GT Academy’s Nissan GT-R Immortalized in Google Maps’ Street View of Silverstone Circuit

August 6th, 2012 by Jordan

The famous Silverstone Circuit has just been added to Google Maps’ Street View, which now lets you virtually tour the entire length of the 3.6-mile Grand Prix course.

In an apparent hat-tip to GT Academy, the PlayStation-liveried Nissan GT-R used in the competition finals escorts the Google Maps camera around the circuit, as an Aston Martin V8 Vantage and Ferrari F430 trail behind.

Watch the video above to see how the images were (quite slowly…) captured, or just check out Silverstone on Google Maps to see how it all turned out. Thanks to @PowderGuy for the tip!

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  1. DYLAN777-is-not

    They used a bike cause it’s google. Google isnt your typical company that disregards their employees mental and physical health. Wouldnt you love to bike through silverstone race circuit with 3 amazing cars following you while being paid? I sure would! Bikes are easy to control too. Another possible reason instead of a powered vehicle b/c its a race circuit, who wouldnt give it a little extra gas once in a while. It would jepordize the quality of their product. It shocking how stupid people are on here… Yes they are google mapping the track with cars hot lapping on the track!… Of course..

  2. TCSdisable

    Fact: PowderGuy is me :)

  3. DuskTrooper

    I bet if this was happening in GT5 mulitplayer, everyone would be ramming that bike.

  4. scarslasher

    I doubt it’s a hat-tip to PS, Sony, or GT Academy.
    The Nissan GTR is just so good-looking.

  5. danger23

    and the cars look bored

  6. danger23

    least it’s cool out there

  7. toospiciecc

    I hope this means Silverstone will be on GT5 or GT6?

    • ccjcc81

      I could be wrong, but that does not look like laser scanning. Just photographing for google street view when searching maps.

    • Amac500

      Doesn’t make a difference ccjcc81. I expect to see Silverstone in GT5. They had they’re GT Academy event there and now they have the GT Academy car doing google maps. Invested interest is what that indicates to me. I mean for all the GT Academy events they do there at one of the largest most historic venues in the world, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t in a DLC pack for about $5, track has 4 or 5 layouts. At some point I think we’ll see it, 90% confident.

    • That_guy100

      @Amac500 This is GT5. Learn to not get your hopes up because of blind speculation.

    • Amac500

      I’ve learned that by now, I’m basing off of PD’s involvement in a track of similar high stature they added, being Spa, if you remember the really old articles about things they had done their up until it was added.

  8. flink racquet

    Does this mean DLC for GT5 or new track for GT6?

  9. ccjcc81

    I’ve been over-exposed to GT-Rs. Every time I see one now i have a nervous twitch. I spoke to my therapist about it. He recommended that I switch to Forza.

    • binkie75


    • sangdude82

      Haha :D

    • Amac500

      Yeah I’m getting the same syndrome, lol, bad marketing strategy by Nissan. The car went from being okay with me bedew I played GT5 to the point I’ve been smothered with them like an over protective mother. Makes me want to move out of the house, haha.

  10. tpark103

    A word to all you want to be pro racers, see the guy on the bike!!! Lol

    Step away from the keyboard occasionally

    Step away from the ( Cheech & Chong ) occasionally

    Cardio!!! Lol

  11. Pit Crew

    Id bet good money the guys driving the cars are laughing

  12. tpark103

    The two google maps people I’ve seen in Colorado were in a Subaru Impeza and a Toyota Prius

    • Amac500

      I saw a Ford Fiesta one last year here in Michigan, at least I’m 50% that’s what it was, don’t quite remember.

  13. Amac500

    That’s a GT-R I’m surprised hasn’t been given out yet for any GT-Academy stuff, one with the PlayStation scheme they use with changing numbers sence that I the only difference between all those GT-R’s. Lol, one of the few Nissan models I would want.

    • Well that would make sense that’s why we won’t get it.

  14. GTI_mkV

    ugghh, that looks so painful for the drivers. Go ahead and hop in your Aston / Ferrari…and follow that bicycle, at 3 mph.

  15. All the money that google has and they do this with a bicycle? Looks like a single speed too. Dude was even wearing a jacket no wonder he was sweating.

    • Amac500

      Lol, they used cars to, they did my neighborhood last year. But yeah I saw th bike and said “Huh?” haha

  16. Zamado75

    Can you imagine him using that bike to scan the ‘Ring, lol

    I think If I used an X1 to draft, I get get it round in 7 years and 27 months. ; )

    • MadduckUK

      Out of all the cars in the world, I don’t think one with a fan on the back is the best choice.

