Compete with GT Academy Driver Matthew Simmons in GT6 Online Race at Nurburgring GP (UPDATED)

Gran Turismo 6GT Academy 3 October 12, 2016 by
Schulze Motorsport Nissan GT-R GT3 charging the BMWs on the frontline in GT6. Image courtesy of kornGT.

UPDATE: Due to high demand, Matt has decided to open up the competition to a second race, to be held two hours after the first. Get all the details here.

What separates highly skilled racing drivers from those who carve their driving skills in video games? We’re going to find out this Saturday as GT Academy driver Matthew Simmons — who started in the latter group before graduating to the former last year — will be joining a special GT6 online event, giving all involved drivers a chance to experience the aura of a pro driver on a virtual track.

The one hour event will take place at Nurburgring GP/F, preceded by a single 7-minute qualifying session. The pace certainly won’t for the faint of heart as the attendants will be operating speedy FIA GT3 machines.

This is not the first time GTPlanet members have had the opportunity to race together with notable GT Academy drivers. We held a memorable online event with Lucas Ordonez last May at Silverstone circuit, which gathered a group of skillful GT6 drivers and received very positive and friendly feedback from spectators. This time the event is open to everyone, so don’t be afraid to stop by.

The race will be held this Saturday at @ 6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern Time. If you would like to inspect the full regulations and proceed with the sign up, please visit this thread. Good luck and happy racing!

Special thanks to mrnascar242424 for personally contacting Simmons and arranging the meeting.

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