Kazunori Yamauchi Re-Confirms Additional GT Sport Cars and Tracks Incoming

Almost six months out from the game’s release, Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed more cars and tracks are indeed coming to Gran Turismo Sport.

The news comes from the recent Audi Vision GT reveal in Germany. Yamauchi was talking with local site 4players, answering various questions about the future of the franchise. Arguably the biggest revelation was that the next GT title probably won’t be GT Sport 2. In addition to that bombshell, the series creator also confirmed more content is en route for the current title.

While this isn’t the first time Yamauchi-san has said this, it’s nonetheless encouraging to hear it again. Last month, the last big content update brought Super GT cars and Tsukuba to the game. That v1.15 update made good on Polyphony’s 2017 promise of 50 new cars by the end of March 2018. Back in January, Polyphony re-introduced Monza to the GT world, too.

If you’re looking for hints on what exactly to expect in these future updates, then keep looking. The only sure-thing car on the docket is the GR Supra concept, which Polyphony lined up for some point this month. The team did allegedly scan a sweet old Lancia recently too.

In terms of tracks, Yamauchi states players can expect more as well. He also touches on rainy weather, which is currently very limited in Gran Turismo Sport. Yamauchi suggests raindrops will hit more tracks soon, something we heard late last year. Around that same time, Yamauchi also teased that Deep Forest could be on the way.

The latest version of the GT-R Nismo recently joined the GT Sport lineup. Image courtesy of MedigoFlame.

The 50-year-old series head has started a tradition of posting shadowy teasers for each of the previous GT Sport monthly updates. These teasers typically come in the latter third of the month. If there’s a similarly-sized April update coming, expect a teaser in a week (or two at most). The current GT Sport car list is comfortably over the 200-car mark, but that’s a fraction of Yamauchi’s stated 500-car goal.

There’s also the question of paid versus unpaid DLC. So far, all of GT Sport’s updates have been free. Prior to launch, Yamauchi stated the game would be free of microtransactions — and it’s stayed that way — but there hasn’t been a confirmation on more traditional DLC. The series has an inconsistent history with the practice: GT5 had a mixture of paid and free, while GT6 only had the latter (though did have microtransactions).

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Featured image courtesy of RacingManiac.

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