F1 2019 Gameplay Video Blowout: F2 at Bahrain

We’re back with more footage of the upcoming F1 2019. Following on from the earlier F1 lap at night, it’s back to Bahrain for the first gameplay clip of this year’s new Formula 2 class.

The F2 class will provide players with a different type of challenge. A spec series featuring a torquey 3.4-liter turbocharged engine, Formula 2 cars are trickier to drive, especially at lower speeds. That was a major point of discussion when we sat down with lead handling designer David Greco. “Every F1 driver that went through F2 says F2 is more difficult,” said Greco in our interview, something we certainly gathered with our time driving the car for ourselves.

Luckily, instead of our attempts with it, these videos showcase someone more familiar with the F2’s character:


When F1 2019 arrives in late June, players will be able to drive as any of the 20 drivers that took part in the 2018 F2 season. That includes current F1 drivers Lando Norris (who features in these videos), George Russell, and Alexander Albon. After release, Codemasters will be adding in the 2019 season as well, for free.

Just like before, we’ve got the above replay footage as well as the direct onboard:


We’ll be wrapping up our F1 2019 preview coverage later today with our in-depth hands-on thoughts, so stay tuned!

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