haha couldn’t agree more. I guess it’s just more fun for us.

  75. Rikusaki

    Major advancement? More like major disappointment.

  76. Fail.

  77. Man, what a disappointment. Then I have to buy GT for PSP. That’s probably what they want anyway by pushing the release of GT5 to 2010.

  78. Im going to have so much fun watching the meltdown on this thread as people start proclaiming Forza 3 to be the supreme and how they’ve lost faith in Polyphony Digital, etc…all the while I will remain patient and be perfectly satisfied when they release the game at the point when they damn well feel it is ready according to their own exacting standards.

    You guys are hilarious.

  79. actually I am glad that it comes out on march 2010. PD please make sure it’s perfect.
    Q4 2009 just got too many games on ps3. uncharted 2, FF13, AC2, 3D dot Hero…good news for j-rpg lover?

  80. I can now sell my PS3, eat more than Ramen and cereal, and get a PS3 slim in March. Awesome!

  81. bobmcgee

    yet again another delay for GT. I’m starting to lose a bit of faith here. From a marketing perspective it makes no sense. I mean you just had the biggest game show for PS3, Japan and all this recent hype about GT5 and now they’re just going to let it die off and release it at a later date when sales aren’t as high (compared to Christmas time). To add to that the casual gamer will probably forget about GT5 in March. Wow. I’m appalled.

  82. KoosSpeeTerreur

    Yeah what the hell happened to “it releases very soon after gt psp?” does he call 6 (!) months soon! WTF!
    If they hadn’t worked on that gt4 ripoff for the psp I would be fucking playing GT5 by now!!
    Very disappointed!!!!!

  83. they lied… it has nothing to do with having a polished game… they are behind schedule and promised they would meet their “quota” date , instead they didnt… so now that they realized they wont be able to release it soon they give another half a year to catch up… this is smoke and mirrors at its best

  84. YGBSM

  85. Crazy Carl

    How can the date be “moved back” if they never announced a release date to begin with?
    I thought that was always one of the excuses for the PD loyalists–“they’ve never announced a release date so how can it be delayed, blah, blah..”

    “major advancement”, “it will be released sooner than people think”…What a load of crap…

  86. NO,NO,NO

    I can´t believe it. March 2010. No way.

  87. How pathetic. Before I could even finish typing my comment, my predictions are already coming true. What a bunch of crybabies. It is JUST a game. The developers have the final say, much the same way that your mother had the final say as you were growing up as to when you had to go to bed or take a bath. Now get over it, WHINERS!

  88. gtkiller

    NOOOOOOOOO!!! But i’m not surprised though. Fall release was a dream in the sky.

  89. sharif ali

    march 2010 in japan …what happened in others? 6 month later??


    WTF Happened to Q4 09

  91. Peter S.

    I just can’t take it anymore, I’m getting my pre-order refunded…

  92. OMG…this is gonna be very bad for all the fans.

  93. thatoneguy

    Well thats it guys…. im out. looks like im buying an xbawks 360 for forza. gt5 may be the greatest driving game ever, but it isnt anything to anyone if no one can play it because it keeps getting pushed back. I’d rather have a game I can actually get my hands on.

    This reminds me of duke nukem forever.

  94. irishash

    wow what a huge disappointment

  95. what the hell happened to, “it’s finished, i can release it whenever i want”

  96. Well the sceptics were right. Oh well. This to me just means they are not going to shortchange themselves and have a game come out that is rushed in any way shape or form.

    More power to them. I’m glad they aren’t forcing it out. Whats another 6 to 8 months anyway? Live your life and don’t hinge your happiness upon the release of a piece of software.

    After all, they are the ones providing us this entertainment through their own blood sweat and tears. It isnt for those like me, the consumer base, to demand them to release it before they feel that it meets their standards. I know we’ll see a lot of bellyaching on this thread over this piece of news, but I for one (and I know I’m not the only one, as I alluded to in the beginning of this post) am happy that they’re taking every bit of time they need to get a product out they know people will be satisfied with.

  97. No….


  99. WHAT!!!

    This makes me cry :(

  100. wtf you gotta be kidding me

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