F1 2019

Here's the Full List of F1 2019 Classic Cars

F1 2019 9 May 20, 2019 by Kyle Patrick

Alongside today’s release of the first in-game trailer, Codemasters has revealed the full list of classic cars coming to F1 2019. Classic cars have featured in the modern era of the… Read More »

F1 2019 Gets First In-Game Trailer in Full 4K

F1 2019 4 May 20, 2019 by Kyle Patrick

Codemasters has kicked off the week with a new trailer for the upcoming F1 2019. In it, players get a taste of what the game will look like on their own… Read More »

We Played F1 2019 For Four Hours: Here's Everything We Learned

F1 2019 16 May 6, 2019 by Kyle Patrick

I’m facing the wrong way. Again. It’s an overcast Tuesday and I’m sitting behind the digital wheel of Lando Norris’ 2018 Formula 2 car at Silverstone. The car itself is… Read More »

F1 2019 Gameplay Video Blowout: F2 at Bahrain

F1 2019 26 May 6, 2019 by Kyle Patrick

We’re back with more footage of the upcoming F1 2019. Following on from the earlier F1 lap at night, it’s back to Bahrain for the first gameplay clip of this… Read More »

F1 2019 Gameplay Video Blowout: F1 at Night in Bahrain

F1 2019 26 May 5, 2019 by Kyle Patrick

We continue our coverage of F1 2019’s first media hands-on event with a handful of gameplay videos from the title. These will include players’ first real look at the new Formula… Read More »

F1 2019: Talking Realism with Car Handling Designer David Greco

F1 2019 14 May 3, 2019 by Kyle Patrick

We were lucky enough to get our grubby mitts on F1 2019 earlier this week. Codemasters invited us to Hamburg to try it, and while we put in as much time… Read More »

F1 2019’s Multiplayer League System Sounds Like Exactly What the Genre Needs

F1 2019 9 May 3, 2019 by Kyle Patrick

In a preview event earlier this week, Codemasters gave the assembled media — including GTPlanet — its first hands-on experience with F1 2019. We also heard about new features coming… Read More »

FIA Formula 2 Championship Officially Confirmed for F1 2019

F1 2019 11 Apr 27, 2019 by Kyle Patrick

After the briefest of teases during F1 2019’s reveal, Codemasters has confirmed the FIA Formula 2 Championship will be a part of the game. The open-wheel feeder series will be joining… Read More »

F1 2019 Will Let Players Relive the Senna/Prost Rivalry

F1 2019 21 Apr 26, 2019 by Kyle Patrick

Codemasters has peeled back a few layers on its upcoming F1 2019 sim racer. One of the biggest surprises is not about the current season, but about the past. When… Read More »

Codemasters Opens Applications for F1 2019 Beta Program

F1 2019 13 Apr 4, 2019 by Andrew Evans

In a break from tradition, Codemasters is releasing its 2019 version of the F1 game series later this summer. With the notably advanced schedule for this year, players might be… Read More »

F1 2019 Releases June 28: Introduces New Customizable Car

F1 2019 215 Mar 28, 2019 by Kyle Patrick

Codemasters has announced the latest entry in its highly-rated Formula One franchise. F1 2019 will drop players into the action of this year’s season, and it will do so earlier than… Read More »