BMW and PlayStation Host Special GT6 Photomode Event


If you’re a photomode fanatic you’ll certainly appreciate the special event taking place over the next few weeks involving the Bavarian bravado of BMW, all in the name of a chance to have your photo showcased to millions of people around the world.

Both BMW and Gran Turismo will be keeping an eye out for the best in-game images of select BMW models captured through GT6’s photomode feature and posted on the official Gran Turismo Facebook page or the official Twitter feed by using the designated hashtag.

This week you’ll be tasked with taking your best in-game photo of the BMW Vision GT car and post it on the official Facebook page or tweet it using the hashtag #BMWPhotoVGT.

The weekly schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Starting 8AM (PDT), July 28th
Vechicle: BMW Vision GT
Hashtag: #BMWPhotoVGT

Week 2: Starting 8AM (PDT), Aug 4th
Vehicle: BMW M4
Hashtag: #BMWPhotoM4

Week 3: Starting 8AM (PDT), Aug 11th
Vehicle: BMW 507
Hashtag: #BMWPhoto507

Week 4: Starting 8AM (PDT), Aug 18th
Vehicle: BMW Z4 GT3
Hashtag: #BMWPhotoZ4GT3

GT6 Photomode image by RaY29rus.

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Comments (32)

  1. pasigiri

    Hey PD. There would be more variety if we had MORE BMWs. E30 M3, E36 M3, 2014 M5 and M6, etc.

    Couldn’t help it. It just came up. Like the State Puff Marshmellow Man.

  2. VBR

    There are many talented photographers on GT Planet, & I’m sure there will be lots of high quality entries to choose from. All the best guys!

  3. Croatian_STIG

    Sooo if I want to show my pictures, I need to have a facebook/twitter account? -.- Just let us post it in a forum on GTPlanet ffs…

    1. Aussie_HSV

      Considering GTplanet is the only forum in the world where Gran Turismo is discussed, your plan should work fine.

    2. MeanElf

      Actually, GT is discussed on a number of sites – just not quite to the same level as here, the PlayStaion forums being an example.

      I do tend to agree with Croatian_STIG though, as I don’t do social media. Alternative options would be a nice idea as well.

  4. HuskyGT

    Got my 507 as well. It’s the only one I’ll participate with. And by the way; what is it with that hashtag thing? I’ve been hearing it for a couple of years now thinking it’s just a mainstream internet thing, but since this contest requires it, I really need to know what it is.

    1. FAoOHxSniperFox

      It’s a means of tagging a post. Same as adding tags on a blog. When you click on a Hashtag, it shows you other posts with that same hashtag.

      Makes searching sites like Twitter much easier when you’re looking for, say, entries into a contest. You post with the #BMWPhotoVGT, then click that tag – and you’ll be able to see every post made with the same #BMWPhotoVGT tag.

    2. OpticZero

      “…what is it with that hashtag thing? I’ve been hearing it for a couple of years now…”

      nice try

    3. Johnnypenso

      Not everyone is into social media. I’m not. I didn’t pay any attention to it either for the longest time and then someone told me what it was otherwise I wouldn’t know either.

  5. nanabu

    Congratz to the winner : shaolinmasta :D

    Iam quite sure you will win mate

    and good luck to all other gtplanet members .


    Can’t find any information if pics have to be straight off PS3 or if photoshop can be used. If photoshop is allowed, I am definitely out of the running.

    1. IBZ6L20VT

      I missed a link to the rules of the contest in the piece of news.

      Probably, if they don’t say the opposite, edited photos are allowed. (Sadly)

    2. Amac500

      I wouldn’t say sadly if editing is allowed. I do understand though that not everybody is an editor, and I think PD needs to be clear on the issue, but what they should do is treat it like we do here in the photo mode forum, a comp for edited as well as unedited images. Each week one of each should win.

    3. IBZ6L20VT

      I totally agree with you, Amac500. A divided competition would be much appreciated.

      I said sadly and I kind of regret it. I myself like to edit real life photos, but in a game that has a powerful photomode engine… I don’t know, probably would be better to test the utter ability of each player to take the photomode to its limits. But, it it’s just my idea of how this contest should be done. ;)

  7. Blood*Specter

    Clearly if you take away the blue and red striping, the BMW is the best looking Vision GT car.
    With the VW having a firm hold on second place.

    1. ITCC_Andrew

      I find the Subaru has the nicest lines… And I’m not just saying this because I’m a rally enthusiast.

      The BMWs, meh… I don’t care for any of them except the M4

    2. Amac500

      I think he’s just talking about the ones that have been released so far. I mean the BMW was do different from its original preview image who knows how cars could turn out. Personally the Alfa Romeo and Alpine are the 2 I’m most looking forward too (of the previews) because I’m a huge fan of both and I do love the heritage of those 2 brands, but the cars both should be open top and I know I won’t really drive cars without the cockpit.

    1. Blood*Specter

      Yes of the cars released thus far. And yes, I could have said personally vice clearly.
      Clearly to me, the BMW is the best looking so far.

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