Gran Turismo PSP to Include Online Play

In what first appears to be a dry interview, closer inspection reveals an interesting tidbit from Yamauchi about the multiplayer functionality in Gran Turismo PSP.  As we already know, up to four players can compete wirelessly via the PSP’s ad-hoc wireless mode.  That’s cool, but there’s more to it than that – GT PSP will be one of the first games outside of Japan to take advantage of the little-known Ad-Hoc Party application.


First released in Japan late last year, Ad-Hoc Party is a free application downloaded to your PlayStation 3.  Once running, your PSP connects wirelessly to your PS3, through which you can play games with your friends over the Internet.  It’s an interesting, decentralized method of bringing online play to PSP titles without requiring game developers to implement the additional functionality or maintain server infrastructure.  The implications of online play for GT PSP are huge, adding lots of depth and fun to a title that some hard-core players had dismissed.

Sony representatives have already confirmed that Ad-Hoc Party is coming to the United States, so keep an eye out for more information about the software in the coming weeks and months.  For now, check out the Japanese video above for a visual explanation of how the Ad-Hoc Party application works.

Thanks to FoolKiller and Shokz for pointing this out!

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  1. NISR227

    I this its a great idea, I can’t wait to play the PSP GT Mobile on-line.

    For those who are pointing out the abvious about why not just playing GT5 online on the PS3, well despite Mobile out months before GT5 so its online earlier, some of us have wifes who seriously moan when we disapear upstairs to play on the PS3 hours on end, and wonder if we still live in the same house!…so I just don’t play GT5 anywhere near as much as I’d like, or other games to think about it

    ………………. BUT with the PSP I can sit downstairs in the same room with the wife as she watches some reality rubbish/soap on tele but is happy that I am keeping her company, and then remote to the PS3 (with one headphone in).

    You’ll or learn about this once you’ve settle with a women but still love your games!

  2. GTP_RainMan

    that stuff is out already in Japan…and you can download it off the Japanese store for free… provided you can read Hiragana and have a Japanese PSN account…

    Time to get my GF over (she Japanses) and setup an account :)

  3. FoolKiller

    To add: From that video, sometimes kids have to go home because it is getting late, but they haven’t finished their game yet. After they get home and finish whatever it is their parents made them come home for they can pick it back up without waiting until they can hang out again.

  4. FoolKiller

    The point of Ad-Hoc Party would be that PSP games can be played online if you have a desire to do so. It obviously isn’t a high priority or we would have had it for years.

    For Gran Turismo PSP it adds a couple of possibilities. First, if you have a tuned car that you want to try out against an opponent from GTPlanet, or wherever, you can. Or the car trading feature means that you are not limited to only being able to trade with friends you know in person and can meet face to face. I, in Kentucky, can trade a car with a guy in California.

    There are also standalone game series on the PSP that people have been known to sit down and play while at home, such as Patapon 2, which have multiplayer via Ad-Hoc.

    The final application I can think of is that when my wife has a show she wants to watch in the living room or has guests over I can quietly take my PSP to the bedroom or even outside and still play online GT PSP.

    The main deal is that I am not limited to only trading cars with people I know in person that have a PSP and Gran Turismo, which will total zero.

  5. Vesselin

    Authy Says:

    June 11th, 2009 at 5:44 am
    Well, I think that you would be able to connect to your PS3 via the internet as well

    Then why did the Japanese folks went home?

  6. MadduckUK

    MarcoM Says:
    June 11th, 2009 at 4:36 am

    Because maybe you can also be in your garden or in the attick with you psp.

    GT on the shitter :D

  7. Authy

    Well, I think that you would be able to connect to your PS3 via the internet as well. Just like you can use the remote control function – then while out every1 would have like a dedicated server: playstation 3, and would get minimal lag. However this means that when you are out you may have to leave your playstation 3 on which is a pain.

    :) Just my thoughts

  8. MarcoM

    Because maybe you can also be in your garden or in the attick with you psp while the ps3 is somewhere else.

  9. Zimmerd

    I don’t know…
    But like that you have to be close to your PS3 anyway,
    why then not just play online on your PS3…

  10. MarcoM

    Nice functionality. I hope people outside of Japan will also be offered this ad hoc party software.

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