GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 53 Round-up!

December 2nd, 2011 by SlipZtrEm

After many wallets are recovering from Black Friday madness (not to forget there may be new GT5 DLC this month), why not take part in GTP’s Photomode competitions, where you can win in-game prizes without having to drop a penny? Read on for all of the info on this week’s five contests!

Last Week’s Winner: Beccosinho

This Week’s Theme: Sure, the weather outside is getting increasingly frightful, but you wouldn’t know it with this week’s Rag Top theme. Becco wants you to hop in any car that has a soft top, whether it’s up or down, and capture the essence of open-top motoring. Do keep in mind this week’s theme isn’t open to the likes of the Ferrari California, Mercedes SL55, or… the Peugeot 206 CC, amongst others. Jump to the thread now!

This Week’s Polls: For GT5′s year anniversary last week, bmxmitch provided a handy H2H theme of Black vs White, focusing on the major tone of the whole image, not just the car paint choice. The polls for each side just wrapped up, so your goal now is to vote for either of the two remaining images to determine which side wins! Jump to the thread now!


Last Week’s Winner: Gtuned

This Week’s Theme: Slip-sliding his way to another win, Gtuned asks for a bit of thought and planning with this week’s Street And Race theme. It will have to be a two-car image, showing the same basic car, but one must be streetable, the other, race-ready. Examples are things like a Challenger SRT8 shot with its new Touring Car brother, a JGTC NSX and the road-going NSX-R, or even a normal Citroen C4 standing up to Loeb’s company ride. You’ll get the idea with some of the fantastic entries already submitted, so take a look: Jump to the thread now!

This Week’s Poll: Do you like Mazdas? Even more specifically judging by this week’s poll entries: do you like 787B’s? Mazda’s record-setting Le Mans winner dominates the poll this week, taking 10 of the 15 spots for Do The Wankel. There’s a bit less than 12 hours to vote, so help decide which of the rotary-engined shots deserves the win: Jump to the thread now!


Last Week’s Winner: andrea

This Week’s Theme: Now that we have cockpit view for Standards, the Fireblade is witnessing a bit of a rediscovery as people can get that much more immersion out of the flyweight Brit. With Caterham Japan, Andrea would like you to take the little guy to Tokyo R246, and judging by some of the entries already, the poll will be utterly fantastic. Don’t take my word for it… Jump to the thread now!

This Week’s Poll: Tom’s At Fuji focused on that Gran Turismo series staple, the 1997 Tom’s Castrol Supra, at Toyota’s home track. You’ve now got to determine which of these images best represents it, and there’s only a handful of hours left, so choose your champion! Jump to the thread now!

Last Week’s Winner: Nato_777

This Week’s Theme: Feeling up for some classic TV nostalgia? Step right up to Smokey And The Bandit. As there’s only one entry so far, there’s plenty of room for more, so digital artists, get in there! Jump to the thread now!

This Week’s Poll: Some car companies could do much worse than some of the awesome Brochures our members created for last week’s theme. In fact, many of the manufacturers have done just that! Take a look at these and just imagine a bit more gloss in paper form: Jump to the thread now!


Last Week’s Winner: Jason_B

This Week’s Theme: A wide-open theme this week, Jason wants Your Best. It can be any subject, any location, any aspect ratio – the only criteria is that you wow him. This should make for a very diverse anonymous poll, so why not join in the fun? Jump to the thread now!

This Week’s Poll: One hundred. A long time for anything, but many car companies are hitting their centennial; Chevrolet’s the big one this year, so it seemed only right to have a 100 Years Of Chevy theme too! The poll focuses on Vettes and NASCAR, but which of them deserves the win in your eyes? Cast those votes, and… Jump to the thread now!


All sound a bit complicated? Read this thread for an explanation on how to get your images off your PS3 and onto a computer, and read over the individual rules in each competition’s thread. If you’re further stuck, feel free to Private Message me (click here). Start snapping those digital shutters!

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  1. Incredible shots as always!

  2. NoonenF1

    Best pics I’ve seen yet! The Superleggera photo owns

  3. SaintSaiya

    congratulations great work!! guys i know this is out of topic but i need help!! my old fat ps3 is about to die and i dont wanna lose all the progress and trophies in gt5!! ill be buying a new ps3, what i wanna know is if will i be able to transfer all the data dlc, game saves, downloaded games,trophies from the old to the new ps3!! i wanna know!! im 80% into gt5!! i dont wanna start again, im sorry this isnt the place but im frighten.

    • Nissan Lover

      DLC,downloaded and Trophies and be recovered from Online/PSN if you have it.<But yes,i think you can but you might have to ask someone for advice.

  4. Pinkintron

    That Midget is great, but what is the color of the car on Beccosinho’s picture

  5. Freezer445

    A Superleggera and two Dragsters? I just came o3o

  6. Yawn…..

    • TokoTurismo

      LOL, you’re yawning to these amazing pics?

  7. sebby10100

    Sweet pics! love the photoshoped midget!

  8. Never realise the Leggera lines were so sick! Love that car one of the best handling cars when down force is maximized :D

  9. Hammrshell


  10. seanchump

    andrea takes great pics.

  11. TokoTurismo

    These photos ROCK! Superior job. :)

  12. Wow all these pics are so nice

  13. RacerBest

    Top Fuel Midget! Nice, hope it comes as DLC with Dragstrip. =D

  14. Tvensky

    great work!

  15. o_O

    however the picture of the hypermax evo looks sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  16. nealcropper

    That supperlegra pic is awesome

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