Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition Gets Price Reduction, Now $19.99

August 22nd, 2012 by Jordan

Owning a fresh new copy of GT5 is about to get even more affordable, with a new MSRP price reduction for Gran Turismo 5: XL Edition in the United States.

After debuting earlier this year for $39.99, XL Edition is now available for $19.99 at retailers like GameStop and Walmart. Considering the game still includes a $20 voucher for downloadable content, the new price point represents the best value yet for those who have not yet purchased the game.

By contrast, its upcoming European counterpart, Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition, will be available in Europe on September 26th for €29.99/£19.99 – considerably more expensive than XL given current exchange rates.

It is worth noting, however, the official announcement for Academy Edition hinted “there is more news yet to come on this title”, suggesting it may contain new material to justify its value.

GT5 Photomode image by Desmo46.

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  1. moparmanmike

    And to think, including the overnight shipping, I spent a total of $120 preordering the collectors edition, with no patches, updates and even any mention of DLC for over a year. Eh, still was worth it, and I see me having GT6 preordered for about 3 years straight as well.

  2. drew1913

    £20 for a very good game such as gt5 is a bargain

  3. DriveTheGuard88

    This is bad news for me…. I havn’t sold my old copy yet…

  4. mathieub33

    Wow so i guess GT6 is coming soon :P… Price Reduction is no good news for online racing … new kids and it mean backwards guys at Daytona in Nascar lol

  5. justquality

    Good Deal! Thank you big business for knocking the price off such a great Sony PlayStation title and giving $20 to catch up on nw DLC. More fans will be heading to the GT5 online server

    Thanks and add more tracks and more mountain track and mountain roads or passes if you will. plz. also in any new updates add hazards to street cars for us to communicate and signal one another and also fix lights all most cars with lights plz , I mean the high beams do not work for all cars. The evo with it’s flood lights in front should really light up everything in front of you.. just saying… but thanks Kazunori for knocking the price down and building such an awesome simulator.. but plz fix at least one of my concerns!

  6. leeson65

    WOW. That’s cheap. Really cheap. Now GT5 is in the bargain bin along with Barney The Purple Dinosaur Virtual Sing-along for PS3.

  7. CTznOfTime

    I am going to buy it today !!!

  8. tpark103

    So if I can wait almost 2yrs after GT6 is released I’ll get the full Monty for a few beans.

  9. RobDoggy05

    That photo is SICK Desmo46!!!!!!
    One of the best I’ve ever seen

  10. DA6righthand

    Are you f’in kidding? I just bought a copy of this 2 weeks ago…

  11. a5kylar990

    The only reason to buy this would be because the voucher pays for the game but since most if the DLCS are useless anyways but idc sick of PD and getting an Xbox and forza next week :D

    • Pit Crew

      Get a block of cheez to go with that wine.

    • tpark103

      Im with PIT Crew on this one.. Adios, deuses, peace out, see ya, aribaderce, sianara,

    • substructure

      dont use words you dont know how to spell, dumbass

  12. Pit Crew

    Off Topic: 9 days till the 2nd Annual Baltimore Gran Prix. Hope GTPlanet can make it.

    • moparmanmike

      I take it youll be there Pit Crew? Guess Ill see you there haha. I actually live about 30 minutes away from Baltimore. Though I did find it kind of interesting that they decided to bring Gran Prix to the heart of one of the most dangerous cities in america. Ive been waiting to see drug dealers cruising in a stolen formula car sittin on 24’s lol

  13. Quakebass

    This means that if you use all $20 of the voucher, the game is technically free…

  14. GTP_Yamicarlos

    Those price reductions may eventually transform this game in a premium free game for PS Plus subscribers. Just like Red Dead Redemption next month.

  15. DANfourTWENTY

    Is this version available in the UK?

  16. Smokeyhat

    Can someone please tell me how to participate in the GT mode on Gran Turismo?

