Gran Turismo PSP Intro Video Revealed

August 24th, 2009 by Jordan

GTPlanet user Alex p. went to GamesCom last week, and stumbled upon something that everyone else seems to have missed: the Gran Turismo PSP intro!  The video is a little hard to see, but if you’re a true fan of the series, you still don’t want to miss it.  He’s also shared over a dozen gameplay videos, using his hands-on time to actually seek out the new and unusual cars and circuits in the game – most of which go completely unnoticed by many of the journalists at the show.

In addition to the first Ferrari F2007, Bugatti Veyron, and Lamborghini Countach gameplay footage, he’s also stumbled upon the Circuit de Valencia, making its debut in the Gran Turismo series.  Unfortunately, the clips came out a little blurry, but it’s better than nothing for those of us who couldn’t travel to Germany.  Check out the rest of his videos and snapshots right here.

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  1. Hi. I’m *bleeping* clueless.
    I also tried and failed to recognize what track the Suzuki Escudo PP was on @1.22 – 1.23?
    Best guess, anyone?

  2. FerryvD: it’s Norschleife

  3. It’s the Peugeot 908 behind the bentley I’m 100 % sure…

  4. journalists are ****ing clueless

  5. What track is that at 1:54? It somehow reminds me of Spa (or i hope so :P)

  6. Mustangmiha

    Hm, I even can see nothing…

  7. I think i’ve seen the Peugeot 908 Race car from this year!

  8. RedBaron

    It’s beautiful game for such a weak handheld, PD is simply genial.

    What is the track from 1:05 on? Isn’t that bathurst?

  9. gtone339

    F2007 sound still sounds like the one from GT5 Prologue, anyway there’s a cockpit view now but without the wheel & dashboards.

  10. alucard0712

    As beautiful as always!!!Look at new tracks – it’s amazing!!! ;)))

  11. Aaron Jacas

    that shit is tight anyone this in better quality.

    • Hey Aaron, I just got word that someone will be sending this to me in a higher quality, recorded with an HD camera. I’ll post it up on the site here as soon as I can.

  12. Tandem drift mode at 0:56? Maybe they even made AI that can drift? Hope for some surprises, cause I doubt they would put in intro multiplayer stunt in event that dont suppose you doing it (like some people do in gt5p messing the whole race).
    Anyway tandem drift is million times more fun than solo, so I hope for real life system – solo qualification, then duels between top 32, top 16 etc.

  13. @GranT

    Maybe some prototype will not get in-car view, because they are prototype the interior is classified to look at, you’ll get shot by the ARMY :lol: j/k. GTR proto don’t have in-car for some reason. Because they haven’t unveil the R35 back in 2007 when they showed the Proto . Maybe they will put in-car view on the prototype that had been in production lately. Guess we all have to wait.

  14. Canadian STIG

    “Gran T” is speaking on my behalf ^^^

  15. Hopefully GT5 will have 1000 cars from clasics to prototype all with cockpit vieuw and the other 170 with full damage hopefully beter grapix then gt5p , and hopefully 80 tracks , headtracking cockpit vieuw ps eye, full tunning , if posible weather and day night races

  16. Did anyone notice the Snow Rally! Its at @ 1:09-:12 and again @ 1:35

  17. @ David…looks to be an ariel shot of Midfield Raceway.

  18. ralph89


    I’m 100% sure a lot of old car hater back in GT4 days will fall in love with older cars in GT5 when it comes out. That includes me :D. I used to hate a lot of old cars in GT4, they are boring to drive. Maybe because of no in-car view around that day, but GT5 prologue changed everything how I look at old cars even the Lancia Delta was hell of a fun to drive in GT5p. Anyway, definitely gonna buy GT PSP, the Veyron alone will make me buy it.

  19. What was that track which had the flyover crossing over it at 1:38 in the vid? Ive never seen that track in GT before.

  20. Snaeper

    Canook Stig: DUDE! It’s getting annoying seriously. But yeah I saw the R8 LMS and got reallllyyy excited.

    I hope all of those cars are either in.. or become available in GT5.

    And I know this sounds corny.. but I saw the ST185 Celica Rally car!!! EEEEEEE I know it’s been in before.. but I still love it so much.

  21. Killinator

    I does look like a peugeot 908 on the mulsanne straight at la sarthe at 1:47,
    That would be fantastic, especially as the Audi R10 is seen aswell

  22. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    start your engine GranTurismo fans the psp game is finally hit store on the 1st of october can’t wait to buy it look so real very good job

  23. sumbrownkid

    Is it just me or was there a Pescarolo Peugeot 908 chasing the Bentley Speed 8 down La Sarthe?

  24. The jumping Cobra at 1:15 is on Seattle Circut

  25. GTracerRens

    I hope there are F1 cars in GT5 too. Looks great. It looks almost the same as GT4, but then for PSP and woth new cars.

  26. Only a thick month waiting…. Looks really to good to be true.

  27. @ Alex p.

    Nope’re is a green Countach..
    I’ll keep my mouth shut next time..

  28. @ Alex p.

    Please rewind back..and you’ll see its a green Murcielago behind that red Countach..

    @Rick UK: There is a F1 in Prologue too..but maybe we can get some F1 races now..

    Did i also saw some Skyline’s drifting together at a drift course….???

  29. Flasawoo

    anyone else spot the Audi R8 GT3? It spins out at 1:04. I saw one at Goodwood this year, the sound it makes is incredible.

  30. 3-2-1_contact

    @Alex p.

    No, my friend, That’s a Murcielago. pause it at 1:01 and you’ll see.

    Or maybe you’re right. who knows. But I swear that’s a Murcielago.

  31. rich_uk

    f1 car in there too!

  32. i couldn’t tell if thats the green lp400 prototyor just a regular lp400…probably the latter.

  33. Alex p.

    That’s no Murciolago lol, it’s a different version of the Countach, both of the Lambos are Countachs.

  34. GUUUUYYYS!!! I saw a toxic green Lamborghini Murcielago!!!! Behind that red Countach ;)

    And a Suzuki Pikes know..that car who can turn around Earth 3 times faster ;)

  35. rich_uk

    nice! funny if that was not supposed to be seen. this is just making me want gt5 more, i was not planning to get gt mobile but now! mmmmmmmm

  36. Tiberius_85

    @ zaebos:
    it’s midfield raceway, slightly redesigned

  37. do all the cars have interior views in the PSP version?

  38. Jack_uk

    thanks alex p :D

  39. Canadian STIG


    Whoa!! The Bugatti’s look spectacular and did anyone else catch the R8 roadgoing race car!!
    This game just might’ve been worth the wait. Kudos P.D Kudos!!!

  40. d3br34k5

    My PSP is eagerly awaiting this release.

  41. Awesome, if those tracks are in GT5, I will be very pleased :D

  42. 1:38… circuit?

  43. It’s a great intro, the music is great too but that you couldn’t possibly record due to all the noise, his video is better than mine so, great! (one less thing to do :D)

  44. It looks great, but there is too much glare from the PSP go.

    I’m not complaining, it’s still great

  45. drtweety

    Valencia first appeared in TT from Polyphony, so even though it is debut for GT they ve already made it, so unfortunately, this track is no surprise, but i cant wait for GT PSP and GT5

  46. tomek_pl

    looks very nice

  47. Now I want a PSP

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