Sony Executive Suggests Gran Turismo 6 May Come to PS3

February 24th, 2013 by Jordan

Comments made by Sony’s Computer Entertianment Europe’s Senior Vice President Michael Denny have been gathering quite a bit of attention over the last 24 hours, and for good reason.

In an interview with Silicon Republic, he casually suggests that Gran Turismo 6 will be released on the PlayStation 3 console:

“Look at the games coming out on the PlayStation 3 like The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, GT6, and then on the third-party side of things another fantastic Assassin’s Creed, GTA,” Denny listed. “It’s important for our content to have that kind of longevity because, as I was saying [about the PS Vita], the games that come through are going to get better and better over time.”

As the company’s highest-selling first-party series (Michael Denny himself has described the series as “THE PlayStation franchise” and “our flagship title”), it would be quite awkward for the next “flagship title” to be released on the aging PS3 as the company shifts its promotional and marketing efforts towards the PlayStation 4.

It is worth noting the two first-party titles he mentioned in his comments: The Last of Us, and Beyond: Two Souls, have both been formally announced with confirmed release dates in 2013. Gran Turismo 6, meanwhile, remains a secretive project that few within the company will talk about in any degree of detail.

As always, head over to our Gran Turismo 6 forum for more discussion and debate.

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  1. phil_75

    It could come out for both systems technically but with such a small team and having to develop on both platforms i’m not so sure.
    I am sure it will come out on PS4 as a system seller.
    But if it did come out on both who would want the PS3 version when you see what the PS4 version looks like.
    Don’t get me wrong, it would still sell millions on PS3 but you’d always have the knowledge that you’re playing the inferior version.
    But whatever, a new GT is a new GT and thats reason enough to celebrate

  2. Spannermonkey33

    I have a feeling this could be like when NFS:Prostreet came out, dumbed down for the PS2, but full HD and DLC for the PS3

    • rallymorten

      Was thinking the same, only I thought of Undercover..

    • Quakebass

      One of the few people here that seems to realize it could be on BOTH systems…

  3. hobanator24

    I would rather see it on PS3. I don’t have the money right now for a $600 console, but a $60 game I can manage. Hopefully I will have enough when it is released at the end of the year.

    • phil_75

      It makes me laugh when people moan about a home console that are now basically multimedia PC’s costing over £300 but they don’t bat an eyelid at paying £500 for an overrated and overpriced iPhone and wearing overrated and overpriced beats headphones

    • aronh17

      If it’s $600 USD; I’ll be shocked to be honest. It’s using AMD components and those are usually cheap in price. And this is an APU, it’s saving a lot of developmental and production costs by throwing the GPU and CPU into one chip. I’m going to say $400 USD for the entry model console. This time around they’re using a 6x Blu-Ray Drive and not a 2x, which is miles better and you will see faster load times and no more installing games that take up a lot of space on the disc. The drive is Sony made I believe so no worries in cost there and since it will be a better drive and surpassing speeds of a 16x DVD drive by a little then it will be no problem to launch and entry level console with flash memory on it. Xbox currently does it because they never are required to install games, so a 4-8GB flash memory console could very well be $400. My laptop has an APU, it was only $379 brand new. It has a 640GB hard drive, quad core and can play most games pretty good. Take away the screen and such that the PS4 wouldn’t have and that’s pretty cheap.

    • hobanator24

      @phil_75, I don’t have an iPhone or Beats headphones either. I have a Walkman mp3 player & Sony headphones. Most of my electronics are Sony products because they are well made & just as good as iPods. But paying that much for a console seems ridiculous, especially since we don’t know any major details like durability, memory space, etc.. If the base model PS4 is only 40gb & costs $600, then I will just wait until it goes up in memory or down in price.

    • The amount of space on the hard disk drive will be 160GB. Read the freakin’ official specs.

    • hobanator24

      I did. & this article mentions 8gb of unified memory, not 160gb

    • Quakebass

      That really doesn’t seem like enough – it’s apparent that online downloads is where the game industry is headed, and considering that GT5 takes up 15+ GB in update data, (most conventional PS3 games to download are around 2-5 GB), and PS4 games are obviously going to be quite a bit larger. 500GB is even looking a bit small to me… I’m thinking multi-TB is where it should be, and it’s reasonably cheap to do that now. I have SD cards smaller than the size of my thumb nail that hold 32 GB each, and 64 GB models exist as well. (about $60 a pop, though… So I’m not saying use a stack of SD’s). You can get a very good quality 1 or 2 TB desktop drive for around $100 these days.

  4. Praggia

    Standards on PS3
    and Premiums on PS4 hahahaha

    • Lambofanghini

      I see what you did there. XD Hopefully all standards will have been converted to premiums which will then be the new standard come the PS4 launch. Nevertheless, this is great news! Hopefully we will be able to transfer some or most of our cars to GT6.

    • hennessey86

      Couldn’t agree more

    • MockngBrd


  5. NeuroticVows

    I think that GT6 will come out for both consoles and that the PS3 will get a scaled down version of it

  6. Longa23

    I think: GT6 is to 85-95% finished.
    PD now has seen what the PS4 can do, and they must create a complete new Game…
    And the Little Gamer is fooled again…
    Waiting two Years for GT7…. ;)

    • They aren’t gonna pick up and jump the bandwagon and leave PS3 behind, so they are gonna do what they have started and as for PS4 will have its new title…. its how business run.

    • Magic Ayrton

      You may be right there!! what ever happens I won’t be buying a ps4 at realease like I did with the ps3 as I got completely sucker punched.

