F1 2019

F1 2019’s Multiplayer League System Sounds Like Exactly What the Genre Needs

In a preview event earlier this week, Codemasters gave the assembled media — including GTPlanet — its first hands-on experience with F1 2019. We also heard about new features coming… Read More »

FIA Formula 2 Championship Officially Confirmed for F1 2019

After the briefest of teases during F1 2019’s reveal, Codemasters has confirmed the FIA Formula 2 Championship will be a part of the game. The open-wheel feeder series will be joining… Read More »

F1 2019 Will Let Players Relive the Senna/Prost Rivalry

Codemasters has peeled back a few layers on its upcoming F1 2019 sim racer. One of the biggest surprises is not about the current season, but about the past. When… Read More »

Codemasters Opens Applications for F1 2019 Beta Program

In a break from tradition, Codemasters is releasing its 2019 version of the F1 game series later this summer. With the notably advanced schedule for this year, players might be… Read More »

F1 2019 Releases June 28: Introduces New Customizable Car

Codemasters has announced the latest entry in its highly-rated Formula One franchise. F1 2019 will drop players into the action of this year’s season, and it will do so earlier than… Read More »