    • themartlab

      The ring is only 20 km or so. An hour should be more than enough to do the track.

  17. leeson65

    Why a bicycle?

    • Amac500

      I wanna see him bike down the corkscrew at Laguna Seca, or Bathurst, lol

    • flink racquet

      maybe bicycles are going to be in GT6? or maybe some gt5 dlc, come on Caz, we need bicycles now!

  18. leexr2i

    I want to see that guy ride a lap of the ring on his lil tricycle! Give him 2 corners before he is killed by a 320i

  19. HondaS800


  20. 440 CHARGER

    Google has done this for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as well, except you are behind a Camaro pace car. It’s pretty thorough and takes you though all of the streets in the infield, the pit lane, and even gasoline alley. I wonder how many other race tracks Google has done now.

  21. SavageEvil

    Saw the story came in to read comments, greeted by complaints…never fails. The GTR is just escorting him around the course so he doesn’t get run over by another car hot lapping. As you can attest that bicycles are hard to notice on streets, that’s more likely a safety thing.

    • another_jakhole

      Nah, I’m sure they had it closed for the time being. I was thinking the three cars were there for show. Google Street View is on streets usually, ya know lol.

    • Amac500

      It was deffientebtly closed there was nobody else lapping lol

  22. They were not escorting the guy in the bicycle, they were hot-lapping. :D

  23. Youngun

    He still beat a 2cv’s lap time lol

  24. mikecustom

    is it me? or the whole GT franchise/PD/SONY is now begining to look like a bad joke

  25. Blood*Specter

    So are we gonna get the freaking track and all its configurations or what? I know, thats like so much to ask….right?

    Sliverstone would be indeed sweet.

    • Amac500

      When they go to due these GT Academy events at tracks and stuff I would much eater have them pack up the car they use to scan tracks then Kaz’s 24 Hour car. See what I did there? Same cost of travel with results we can enjoy.

  26. danger23

    Dam he looks tired

    • Boost’10

      Lets see him go around the nurburgring 8P

    • danger23

      lol yeah i’d bet they would have a couple of gatorades on the sides of that bike

  27. Jaycue58

    Seeing as everybody goes off track with every single posting made; think i’ll do it for a change does this mean we will get this track as a DLC……………………….LMFAO

    • danger23

      lmfao sry to say only dlc were looking at is prolly when gt6 comes out

  28. NjLowrider

    They couldn’t give him an electric bike?

    • R1SHORT

      I was just about to post the same. To me it dosen’t look that stable at the top of that mast. Must be the flex in the spokes or low tire pressure. They should have used a stretched “hovaround chair”. At least they kept the three wheeled tripod idea.

  29. RobDoggy05

    I’m just curious to why a man on a bicycle has to get escorted by a GTR, Ferrari, and an Aston Martin.

    I think “escorting” is an excuse for FREE ADVERTISING, I want to see the track and surroundings… Not a car driving next to the damn camera…..

    • King Something

      It sounds like the start of a bad joke.

      “So a bicyclist is being escorted by a GT-R, a Vantage and a 430….”

    • dmz_bean

      Because they paid a lot of money to be in those photos… Good marketing goes a long way.

  30. Youngun

    At least I can drive a Gran Turismo car on silverstone some how

    • DA6righthand


    • Sounds more like the start of a Top Gear episode:
      “Tonight, James rides a bycicle”

    • Amac500

      Lol, didn’t they once have “And they Stig rides a bike” on the intro? They had an episode where he tried riding a bike and couldn’t.

  31. japlkofk69

    Man i want that GTR

  32. nebularis23

    @markyracing500 – Do you or does anyone know what song that is in the video?

  33. commodoreben

    Id like to see that guy on the bike do a lap of Mount Panorama.

    • nissanfanatic

      Haha yeah, good luck with that one!!

    • Or Nürburgring…lol…well at least after the “hillclimb” he has the downhill…but also he can´t go that fast…yep, poor guy.

    • AnPrionsaBeag

      You guys are sadistic!

  34. Just like I said.

  35. lol thats derpy

  36. McClarenDesign

    Now can we have Silverstone?!?

  37. Latetzki

    That is so lame…

  38. liampage123


  39. barkeep

    It doesn’t need to be done fast. It has to be done WELL. :D

  40. I hope the any cars seen on googlemaps are premium :) lmao

  41. nissanfanatic

    I see Google have now lowered their budget for streetview vehicles…

  42. The Gran Finale

    *Patiently waits for comment complaining how the circuit isn’t in the game.*

  43. markyracing500

    THE song c:


    that’s awesome

  45. Zamado75


    Will/is be awesome to look at this track on street view.

    Nice one. : )

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