  7. TokoTurismo

    I wonder if Michael said that on purpose to make us go nuts or speculate… Still want GT6 on PS4, not that (old and difficult to make games) PS3!!!

  8. gtone339

    GT6 for PlayStation Fouree!! :D

  9. joetruckv8

    Bull:censored: that would be the stupidest move ever for pd to make. I garentee this will not happen. It would separate the drivers from people who have Ps4 and people who still have ps3. This equation would equal a EPIC Failure!!!!

    • MeanElf

      Sorry, the only way you could guarantee this is if you were a highly placed person at Sony or PD. They might plan to release on both consoles, recognising that not everyone will go for a 4 straight away.

      Sure that would seperate the people playing the game, but not everyone is in a position to buy one and this way they can still get to play. Strange…but there is some logic to it.

  10. forzaturismo


    • forzaturismo

      GT6 will come for the PS4.

    • forzaturismo

      Michael Denny just asked to fast and just said GT6, like he could said Forza5 ;)

    • MeanElf

      There should have been some form of retraction by now though – if true, I bet Kazunori san is miffed at this guy.

    • Nah, they’ve had false rumors before, and not made retractions, so it’s not really any kind of indicator of being true or false. Only time will tell.

      I also doubt Kaz gets miffed about it. Not like this is the first time somebody wound up the fan base by casually throwing out a bit of info like this. Serves has good hype, even if the info proves false.

      Only problem is if they do a GT5, and wind everyone up to the point of screaming, “Just release it already!…”. Sony gets nervous, and starts pushing a release again, and no good will come of it.

  11. Quakebass

    It seems that very few people can grasp the concept that GT6 is capable to be released on BOTH consoles…

  12. If they’re having GT6 on the PS3, and PS4 is coming out at the end of the year, don’t they sort of have to release it in the next two or three months for that to make any sense at all? Otherwise you might as well just port it as a release PS4 title.

    • hennessey86

      I very much doubt that, the PS4 has been designed to be easy to program for. But that creates a problem, cell games just won’t work on PS4. GT6 will have been designed for the PS3 and it would take huge code re wright to get it running on PS4. I reckon a demo will be shown showing what GT can look like on the PS4.

  13. Slashfan

    You people have no idea what is going to happen until it happens IRL so these “I’m 100% sure that thiisss will happen” have no truth or meaning to them. It’s quite annoying honestly.

  14. Rossticles

    It won’t.

    • infamousphil

      Been saying it from day one. Makes no since to me that GT6, in which production started before PS4 development, would be intended for Sony’s newest platforms.

    • Quakebass

      ^ When exactly did the PS4’s development start…?

      In the last article, it was shown that PD worked heavily with the PS4’s conceptualization. So, in which case, PD could have gotten a head start on GT6 WELL before any other developer on any other game, since they were going to play a part in the selection of hardware. Considering the difficult architecture of the PS3, this would make sense. It would give LOADS of time for development, and they wouldn’t have to deal with difficult code environments.

      This is my speculation. I could be wrong. But, considering how loosely this guy spat out the words “GT6″, without considering the fact that no official announcements have ever been made on the title, he could have very well mistaken it with one of the many other PS games that are up-and-coming. And considering GT is one of Sony’s longest lasting and most successful series, I’d think that they would want it on their newest hardware to push sales for the new console. It’s one of the few games that I could see Sony hesitant on releasing for both the PS3 and PS4.

    • priesty_lfc

      Well since PD have had a say in PS4 hardware IMO GT6 will be released on both platforms. Not releasing it on 1 or the other will just harm sales.

      Why buy a PS4 at launch if GT6 is PS3 only? I’m buying a PS4 at launch and if GT6 is only PS3 even tho I have one I won’t pick it up. GT6 on both platforms and I’d likely but a PS4 (just for GT6) – Although I’m getting one anyway….

  15. CodeName

    I’m 100% sure now. You remember when some years ago, with an interview about dlc and updates, kazunori said that he was actually on gt6 and that these things couldn’t be anymore on updates because it will be different…
    I hope i hope!!!

  16. pasigiri

    If PD were to release GT6 on the PS3 they have needed to a while ago provided the rumors of the release date of the PS4 being later this year being true. To release GT6 on the PS3 just months from the “non-backwards compatible” PS4 would be disastrous for Sony.

    • MeanElf

      If GT6 does appear only on the PS4, you should be able to play it via the cloud facility run by Gaikai – but presumably you also have a PS3, so no need.

  17. HAHA! It could’ve been a slip or he mistaken GT for GTA. Regardless the console, I just want to play the next GT. If it’s for PS3 then it’s perfect! then I won’t have to spend on a new console just yet and then wait years for it to be released. There are a lot of things that could make the game better, and graphics or more cars is not one of them. GT5 already looks perfect in my opinion. Just look at how crappy that Forza game looks in comparison and how much more fun it is for car enthusiasts. Or forget Forza, let’s remember GT2! it was for PS1 and still beats GT5 in every single aspect, except for physiscs and graphics.

    If it’s for the PS4, then awesome. I want to see how much they are able to improve the visuals, because right now I see GT5 and simply cannot think on how much better they can get other than a little details that aren’t really noticeable. However, what i fear is that if it’s for PS4, due to the fact that that the PS4 works different and they would basically need to create a new engine for the game, it might be an incomplete experience again. Although I hope I’m wrong.

