New Gran Turismo PSP Trailer Reveals More Cars, Tracks

July 21st, 2009 by Jordan

Gran Turismo PSP media is slowly starting to trickle out, as we now have our second “official” look at the game in motion thanks to this short new trailer.  Watch carefully, and you’ll see the new Corvette ZR-1 and lots of new footage from the Nurburgring Nordschleife.  As always, be sure to subscribe to GTPlanet’s YouTube Channel for more video updates as they’re released!

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  1. viejaloca

    Worst GT trailer I’ve seen.
    1. Not even footage from Psp
    2. 3 new cars! Wooowww so different from GT4! (sarcasm)
    3. Nurburgring? Nothing new about that.

    I sure hope there will be a better amount of new cars and that they will show something with PSP footage. This trailer seems like something to fool idiots to think that’s how the game will look like.

  2. Faburisu

    Gran turismo = No Porsche’s
    No Lambo
    No real sound
    No real cars performance

    But this game series rest the best for me

  3. I honestly think when PD releases “garbage” like this, they laugh at us.

  4. JRichter

    “The only cars I couldn’t work out were the others in the “Old Car” clip, the one with the Datsun/Jag and the red car with huge headlights in front of it.”

    Looks like a white Mazda Cosmo and red Toyota GT2000.

  5. very nice! i think ZR will be in GT5, no doubt about it

  6. alaM0000

    Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  7. Tsuchiya

    PORSCHE ?¿?¿ ?¿?

    KAZUNORI ; PORSCHE ¿?¿?¿??

  8. hope ZR will also be included into GT5

  9. Morsolo

    Ok, the cars I can see (and take guesses at)

    - Nissan GTR
    - Corvette ZR-1
    - Dodge Viper Racer
    - Mercedes CLK GTR Racer
    - Nissan R390 Calsonic Racer
    - Pennezoil Skyline Racer
    - Ford Focus WRC
    - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI WRC
    - BMW M3 Tourer
    - Opel/Vuxhaul Calibre Tourer (Spelling?)
    - Audi TT Quattro Tourer
    - Audi S4 Tourer
    - Datsun 240Z (Or maybe Jag E-Type)
    - TVR Speed 12

    The only cars I couldn’t work out were the others in the “Old Car” clip, the one with the Datsun/Jag and the red car with huge headlights in front of it.

    …To me it feels like GT3 with a couple new cars to make it not feel like GT3.

  10. People are going to be in for a shock when they realise how blocky and jaggy the game really is when they get it on their PSP… No, that doesn’t mean I’m saying the game will be crap, just saying that we are being spoon fed a pile of BS with these promo vids.

  11. rally confirmed, le mans confirmed, german tourers confirmed, classics confirmed, ruf confirmed

    cool ending too

  12. gt for psp looks like gt4 on ps2, with some new cars on a little screen. gt5 news would be better!

  13. Nuclearfire

    I can not watch this video without trying to look around the PSP’s to see the GTR and Vette on the Nurburgring they should have used GT mobile video for the background not GT5 video



  15. Some parts looks more like GT5 gameplay than a PSP game. Actually, the gameplay videos look NOTHING like this. Still good for the PSP, but this trailer is absurd – like the game itself.

    I am really not sure how long PD has worked of GT5, after all. All the ProLOLge Updates, now the Mobile version and billions of wasted demos like the upscaled special edition games, GT:HD, GT for Kids!? – lets hope not!!. Not to mention the work on the GT-R Application for Nissan.
    To sum it up, the last two years must have been busy for them. We will see what the truth is – soon.

  16. GT for PSP because looks like gt4 on a small screen. P.s.: no gt5 release date? gt5 prologue is so boring!

  17. Ngrignon

    The one with the GTR and the Corvette is without a doubt a cinematic (GT PSPS start cinematic?), the others are “subtly” enhanced with ANTI-aliasing but everybody who own a PSP knows that there will be aliasing in this game (gameplay and replay) because the PSP is simply not powerful enough to antialiaze the gameplay… so expect the graphics that you see in the PSP of the movie BUT with some aliasing.

  18. Jack_uk

    i cannot believe that these graphics are or represent a psp game i admit the graphics on the gameplay compared to the trailers aren’t as good but still very awesome

  19. Wiseguy

    drooling over the corvette zr-1

  20. Terronium-12

    I’m pretty sure it’s confirmed the ZR-1 is going to be in GT5 judging by the first several seconds.

    Then again, you never know.

  21. PSP GT=small GT4.I want GT5!!!

  22. i want gt5 god dam…

  23. Ngrignon

    Line up GT5 prologue…. would be nice! (C4, BMW 135, Mitsu Evo X, F430, etc…)

  24. That’s odd…notice how there isn’t a single PSP go in that trailer.

  25. cool…

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