  17. SaintSaiya

    Hope they add windshield wipers to standard cars and also gt6 to have a complete working dashboard and interactivity with every button and feature of cars and miles added for the life of the car shown on dashboard,change the size of tires,360° third person view,automatic cars with actual column shifter lever animation,and my favorite none performance boat car to cruise in real life,a 2000-2011 Lincoln Town Car “Continental Edition” :)

  18. Pit Crew

    Buy this edition and use DLC voucher for Motegi ring? Great Value for newcomers.

  19. alexlam24

    Please tell me this is a hint that GT6 is coming and they’re making space for GT6 discs

    • One has nothing to do with the other. GT6 is still 18 months away at the very least.

    • another_jakhole

      At the very least? The hell?

      Other games have been given price reductions as low as this so it’s not a sign of that.

  20. I’ve never bought any DLC for GT5 yet. Maybe I’ll just buy the XL edition instead.

  21. danger23

    lol wow a cheap replacement if mine breaks.

  22. TokoTurismo

    This may very well show GT5 is near its end, and GT6 is nearby. Good price by the way. :)

    • TheeFrogmanlego

      lol its sold more than all games this gen with the exception of cod and halo.. you name a game that came out late 2010 that held its value that long

    • DANfourTWENTY

      @TheeFrog Batman arkham asylum came out before GT5 and is worth more rite now.

    • aronh17

      DANfourTWENTY: We’re talking about a racing game here… Forza doesn’t even come close to this. Racing games don’t even win Game of the Year or anything. Batman has been around a lot longer than CoD and he’s still losing LOL.

  23. blue night

    So as someone who hasn’t bought any of the dlc yet, would it be cheaper to just buy this version to get the dlc???

    • another_jakhole

      Yes it is cheaper.

    • leeson65

      No. It’s not. It’s $20 and gives you a $20 coupon for DLC. If you already have the game, but no DLC, buying this will not save you money on the DLC.

      Another-jakhole is just that, another jakhole.

  24. Amac500

    Geez, they are practically given that away

  25. Signs that GT6 is just around the corner?

    • sumbrownkid

      I think Sony is cashing in on the back to school specials they are doing. Such as that free PS3 for buying a laptop.

    • Pit Crew

      ^ Doubtful game is almost 2 yrs old, Kazs recent announcement about GT6 being main focus, right now for PD, This price drop was emminent, as is the soon to be PS3 price drop to 149.99 (US) if not mistaken

  26. gamerdog6482

    I saw this an the Sony store a week ago. What makes me really mad is I bought GT5 about three months before XL came out!

    • MeanElf

      Surely you paid less than full retail though – we’ve had GT5 on Platinum for quite some time and that’s about a third of what I paid for it when the game came out.

      ‘Tis the way of games releases, eh?

    • gamerdog6482

      I paid $50, which was $30 more than I paid for inFAMOUS 2. Also, I didn’t get any bonuses other than starting the game with an 86-GT.

  27. R1SHORT

    Is this the beginning of the end?

  28. L8erBaby

    Now it’s the same price as when i bought Minecraft! I can afford it now!

  29. HuskyGT

    Which means $35 US dollars where I live. It’s fine though. It gives people that have never played GT a chance to try it out. At this price, it almost feels like Sony is paying you to play it.

    • gamerdog6482

      Where do you live where the dollar is worth less than the rest of the country?

    • HuskyGT

      Things like these are really expensive were I live, some other things are not. It’s really not a matter of the dollar being less.

    • HuskyGT

      I’m not in the US, if that answers your question. And US dollar is our currency.

    • DANfourTWENTY

      @Husky “I’m not in the US, if that answers your question. And US dollar is our currency.”

      gamerdog asked “Where do you live where the dollar is worth less than the rest of the country?”

      So no you didn’t answer his question, do you live in Alaska or Hawaii by any chance?

  30. symustafa1996

    This indicates GT5 is coming near the end of it’s lifespan. GT6 coming soon hopefully.

  31. turbomp301

    Forza fan says “I would never buy a GT game. You would have pay me to play it!”

    Sony says “OK, here’s a penny. stfu.”

  32. Scottish GT5

    Good saving for the Americans! Great Picture aswell!

  33. GranTurismo916

    Yes!! Now I’m totally getting it.

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