    But again, regardless the console, GT6 will be a priority purchase for me. Although personally, I would be very happy if GT6 is released for the PS3. Knowing how much PD has heard us fan’s requests, intelligent feedback, constructive criticism and also how familiar they might be with the game engine and all the material they already have from GT5, I’m sure it will be a beast of a game, and easily developed too. Heck, I’m sure it would be the best Gran Turismo ever. And the best thing? they will have time to work on a PS4 GT7 and keep us well entertained for years.

    • tpark103

      I’m with you. At this point I could careless, I’m ready for a new GT regardless on what platform. If its on PS3, I’m going to buy it, if its on PS4, I’m going to buy it.

    • Quakebass

      Drive Club is how much better the visuals can get. And considering that GT5 turns on the cooling system on my PS3 within 10 minutes (at least before it broke), the hardware really struggles with what it already did. While I understand that many people won’t be able to afford a PS4 right away, I really think it’ll help PD out (and in the end, the fans/consumers) if it’s only ported for that console. As I’ve stated quite a bit now, the architecture on the PS3 isn’t very easy to write on, and it would streamline PD’s creativity to use the simple and familiar architecture of the PS4.

      And I 100% agree that this could’ve been a slip of the tongue – considering that he mentioned GT6, a game that hasn’t been officially announced or unveiled.

  18. hardvibes

    Noooo, boooo

  19. Rushton1996

    Its obvious the PS4 will get it, but I really hope its on PS3 as well with the ability to vs PS4 players. Bring GT6 to both Platforms PD!!!

  20. Bet it’s on the PS4 platform

  21. smskeeter23

    This makes “some” sense to me.

    Comments were made a long time ago that GT6 was started during GT5 dev or right at release. Dump it on PS3 for one last big sale. Launch DriveClub on PS4 to boost sales of the new system without competing against GT6 directly. Release GT7 Prologue after DC starts to slow down a bit and then follow with GT7 once sales of PS4 start to “normalize” a bit and coincide with the first tier price cut.

    Personally I think some of that math makes sense.

    • smskeeter23

      In addition to that im sure there are plenty of people in the same boat as me not being able to afford a new system no matter how bad we want it until the 3rd price cut.

      They would get more $ from us up front with one last release on the current gen hardware.

  22. Swagger897

    When will the day come that only one platform is used (from separate companies) and they make part upgrades….? That is what will create a hard and stable market to go against the PC…

    R18 TDI e-Tron!!! PUT ITIN Gran Turismo 5 already!!!!

    • LR-MR-Cole

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the Toyota TS030, actually I would rather have the TS030

    • Rushton1996

      they should both be in the game along with the Lola LMP1 car and Nissan Deltawing.

    • Quakebass

      The DaltaWing project is no longer funded or owned by Nissan… So I don’t think the DeltaWing will make it, unless PD have already began modeling it…

      It really disappointed me when I found this out…

      We really do need more premium LMP’s, and some more livery options. But I’m more interested in GT6, where we can have a clean slate on everything.

  23. It would follow the previous trend of releasing two generations per platform (GT & GT2 on PSOne, GT3 and GT4 on PS2). The second generation had more cars and made greater use of the graphical abilities of the platforms as well, so… GT6 on PS3 could be pretty spectacular

  24. PureGTMuzz

    I think GT6 will be released a year after the PS4 is released.

    If Drive Club is released in the PS4 release window then I can’t see Sony releasing another exclusive driving game at the same time.

    I do stress the “if” because it isn’t certain that Drive Club will be a release window title.

  25. viejaloca

    YES! Have GT6 on PS3! If not, then everyone has to go and blow another $ 500 for the system!

  26. tpark103

    Controversy, its always good to keep the fans interested.

  27. sumbrownkid

    I thought it was supposed to come out for the Xbox Wii U 1080?

  28. Toyota2jz

    Just wait for GT7 to be released on PS4. You’ve all seen Driveclub, we know that the PS4 has potential. Let them get on. I’d like to see what changes they make using the PS3’s last bit of juice.

    • Completely agree with your point. I think that developing a new game for a new console from scratch won’t do good for PD after teh harsh criticism that GT5 had. I’d say they release it for PS and keep us entertained while we wait for a GT7 in the PS4. That way they will have a lot of time to know the PS4 better and polish every single aspect of the game while we have fun enjoying GT6 for the next 3 years or so.

  29. varmintx

    It doesn’t matter which console it’s released on, I’ll be buying it regardless.

  30. MockngBrd

    Pls be true Pls be true Pls be true

  31. e30 freek

    He probably said it by accident it happens people, GT6 is definitely for PS4 ONLY

    • mcalva98

      No it can be for ps3 also remember when the ps3 came out, they were still making ps2 games. You need to wait! :(

    • LR-MR-Cole

      GT6 will def be on ps3 so there

  32. JeremiahTB

    For the sake of saving money and being able to play it sooner, a PS3 release would be nice; but for the sake of playing a more advanced game on a more advanced system, a PS4 release would be better. So I’m up in the air on this one.

  33. A_Higher_Place

    Maybe it’ll be released on both consoles like other games?

    • Tenacious D

      This is a possibility. I can sympathize with the PS3 crowd wanting something for an existing system that already works well and looks terrific. Except that GT5 really needed more than the system could deliver. Still, what will they say if this is the case, and PS4 gets a better version? Maybe a much better version? And then, what if it’s only PS3, but SONY has PD produce a GT6.5 for PS4 in a year?

      I expect backpeddling rather than an explanation, but I guess we’ll see…

  34. ERIC11940

    Why would GT6 be on PS3 when PS4 is gonna be released this fall?

    • For the same odd reason that GTA5 will be released for the PS3.

