Ad-Hoc Party Coming to North America and Europe


Since GTPlanet users first picked up on the fact that you’d be able to play Gran Turismo PSP online with Ad-Hoc party, one tiny little thing has been holding people back: it was only available in Japanese via the country’s PSN Store. Needless to say, this language barrier prevented many from giving it a shot, leaving those who did with a limited selection of opponents.

That should be changing, though, as Sony has finally announced Ad-Hoc Party is coming to North American and European PSN Stores this month (the exact date hasn’t yet been released). With more users, online racing events in our forums should really start to pick up! Just make sure that you can connect your PlayStation 3 to the Internet directly to your router via an Ethernet cable, however, as the Ad-Hoc Party software will require exclusive use of the system’s wireless connectivity in order to work. Stay tuned for another update as soon as this is available for download.

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  1. Deko Wolf

    And where the heck is it?
    I was told that should be on the playstation store along with the new firmware update (6.10) but nothing…

  2. SC

    @ Rick It should be non-tradeable but shareable so you won’t loose it.
    @ other people you people don’t know what ad-hoc is!!!! It’s where you play online playing your PSP thought connecting it to your PS3.

  3. Nick B

    Fantastic News. I’m been trying to use the Japanese one for a while but I can rarely find UK users playing GT. Tons of Monster Hunters out there, but I’ve only ever had one session of GT. Hopefully load more people will start playing online once this arrives in the EU and the States :) Good move Sony!

  4. DarthDriver

    I have it.(I’m from japan)
    It’s good.
    I hope that I face world people.
    When I am free, I do it.

    I am weak in English! lol

  5. Jardim

    The onlhy way i can connect my PS3 to inernet is wirelessly and that doesnt work for AD HOC …i wish they could make it so you connect your PSP to the PS3 via USB and leave the wireless for my internet……

  6. Rick

    When this is out… anyone want to trade/race on GT PSP? if so, my psn is


    I have a Ferrari Enzo, so trade something good for it

  7. Fredzy

    Figures. I just went through the trouble of making the jp PSN account and all that to get ad hoc party, and this happens. I haven’t even tried it yet, my PSP screen cracked and I’m waiting on parts… :-(

  8. don-sf

    thank you dbarade…cleared things up…

    so will i be able to play with anyone or will i have to make a date with someone and tell them to sign on. will there be featurs like searching for players?…

  9. dbarrade

    Ad Hoc refers to wireless networking that doesn’t require infrastructure. In this case you can play Gran Turismo on your PSP and race against other PSP users who are close enough to you to be in wireless range of your PSP.

    Normal wireless networking requires an Access Point, or some ADSL Modem’s have built in Wireless which you can use to provide your Laptop or PSP access to the internet.

    The PS3 has a ethernet or wired connection and also Wireless.

    When you use Ad Hoc Party on your PS3 it connects to a special place on the PSN (or internet) which acts like a meeting place for PSP Ad Hoc networking. The PS3 listens to the wireless for messages from your PSP and then re-transmits them in this meeting place or room. It also listens for other users PSP transmissions in this room and then re-transmits them in your house where your PSP can pick them up.

    What this means is that you can set up virtual rooms where you can play Gran Turismo or other games with other PSP users as if they were in the same physical room as you.

    All in all it works pretty well and is a fantastic idea to use the PS3 as a way to play PSP games over the internet with people all over the world.

  10. don-sf

    ok can someone tell me exactly what i will be able to do now?…

    i have a psp and ps3, i have gran turismo 5 prolouge and gran turismo psp…

  11. Spec V

    ChristianVonSTIG, Ad-Hoc party does as the write-up says.
    It allows you to use your PS3 as a “router” allowing you to
    play psp games with ppl who are not in your psp’s wifi range.
    This means if i sit in the US and connect to ad-hoc party and
    create a room and you sit in the UK and join my Ad-Hoc party
    room we can vs each other in GT-PSP as if we were sitting
    next to each other…

  12. luke

    do you need a psp acount n your psp
    does your ps3 need to be connected by ethernet or can it e wireless.
    how will you be able to set it up

  13. ICANT55

    About Time,
    Now i don’t have to go and by “ROSETTA STONE” to translate the “jap” version … LOL. GOOD JOB on making this happen SONY,that should boost PSP sales.

  14. ChristianVonSTIG

    Good question jacksmith. Honestly don’t know for certain but I think its linking people you know or people within a region to you while racing which might be linked to why GT5P still lacks in this area. I might be wrong. Correct me people.

    PSN ID: oooSTIGooo

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