Did Polyphony Digital Just Accidentally Reveal a New Car Class for GT Sport?

Gran Turismo Sport 88 April 16, 2018 by

An entirely new car category would have surprised users logging into GT Sport‘s Daily Races this morning.

Race A and Race C had the usual selection: a One Make event and a Gr.3 sprint. However Race B showed a previously unseen car class, called Gr.A. Users attempting to enter this race found that they had no suitable cars either.

As you may know, GT Sport divides cars up into a selection of different categories. N-class cars are regular street cars, further divided by their power output rounded to the nearest 100PS. Racing cars can be street-based Gr.4, more focused Gr.3, and prototype Gr.1. The last major content update introduced the silhouette Gr.2 class too. There’s also Gr.B, a dedicated rally class, and Gr.X for concept and experimental cars, such as Vision Gran Turismo. To date we’ve not seen Gr.A.

These categories closely mirror real car groups, such as street-based GT4 and prototype LMP1. Gr.B refers to defunct class of barely restricted race cars — Group B — that’s commonly associated with rally. Gr.A could therefore refer to Group A, a production-based category of rally and touring cars. Famous Group A vehicles include the 1992 Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo from DTM, the “Godzilla” Nissan R32 Skyline used in JTCC and several versions of the Mitsubishi Lancer and Subaru Impreza that dominated World Rally.

However, there are no such vehicles currently in GT Sport. That’s naturally lead to some speculation about the contents of the game’s next update — and also some bewilderment regarding how one is supposed to enter this race.

For now at least, it looks like the class label of “Gr.A” was an error. Shortly after GTPlanet’s sharp-eyed users first reported this, the race became a Gr.4 event.

So, was it a mistake — did someone read a “4” as an “A” and input it incorrectly — or is Gr.A on the Polyphony Digital radar? Keep an eye on GTPlanet for more details.

Thanks to Lebowski for the tip, and torque99 for the featured image!

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