    • Quakebass

      How do we know that GTA V won’t be on both the 7th and 8th generation consoles…? Has there been any statement that it won’t…?

  35. j0nny0093

    If GT6 will be released on ps3 i’ll be happy :) , i hope then GT6 has all the cars in GT5 ( there must be all premium car, so PD has to convert Standard to premium), all the tracks and also the old tracks (midfield, seattle, apricot hill, complex string, and other)
    Also, another thing to improve , is the online race..
    If PD make a Gran Turismo like i said , GT6 will be the best GT game ever..

    • e30 freek

      if its on PS4

    • Why do people don’t understand that making GT6 for the PS3 doesn’t mean it needs to be bigger or have more cars… just because GT5 supposedly pushes the PS3 to it’s limits or has 1000 cars, it doesn’t mean that GT6 needs better graphics or more cars to be a better game. There are a lot of things that can be changed or rearranged. I’ve always though that GT5 is a mass of awesome ideas poorly organized, prioritized and executed.

      600+ unique premium cars with all manufacturers having more than 20 cars (when possible) with no repetitions. More tracks. A career mode with a reward system equal or similar to GT4’s, manufacturer events, more events that make more sense with the right choice of tracks, A.I that doesn’t brake at the middle of the corner, some cars only available through events (again, with the same redo options of GT4), more RM and body kits, make B-Spec like it was in GT4, ditch the race suits and chip system, or at least make chips purchasable in-game. Little things like that would make a better game and a great GT6. And not necessarily would be bigger and harder on the PS3 than GT5 already is.

    • Quakebass

      ^ Yes. THAT is what’s needed. What I think really pushes the PS3 is the engine – the amount of smoke, lighting, and deformation is a LOT for the PS3’s hardware to handle. Try making a custom track with jumps, take NASCARS or Rally cars and see how the frame-rate drops as all of the cars spin out and collect damage. I’m amazed that there isn’t too much frame-rate drop during heavy lighting change and weather. What PD will be able to do on PS4 is obviously improve detail (as seen in Drive Club), but I don’t think that’s necessary. They already have enough detail in their premium cars. What they need to do is sort out the glitchy shadows. Take a car out for a spin on SS Route 7 in the rain. THAT is impressive detail. PD should focus more on advanced lighting, and other physics aspects rather than visuals (except for lighting, which is part of the physics engine). I’m talking mostly about aero functionality. A car doesn’t become unstable at high speeds in GT5 – the game’s engine only determines how much pressure is occurring on the front and back of the car. PD can up that part of the engine, as well as the tire model, which is quite lacking. As long as permissions are available, the PS4’s new hardware will allow MUCH more realistic and detailed damage modeling without degraded performance. That’s where PD can improve, and with so much more ease on the PS4’s simple architecture. So for that reason, I think it’s a better idea for GT6 on PS4, along with marketing for the new hardware.

      Unless PD has made too much progress on a GT6 for PS3.

  36. JaySamurai

    Noooooooooo!!! please Kaz save GT6 for the PS4

    • Tenacious D

      Word up. GT6 will have to be gimped somewhere to keep the physics intact, and then polish up the dodgy graphics.

  37. Fisha695

    I’ve said it for awhile now.
    PS1 = GT & GT2, GT2 was basically a slightly upgraded GT
    PS2 = GT3 & GT4 with GT4 being little more then an upgraded GT3
    PS3 = GT5 & GT6 with GT6 being nothing more then a slightly upgraded GT5

    It’s how Sony/PD does things so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody.

    • Except neither GT2 or GT4 released after the PS2 and PS3 launched, respectively. Also, neither GT or GT3 released LATE into a console’s lifetime.

    • Exactly. Unless they’ve changed marketing strategies, and intend on bringing GT6 over to the PS4 via an update perhaps Spec 2 or something, then I can’t see why it won’t be on the PS3. It would give it one last hura.

      Plus, as the economy stands at the minute GT6 on PS4 tied with Vita would be much more cost effective for everyone. Not just consumers.

  38. mistamontiel


    He just misinterpreted. And so, this is going by one fella’s word. How is this even worthy of a news post ?

    • Tenacious D

      Well… because he’s a SONY executive, and he DID say it. And with PS4 coming out this year, that’s sure news. I’m hoping it was a slip of the tongue and not an “inadvertent” admission.

    • e30 freek

      I won’t believe till Kaz says it

    • Quakebass

      ^ Yeah, really, I’m just waiting for that as well.

    • mistamontiel

      Pffft.. if PS3 is really on its last legs, then GT6 is PS4

  39. gtone339

    Liar!! Need to hear an actual answer from Kaz.

    • e30 freek


    • When GT6 is released and I have a copy in hand, then I will see if I need a new platform…but not before!

  40. SkierPS3

    I really hope this isn’t true, with the PS4 right around the corner there’s no way they’d release GT6 at the end of PS3’s life.

  41. Droogie

    Why are we trusting this guy? No offense but he seems clueless.

  42. Dushan 77

    Thats the right piece of information that I am looking for. This is what I want to hear from the Sony exceutive, so that I can tell my face book friends that I have defeated the Play Station 4 rumors. They want win. PlayStation 3 will get Gran Turismo 6. For ps4 rumors, Shut the hell up!!!

