BMW and PlayStation Host Special GT6 Photomode Event

Gran Turismo 6Photomode Competitions 32 July 29, 2014 by

If you’re a photomode fanatic you’ll certainly appreciate the special event taking place over the next few weeks involving the Bavarian bravado of BMW, all in the name of a chance to have your photo showcased to millions of people around the world.

Both BMW and Gran Turismo will be keeping an eye out for the best in-game images of select BMW models captured through GT6’s photomode feature and posted on the official Gran Turismo Facebook page or the official Twitter feed by using the designated hashtag.

This week you’ll be tasked with taking your best in-game photo of the BMW Vision GT car and post it on the official Facebook page or tweet it using the hashtag #BMWPhotoVGT.

The weekly schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Starting 8AM (PDT), July 28th
Vechicle: BMW Vision GT
Hashtag: #BMWPhotoVGT

Week 2: Starting 8AM (PDT), Aug 4th
Vehicle: BMW M4
Hashtag: #BMWPhotoM4

Week 3: Starting 8AM (PDT), Aug 11th
Vehicle: BMW 507
Hashtag: #BMWPhoto507

Week 4: Starting 8AM (PDT), Aug 18th
Vehicle: BMW Z4 GT3
Hashtag: #BMWPhotoZ4GT3

GT6 Photomode image by RaY29rus.

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