Lucas Ordoñez Prepares for the 24 Hours of Le Mans

May 31st, 2011 by Jordan

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is just a few weeks away now, and Lucas Ordoñez is doing what he can to get ready. Take a look at this video which shows one of the more interesting ways Lucas is being psychologically prepared for the hardships of a 24-hour race, with a simulated endurance drive around England in a Nissan GT-R.

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  1. i am hoping lucas will win Good luck

  2. his team car won…nice GTR it is.RAC tourist trophy it was

  3. he just won the silverstone GT race i think…..gawd…..lucky fella

  4. Bobert power

    Lmp1=Audi, lmp2=Lucas and Nissan. Good luck Lucas,hope you get class victory!

  5. I will definitely be rooting for Lucas, he’s a real inspiration.

  6. Good Luck, do us proud!

  7. Waiting for this GT-R become GT5 DLC

  8. don’t eat salmon unless you’ve grown it in your own fish tank. I’m surprised the nutritionist prepared that fish..

    • picoltrey

      Haha, someone is reading slanted material. Go Ordonez!

  9. Overdrive003

    Wow, This Guy Is An Inspiration To Many People (Well, From What I’m Reading Anyway.) I mean, Who Can Say They Raced The 24 Hour Of Le Mans On GT5 And Also Say They Raced The Real 24 Hour Race? I Think He Might Be The Only Person…I Could Be Wrong Though.

    • Super_Colossal

      Don’t worry about being wrong, worry about your capitalization skills.

  10. TheFlyingKiwi

    Go Lucas win best in class!

  11. Good luck in Le Mans Lucas! ;) I know you will do just fine :D

  12. Darn! He gets to drive a GTR across England with friends and a cook!

    Just kidding. Best of luck- what an inspiration.

  13. chukabilly

    So cool!! Go Lucas! And thank you, Jordan!

  14. GTP_RacerXO

    You are truly blessed Lucas…good luck on the track !!

  15. Killer, good luck man.

  16. play3man

    I want (finally) a new about GT5 update 1.10 :D btw. go Lucas go! :D

    • I agree … who the hell is lucas ordonez ???

    • play3man

      gulyo :D:D Otherwise… *news, sorry. Yamauchi, pleaaaas! Or a DLC!

    • play3man

      omg… *pleaaaase! I’m so stupid… :D

  17. GTP_Davey07-O37

    All the best for 24H of Le Mans Lucas. Will be watching and cheering you on Eurosport…;-))…

  18. Butters

    AHHHH go all the way, Lucas!

  19. maxitsu

    that circuit they show, is’n it magny-cours?

  20. The new celebrity from Hollywood!

  21. Tonnie 073


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