  43. Tacobell18

    Why not on the ps4. You’re talking about a game that has to last a long time. If gt6 is just like gt5 how will it last untill gt7 comes out lol.. Also my PS3 is dying on me. I wont be able to afford a ps4 and a new ps3 just for gt6

    • Flaco13

      Nothing’s official yet. Just wait until we know for certain. Then you will know wich one to buy :)

      Hope your ps3 survives till then :)

    • Nato_777

      I hope they build the PS4 to last longer than PS3’s do – they die to easily. :(

  44. No Sorrow 13

    Gran Turismo 5 Epilogue on PS3 and GT6 on PS4. Calling it now.

  45. Deko Wolf-GTPT

    Don’t get excited. In the middle of all the hype and pressure, her might have got confused and said the wrong thing. By the time he realized what he had said, it was already too late.

    Don’t jump to conclusions so soon guys.

  46. HKS racer

    Assetto Corsa is too good so I will not buy a PS4, if PD deliver GT6 on PS3 I’m on it before the big jump in Assetto Corsa!

    • Flaco13

      Isn’t that a PC based game? I don’t even understand why people who can afford a high-end gaming PC even bother with console games like GT. There’s obviously no comparison.

      Many people here struggle with the thought of a PS4 purchase. How much must I spend for a PC of the latest standard? And how often does it need an upgrade in hardware, to be able to run latest software?

  47. Crispy9001

    Please, no! Enough of this, Sony executives!

  48. If GT6 is going to be on PS3, then it’s pretty certain to be out in the next 9 months.

    • Guardian

      I agree, although I wouldn’t put it past PD to release a brand new game for a dead-and-gone console.

  49. AngelPlayStar

    I Hope so, no need to buy ps4 till GT7 , and they could work on it for years to give us the best GT ever on Ps4.
    PD looks like far away to realase GT6 on PS4 in 2014… I think they are not ready.

  50. Flaco13

    I’d rather pay for a new console plus peripherals and a finished game altogether, than wasting 60$ for a ‘new’ game that only kind of fixes the lacks of its unfinished predecessor. Because that would have been achievable through updates!

    GT6 on PS3? Better be a hughe step forward from GT5.

    – Many many upgraded standards
    – no standards!!!
    – tire pressure
    – real tire physic simulation
    – brake upgrade
    – Many many tracks, new and originals
    – engine swaps, realistic (and within company, like Ford-Mercury-Lincoln, Volkswagen-Audi-Seat etc. no Hyundai’s with Bugatti engine)
    – livery editor and body kits (No need for PDI-fantasy RM’s)
    – an AI that reaches from Ralf Schumacher (weak, tends to bounce you off the track) to his brother Michael in his best days (really hard to catch up)
    etc. etc.

    But then we also expect this blank canvas to be filled with some artwork soon…

    PDI can’t make everybody happy, especially now with this PS4 situation…
    I would not want to be in their shoes right now.

    • Lets try not to turn every GT6 discussion in to a personal wishlist.

    • Flaco13

      lol if this was a wishlist it would take a whole page! That isn’t a wishlist, its an expectation! Again, if GT6 is a 60$ Spec3 they have some customers lost.

  51. nissankidd85

    OK..SOOOO…this should be called gt”complain”planet cuz all people do it complain…if it bothers you so much go to school for game design and make a game that you think will be better then gran turismo other then that shut the hell upppp…if you guys sit down and think and use your brains….kaz has done 2 gran turismso games for each system i know i dont need to write them all out but this news is not a surprise to me that the are actually thinking about putting out 2 gran turismo’s on the ps3…it would be a smart move so then they work on something even better for the ps4 kaz is going to be like a kid in a candy shop with the ps4 platfrom so he might as well throw gt6 on the ps3

    • steve30x

      I wouldnt advise you to post like this. I’ve already got an infraction for posting like you just did. I agree with you but I must keep my opinion to myself and leave everybody else voice their opinion.

    • Always stop reading as soon has I see, “if it bothers you so much go to school for game design and make a game that you think will be better then gran turismo other then that shut the hell upppp”, or any variation there of.

      Just means the poster has no real argument, and the maturity of a six year old…

    • nissankidd85

      @steve30x thanks for the warning but it doesnt scare me i post what i feel like saying what can they do? cancel my account on here lol..but thanks for agreeing with me on some point..@NA you must have kept reading since you posted on what i said..didnt know i was trying to put up a arguement i just put up my by the way i have the maturity of a 27 yr old….

    • “..@NA you must have kept reading since you posted on what i said”

      Ehh, no I didn’t read any further, nor did I comment on anything you said after your “Wah wah, go make your own game!” comment. Thanks for demonstrating my point though.

  52. Guardian

    I read the title far too quickly and thought it said “GT6 coming May” XD *facepalm*

  53. terminator363



    I’m looking forward to this. I can’t afford a new console any time soon, so I was fearing I’d miss out on GT6. But I’ll be over the moon if this turns out to be true

  55. steve30x

    LMAO I said it wrong. Let me try again

    Kaz said GT6 will be GT5 with a few additions so if GT6 was to be on the PS4 the game engine would be need to rewritten to work on the PS4 because its completely different hardware. Trying to get a PS3 game working on the PS4 is like a japanese person speaking at a person who doesnt know japanese. The PS4 hardware wouldnt understand what the PS3 software is trying to tell it what to do.

  56. steve30x

    Kaz said GT6 will be GT5 with a few additions so if GT6 was to be on the PS4 the game engine would be need to rewritten to work on the PS4 because its completely different hardware. Trying to get a PS3 game working on the PS4 is like a japanese person speaking at a person who doesnt know japanese. The PS4 software wouldnt understand what the PS3 software is trying to tell it what to do.

  57. racefan78

    I’m sure this has been said already, but if GT6 comes out on the PS3, then there’s not way I’m gonna waste my money on a PS4

  58. Slashfan

    Called that one.

