Car Pack, Barn Find Arriving in FH3 November Update

SuperNerd‘s Bimmer surveys the Australian landscape before seven more vehicles arrive at the Horizon Festival.

Turn 10 Studios has kept up a long-standing tradition of inviting fans to guess the contents of its downloadable car packs, and that ritual continues ahead of November’s Forza Horizon 3 update.

The Alpinestars Car Pack, due to arrive with the Nov. 1 title update, will include seven vehicles which are not yet specified. Instead, the Turn 10 Community Team has begun feeding the customary list of clues for those who wish to rack their brains before the turn of the month:

  • Vehicle 1: Halloween is such a kooky time of year! I love the festive nature of this holiday.
  • Vehicle 2: It may be crazy to hear this but, what comes around goes around.
  • Vehicle 3: You never know until you try! The result might make for generations of cherished rivalries and competition.
  • Vehicle 4: If lives were gears this cat would be hitting 60 in less time than it takes to read this clue aloud.
  • Vehicle 5: It takes class to inspire this kind of driving. Well, that and one helluva big wing!
  • Vehicle 6: Street legal yes. Daily driver, probably not.
  • Vehicle 7: Sometimes winning makes for strange bedfellows.

Have each vehicle pinned down? Don’t be so sure. Additional hints may follow, but aren’t guaranteed. To play along with the GTPlanet community, visit the Forza Horizon 3 forum where the guessing is already underway.

The Alpinestars Car Pack will be the second monthly pack included at no additional charge for Car Pass holders, following October’s Smoking Tire Car Pack. Those without the Car Pass can expect to pay $6.99 (USD) for the set of seven.

Also worth mentioning: an added barn find is on the way.

No barn find is worth spoiling, so the make and model of this decidedly abandoned heap of metal will go unidentified for the next few days. The Nov. 1 freebie will be discoverable by all who fully install the content update, so long as they have already located the game’s first barn find amidst the sprawling Forza Horizon 3 landscape.

For the very latest on the November update as it becomes available, stay “tuned” to GTPlanet.

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  1. Ben Rogue

    Skyline_77 Yep, I’m feeling the same way. I’ve a PS4 Pro preordered but I’m thinking of cancelling it and buying an XBox just for Forza. GT has been absent for too long, and by the looks of what we have seen so far with Sport, not mach has changed. Still looks sterile and uninspired

    I’ve always thought Forza was just another over hyped arcade game, but they have been making some big improvements. The car list is more like what GT used to be, dream cars mixed in with every day cars. The customisation of vehicles is also a big selling point, GT has never done this well, even the wheel and wing options are embarrassingly bad

    1. breyzipp

      Forza IS an arcade game, and that goes for both Motorsports and Horizon. Horizon 3 is at least fun as an lush open world arcade racer with a great atmosphere. But Motorsport is sto dull being a wannabe sim but failing miserably at it. In the end it’s just a difficult arcade racer camouflaged to look like a sim.

      If you want to play a sim on consoles there are 2 titles that come close to it and that is Project CARS and Assetto Corsa. Play the first for the best immersion and overall features, play the latter for hands down the best ffb/handling consoles have ever seen, nothing comes even close.

    2. bf3

      breyzipp – gotta say you tried hard here,but failed epically,in fact your post sounds pretty much like some deluded other series fanboy,which is probably true.

      Asseto Corsa have best ffb? I think you not even played it since you posting such blurb.
      PC not even close to being a sim,in fact,its missing pretty much key elements of sim,and what are those “features” in PC? Nothing what other games didnt done.

      Forza is by far the best current gen racing game and you clearly didnt played it since saying such funny things.And i am GT fan sicne very 1st game.
      Have a feeling you are just butthurt since GT sports is just another GT Waitismo ;)

  2. brownninja97

    At the very least we know that no mustangs are coming because the clues dont mention being a nutcase at a car meet.

  3. Ryowatanbe201

    That moment, when the first 3 news on the web site of your favorite racing game, is nothing but it’s rivals. xD

    1. ROFFATI

      Thats true. But what ca you do, if Gran Turismo just sucks? Since GT4 no real innovation. The rivals juts did a better job. I dont play Forza, but they dont need five years to bring it to the next Gen and Project Cars is the benchmark on the consoles at the moment. GTsport is just a dissapointment so far. GranTurismo – The real Photo-Simulator?

    2. imported_KingK76

      @ROFFATI… Ouch! But you really can’t argue with your logic… I love GT as well but Turn 10 have taken the ball and RAN with it. Touchdown!

    3. Skyline_77

      @Roffati, that’s the damn truth. I will always be a Gran Turismo fan. the series changed my life growing up. GTSport looks decent, but when they announced that it was delayed.. that’s when it broke me. I guess everyone has their breaking point, every GT fan. but that one was mine. I can’t believe it but I think I just may purchase an Xbox to play Forza Horizon 3. here goes nothing

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