Another Chance to Buy the Alfa 4C Gr.3 Road Car in This Week’s GT Sport Mileage Exchange

Gran Turismo Sport 30 April 17, 2018 by

For those who missed the chance to pick up the Alfa Romeo 4C Gr.3 Road Car first time around, this week’s GT Sport Mileage Exchange will be just the ticket.

As the last vehicle from Polyphony’s fictional homologation specials, gamers had to wait until January 2018 to be able to buy it. If you missed out during its two week window at the start of the year, it’s back again for a fortnight — starting today.

It’s paired with the slightly less unusual Mercedes-AMG GT Safety Car this week. That means that this is the last possible combination of these special cars and, unless something new arrives in an update, the 28-week cycle will begin anew on May 1.

Elsewhere in the Mileage Exchange you’ll see a selection of very familiar wheels, helmets, decals and profile poses. Some of the wheel selection is repeating from the early days of the game, so it’s a good chance to pick them up if you missed them way back when Mileage points were more scarce.

12 of the 14 paints on offer this week are brand new. That includes the special manufacturer paint Blanc Perle nacre, from Peugeot, although the Mercedes Iridium Silver is a repeat from back near the game’s launch. There’s a veritable rainbow among the rest of the selection though.

These items will remain available until 0859 UTC on April 24. The Exchange will then refresh with more special items but retain the two cars. If you still need to pick up some Mi points for the Exchange’s items, check out our tips and tricks on how to get quick Mi points via the Achievements.

GT Sport Mileage Exchange – April 17–April 24

Special Cars

  • Mercedes-AMG GT Safety Car – Gr.X – 4000 Mi
  • Alfa Romeo 4C Gr.3 Road Car – N500 – 2500 Mi


  • RAYS 57XV (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • RAYS 57XV (Black) – 100 Mi
  • OZ Racing Ultraleggera (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • OZ Racing Ultraleggera (Gold) – 100 Mi
  • OZ Racing Ultraleggera (Gunmetal) – 100 Mi
  • OZ Racing Ultraleggera (Black) – 100 Mi
  • OZ Racing Quaranta (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • ENKEI RSM9 (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • ENKEI RSM9 (Black) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RG-D2 (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RG-D2 (Black) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RG-D2 (Black, Silver rim) – 100 Mi
  • BBS RI-A (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • BBS RI-A (Chrome) – 100 Mi
  • BBS RI-A (Gold) – 100 Mi
  • BBS RI-A (Black) – 100 Mi


  • Kill Switch 01 – 100 Mi
  • Extinguisher Switch 01 – 100 Mi
  • TOW 06 – 100 Mi


  • Arai GP-6 Metallic GT – 2000 Mi
  • Arai GP-6 Carbon – 2000 Mi

Profile Poses

  • Driver Pose 6 – 500 Mi
  • Driver Pose 7 – 500 Mi

Special Colors

  • Iridium Silver Metallic – 500 Mi
  • Blanc Perle Nacre – 500 Mi
  • R2 Matte (Red) – 500 Mi
  • P3 Chrome (Purple) – 1000 Mi
  • P9 Matte Fluorescent (Pink) – 500 Mi
  • O1 Small Flakes (Orange) – 500 Mi
  • G1 Half Matte (Green) – 500 Mi
  • Y3 Small Flakes (Gold) – 500 Mi
  • G3 Dark Flakes S (Green) – 500 Mi
  • Y3 Liquid Met. (Gold) – 500 Mi
  • B1 Candy Met. (Blue) – 500 Mi
  • B1 Dark Flakes L (Blue) – 500 Mi
  • B2 Dark Flakes L (Blue) – 500 Mi
  • B6 Small Flakes (Blue) – 500 Mi

Feature image courtesy of RL_23.

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