  59. MOTORTRENDmitch

    This had better have been some sick mistake…. I would be so disappointed if they pulled that on us.

  60. I find it Funny how before the announcement of the PS4 many were willing to accept another GT title on the PS3, but once the official specs were announced for the next console iteration, everyone is quick to jump onto the bandwagon of that the game must be commercially available on the next unit.

    • Both Barrels

      Bang on HarVee. There’s life left on the PS3. People must realize that the next wave of technology is developed FAR before it’s actually released, otherwise there’s no money to be made from it. Milk the existing console. I’m ready for GT6 on PS3, the engine is good. Let ‘er buck.

    • Slashfan


    • Quakebass

      I’ve been saying that GT6 would likely be a PS4 title for quite some time… And I still believe it will.

      But that’s slightly because I’ve ben searching for leaks on PS4 info for about a year and a half… :P

  61. Strittan

    Epic fail, if there is any truth in this. We want a mind blowing next-gen Gran Turismo, not a mediocre one on an outdated console.

  62. Its hard to know. Kaz features in the PS4 meeting talking about the console like he is currently developing on it, can anything be drawn from that?

    On the other hand GT6 must be close to finish, so surely it would have featured at the meeting in some form if its a PS4 release. Maybe E3 will reveal, but that feels a long way away.

  63. GT6 must be on the PS4 ’cause the PS4 has got lots of RAM!!!111!!1!

  64. Buzz17091991

    PLEASE DON’T! Polyphony Digital, GT6 has to develope on PS4!

    • karelpipa

      You talking like GT6 is last Gran Turismo LOL… I just want One more GT game (much complete) to play with until the price of PS4 go down to acceptable value :))

  65. Pure speculation. Being a VP does not mean he knows the latest information. Also the fact that he casually mentioned it shows that he is obviously not part of that working group as this information would not be volunteered casually

  66. SZRT Ice

    I’m not believing anything I hear about GT6 until it is referenced to have come out the mouth of a small Asian man. Preferably an older one who’s name begins with “K”, ends with “I”, and rhymes with “has u no he wanna hoochie?”, Or “How’s you know Rihanna’s… …gucci…?” Eh em… Yeah, that guy.

  67. I’ll definitely be picking up GT6 on the PS3. To me, GT has been following a kind of pattern. I quickly sold GT5 because I felt like it was a little incomplete, despite 5 years of development time. It seems like the even numbered GT’s are the best ones in the series. GT2 was definitely a step up from GT1 and GT4 was definitely a step up from GT3 A-Spec. I believe it has something to do with the odd numbered GT’s always appearing as the first games on a new generation console. Now that PD have created a base with GT5 and experimented with the technology, they can polish GT6 to the point where it’s miles ahead of GT5 in less time.

    • karelpipa

      GT5 is very incomplete and it would be very rude to not repair it in GT6 on PS3…instant buy if it will be more complete.

    • ownageboyz

      That is a very good point that I never thought about

    • OmniusGT

      Thats exactly was I was thinking in my post, just seems logical looking at how long GT5 has been out and the PS4 is still some way off, plenty time for a GT game on the PS4, look how long the PS3 had been out before GT5 appeared…just saying

  68. OmniusGT

    It would make sense, in a round a bout way. Look at every other GT title, we had 2 per console. The first of each set the technology up, then the second one added to that.

    For me GT2, GT4 were always my favourites due to the ramping up of content on a game engine that was tried and tested.

    So it would keep everything in order if GT6 was a PS3 title, and lets be honest if we got every track and a load of standards converted to premiums with some new cars and tuning options (more RM variants) we’d all be happy and it would keep the community stress levels down while the PS4 could settle into being launched and the hype dying down, plus give PD time to concentrate on a GT game for that in good time, we dont want it rushed just because the PS4 is out!

  69. GT6 on ps3 NOOOOO!!!!! Are you kidding? (^_’) good photo


    • Interesting: Kazunori knows about these plans? LOL:))

  70. Nato_777

    Assuming as PD has always said that they started working on GT6 as soon as GT5 was released it is possible that they may have so much of it deleveloped (for PS3) that a PS3 release would make sense. Especially if what they had achieved was not exactly pushing the envelope as far as PS4 technology goes. It wouldn’t surprise me too much then to see GT6 on PS3 with possibly a PS4 version or GT7 soon afterward. I would doubt however that a Gran Turismo game will be a PS4 launch title though given pass history.

  71. MILK IT BABY !!!

    Its a no-brainer… We, well im not sure about myself, will run out and by anything GT and thats the track record..

    GT3 – 2001 (I logged a billion hours with this game… well almost..)
    GT4p – 2003
    GT4 – (final, we gave up edition, no online?) 2006 — (also when i gave up on GT series)

    GT HD – 2006 (2 systems same year, GT4 with HR textures and tweaks, ONLINE RACING!!!! – well I mean online leaderboards (read cheaterboards), milking)
    GT5p – 2008 ( P stands for.. Proof we are actually working on something edition, ONLINE RACING !!! kinda…)
    GT5 – 2010 – (final, and yea it felt like a we ran out of time edition)

    SO… next?

    GT5 Platinum – PS3 – 2013 (GT5, tweaks, more hondas, maybe some standard car updates, mostly just a UI changes)
    GT SuperHD? – PS4 – 2013 (demo with new PS4 (GT5 with new textures), 1 track 4 cars)
    GT MMO – PS4 – 2013/14 (3 locations, 5 cars)
    GT6p – 2015/2016 (3 locations/tracks, 10 cars)
    GT6 – 2018 (yet another we gave up, system cant handle what Kaz wants.)

