New Lamborghini Screenshots from GT PSP

August 18th, 2009 by Jordan


Check out all of the 21 brand new screenshots in our full gallery after the jump…

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  1. Webbo, I am pretty sure people did believe that before, the defense behind those claims was pretty hefty.

    I hope this finally ends this whole debate and we can agree that THIS is what PSP gameplay will look like and THIS represents the reasonable high end to expect from PSP performance, not some PS3 and 360 like graphics.

  2. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    it like great i can’t wait to download it on a psp go it look like a ps2 game now

  3. Agreed, but I would be surprised if people REALLY believed those shots before were real GT PSP shots.

  4. At last it will shut up all the one who believed in Santa Claus (i.e who believed that they would play with some sort of GT5 Prologue next gen graphics)…

    What I analyse so far:
    – are they all from the SAME build?? difficult to say: some have nice lighting on the cars, other have very poor ones.
    – I really like the shots with the yellow lambo and the ones with the Enzo… one of the last build?
    – some cars are much more detailed than the others… (Enzo for exemple)
    – normal (and expected) jaggies and dithering for the PSP power: I really laugh at people who believed that they were close to GT4 (look at GT4, reflections are much more advanced (low def real environment bitmap) than in GT PSP with its poor specular lighting acting as reflections)

    All in all, GT PSP will be a good game for the PSP but don’t hope for the moon.

  5. @Dazza

    If you love Forza so much, piss off and go comment on one of its forums. Why come and spam comments?
    It’s ashame Jordan had to disable comments on the GT5 content thread (info from the website) because of idiots like you!

    Keep up the good work, GT Planet.

  6. Dazza = retard.

    Just thought i’d spell it out…

  7. Mustangmiha


  8. addict3d

    i just noted now, the dashboard at the bottom that used to be black is now translucent. I find that the translucent one is much better, this way we get more depth of view imo

  9. Instant Buy looks good and GT5 looks beautiful.
    Which Lambo’s are in the game:Countach,Diablo,Murcielago,Gallardo, Reventón.
    I hope Porsche will the revealed at the TGS.
    Screens of GT PSP and GT5 looks awsome.

  10. overdriver

    first GT5 info, and now this!!!

    -WILL NOT SLEEP TODAY- – THE resource.

  11. DerekCapri

    This PSP version is just too damn sexy!

  12. @Darran: Yes mate, it does, well done for pointing out that an Xbox 360 game looks better than a PSP game…

    Good finds though Jordan I reckon this will be a great game addition to the PSP, and will re-prep a lot of people for the upcoming release of Gran Turismo 5.

  13. Forza 3 looks betta than this plastic crap, LOL!

  14. PLEASE HAVE THE MURCIELAGO IN GT5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. addict3d

    In about 5 minutes time we got all that info on gran turismo 5 and new pics from GT M. this is pure AWESOMENESS

  16. Good to see Zonda is back :D

  17. these are a good representation of what to expect on the psp where as the corvette ones seemed more gt5 like

  18. Keep coming!!!

  19. KoosSpeeTerreur

    A lot of old cars in all the screenshots. I hope they put more recent models in it as well.
    These screenshots don’t look half as good as the ones with the corvette btw…

  20. Marky264

    Sweet thanks Jordan for these updates!

  21. Jack_uk

    Great Find Jordan! where’d you find em’?

  22. Timmaay

    Lambo’s yes!!!!!

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