    Yea i know I come off as just harsh and bitter, yes and no, sadly the above is partly true.

    FOR ME!!.. Every GT game builds itself up to be the ULTIMATE BLOW YOUR NICKERS OFF game.. and every time its a disappointment… with the excuse, we didn’t have time, well the PS3 isn’t the super computer we thought it was…

    GT4 was the thorn for me.. ever since im a skeptic when i hear anything about something new and awesome with GT.. GT5 is great but was hyped to be the ULTIMATE racing game.. was it?

    Guess we’ll see… fingers crossed but not holding my breath.

  72. It’ll probably be a PS3/4 release like Watchdogs, Diablo 3 and stuff like that.


    I really don’t want to buy a new console to have PD dissapoint me again.

    • Flaco13

      but IF GT5 really pushed the PS3 to the limit, as they never got tired of showcase us, how ‘good’ do you think a GT6 could become on this console? And if GT6 is simply what GT5 should’ve been in the first place… FINISHED! …then what could 6 contain that they couldn’t simply give us through a last big update? Spec3 like.

    • Both Barrels

      If you get enough FREE updates, it’s akin to a new game. It wasn’t “they” who pushed the issue of the PS3 being pushed to its limits, it was the fans who kept reiteraring it. You will buy it and like it just like the rest of us, otherwise you wouldn’t care enough to be here expressing. It doesn’t need to look a whole lot better, it just needs to be a complete game.

  73. ZedMan1996

    I think this is a mere guess. I really strongly belive GT6 will be on PS4.

    • sangdude82

      Yeah, I mean I will be one of those people who won’t buy the ps4 console unless the GT6 gets released on ps4.

  74. Niyologist

    Maybe GT6P will be for the PS3 and then GT6 for the PS4 for amazing additional features.

  75. Flaco13

    “It is worth noting the two first-party titles he mentioned in his comments: The Last of Us, and Beyond: Two Souls, have both been formally announced with confirmed release dates in 2013. Gran Turismo 6, meanwhile, remains a secretive project that few within the company will talk about in any degree of detail.”

    Wich COULD mean a release date is about to pop up any time soon, IF the man knows what he is talking about… I have little doubt he does, otoh of course it is possible he’s just made a mistake here mentioning GT6.

    Somebody hack his smartphone to check his schedules for a trip or phone-calls to Fukuoka in the near past/ or future, please! ;)

  76. Cosbuster

    I sure hope so since I don’t feel like buying a new console just for the one freaking game I want.

  77. The Stig Farmer


  78. Guy clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about, like usually with these types of ‘executives’.
    Would take it with a big grain of salt. He’s just name-dropping the first games that come to his mind.

  79. Niyologist

    Remember: GT1/GT2-PSOne. GT3/GT4-PS2. GT5/GT6-PS3. GT7/GT8-PS4?

    • Quakebass

      Why does the games have to stick to this schedule…? I’ve never gotten why people use this as an excuse. Considering how late GT5 got to the PS3, there’s plenty of reasoning why GT5 could be the “only” GT game on PS3… Even though there was also GT5P. And considering the difficult architecture of the PS3, I’m getting a strong feeling that GT6 won’t be on PS3. But even if it is on PS3, There is an absolute ZERO percent chance of it NOT showing up on the PS4.

  80. ChicoMaloXD

    I think these executives don’t even know what they’re talking about.
    I just feel they only learn the titles of the games they try to sell, and end up mixing things and getting confused about it.

    Unless Kaz has been working in a new GT7 engine and left another group of developers for GT6 with GT5’s engine. Maybe they plan shorter release periods for GT games.
    That’s the only possibility I see of GT6 coming to PS3.

  81. tube chaser

    Hooray, us tin-foil-hat wearers have been vindicated.

  82. 2012GT325

    Now that PS4 has been officially revealed/announced, news about GT6 must (not should) follow soon. I cannot think of a reason why they would be so secretive about the upcoming game.

    Yes, they should keep the details secret until a few months before launch, but the announcement that they are working on the game and time frame for its release should not be a secret. What are they going to lose by announcing GT6? What, Microsoft will start working on the next Forza, or others will jump on the sim-racing band wagon? Will we, the fans, stop playing GT5 just because GT6 is coming? It doesn’t matter and NO, NO, and NO!!!

    If I were Sony, I’d have a trailer for GT6 in the Feb 20 PS4 revealing. Then I’d show more details in the upcoming months/E3/etc. And then I’d release the game as a launch title for PS4 in fall 2013. It makes so much sense. Financially, you want the very best games to be launched with your console. It’s also good for marketing because the GT series has so many fans. And, more importantly, you would be wrong to call it your “flagship” game and not launch it with your new pride and joy console, the PS4.

    Obviously, I love the Gran Turismo series or I won’t be on this forum wasting my time. But I have constantly been let down by the suits at Sony. Sometimes it seems like they are trying to make this franchise fail. Missed launch dates, missed deadlines, etc, etc are just bad in so many ways. If they truly mean what they say — that the GT series is their flagship game — then they need to put a lot of money and resources and make sure they produce and deliver the very best game they can make. “The very best” also means having it released in a reasonable time frame and, once set, NOT missing the release date.

    I don’t mean that they should rush out and release a half-finished game. What I mean is that they should share with the fans their concept for the upcoming game. They should let us know that they have big plans for it, etc, so that we can stop wondering if/when they will make another game in the series, etc.

    • Given2fly

      Totally agree.

    • Pit Crew

      Kaz wont make that mistake (again) after he talked GT5 up to much to the Gaming press and Sony “suits” then couldn’t deliver on his assumptions. Result was Sony forcing his hand and consumers got an incomplete game.

      Kaz wants stage to himself when GT6 shows demo (IMO), probably why nothing from PD was shown, driving/racing wise alongside Drive Club.

    • Pit Crew

      ^ *when GT6 demo shows* ^

    • Quakebass

      Part of the problem is that Kaz/PD were too ambitious – they bit off more than they could chew. I’m sure they could’ve done everything they had wanted to do, but the simple fact is that they wouldn’t have been able to do it in an economically reasonable time period. (Meaning that it wouldn’t be worth the money they’d get for it, and it would’ve been better to do half of the stuff they wanted to do for one game [GT5], and then the rest in the next game [GT6]). So it’s both Sony’s AND PD’s fault, but it isn’t too bad of a reason, in my opinion. I’d rather have a poor quality game because of too much ambition and a forced release than laziness.

  83. Given2fly

    Surely they will have known about PS4 long enough to have diverted their efforts towards developing a game for that console so that they won’t have to build GT6 from the ground up.

  84. sangdude82

    Like Jordan said, if GT6 comes out on ps3, it will hurt the “promotional and marketing efforts towards the PlayStation 4″. Even if PD & Sony release the game on both consoles, ps4 won’t sell as much as they expected.

  85. Praggia

    Why would they release Gt6 on an aging console? Will there an updated/upgraded ps4 version??.
    I think Pd and Sony know GT5 was a huge disappointment and are trying to save face.
    If GT5 already pushed the boundaries of the PS3 I think GT6 on Ps3 might be a watered down version of the PS4 title.

  86. jomama2010

    I’d rather have the game be put on the ps4…but understandably if they did already start coding for the cell that it would stay ps3. The Cell and the current architecture are vastly different and would require reworking from the ground up.

  87. TokoTurismo

    Honestly, GT6 on PS3 is NOT going to be any different IMO… What, more cars and tracks? NOT good enough. GT6 on ONLY PS4 needs to happen.

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • sangdude82

      Same here Toko :D

    • researchALLwars

      you guys. Of course more cars and tracks would not make for a great GT6. A strong racing emphasis, some killer A.I., a realistic tire model, GTAcademy-style leaderboards, some simple things made into options and we’ve got a game worthy of the Gran Turismo name.

      This can all happen on the ps3, easily.

    • karelpipa

      there MANY things which could be MUCH better on same hardware…Lack of tracks and cars is not only thing making better game.

    • Both Barrels

      +1 researchALL wars

    • TokoTurismo

      @researchALLwars I know what you said would also work for GT6 on the PS3, but it can work the same on the PS4. What I’m REALLY looking for in GT6 on the PS4 is day/night cycle and weather on all tracks, that’s why I really want GT6 on the PS4, plus it’ll make sense to have it on a newer system too than a old one. :(

      @karelpipa What about the lack of day/night cycle and weather on ALL tracks hmm?

  88. Given2fly

    Here’s where they tell us it’s being released on PS3 and they are yet to begin working on a PS4 title. Dun dun dunnnnn.

  89. buraspo

    I personally thought ,gt6 had to be on ps3 ,but now I want it on ps4 .
    Remember for how long we had been waiting gor gt5 to be released and now imagine gt6 out to ps4 in just months after ps4 release It would be cool .
    p.s.And FFXV ofccoarse :)

    • infamousphil

      That kind of thinking is why PD’s GTs get released non-finished.

    • Both Barrels

      Phil, right on the money.They already have have what we all want, right here on the PS3.

  90. CaddyKOP

    I’m thinking, why not release it on both the PS3 and PS4?

    • infamousphil

      Because PS4 is new and a GT7 would be more appropriate?

    • Wankelhead

      Exactly. Blizard is going to do just that with Diablo III.

  91. SuperShouden

    It’s going to be interesting which is announced first: FM5 or GT6.

  92. Suggest?

    He simply said.

    The Bomb has been planted.

  93. If this is so what will we get? I hope not the same as we have gotten.

  94. Maybe this is why Kazonori described the ps4 as a blank canvas… because they haven’t done much of anything on it yet :)

    Only time will tell.

  95. Mr_Hansen

    not going to happen in 2013. He probably just misspoke or doesn’t really know what he is talking about..

  96. Barry Potter

    Who cares. As long as it comes out in a reasonable time space. A PS4 only release will mean a long wait.

    • Both Barrels

      Right. Because a SCE VP doesn’t know what he’s talking about…

    • Both Barrels

      Sorry BP, was aiming for the above post^

    • Wouldn’t surprise me. Sony Europe Execs have been wrong many times in the past. They seem to love putting out false release windows especially.

  97. Both Barrels

    It has to be a Prologue of some kind. Either way, my PS3 is quivering with anticipation.

  98. sangdude82

    Wow true that. Then GT6 can’t be much better than GT5 on ps3 since Kaz said that GT5 was pushing to the limits of ps3.

    • researchALLwars

      I hope you only mean graphically- because overall, GT6 could be infinitely better than 5. On the same hardware, no doubt.

    • Both Barrels

      researchALLwars-exactly. The racing aspect could be perfected on this platform. The graphics? How much better can racing look, fron a driver’s POV? Stop admiring the scenery and drive…

  99. No…you gotta be kidding me…He must be confused.

  100. Will it come to both is the question

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