DiRT 4 Hands-on Video Explores Joy Ride, Dealerships, DiRT Academy & More

Looking forward to the driving in DiRT 4 but still want further details on the features the game will have when it launches in June? PlayStation Access got the chance to go hands-on with the title last week, and has released another video detailing the top eight reasons it believes DiRT 4 provides a full experience outside of the actual racing.

We’ve had a look at some of the aspects talked about in the video. The first element discussed is the ‘Your Stage’ feature, which has been at the forefront of marketing materials for the game since announcement. The ability to create and share your own tracks will be core to the overall DiRT 4 gameplay experience due to the lack of officially licensed roads or WRC tracks.

The car roster is also looked at, specifically exploring the different car categories you’ll be able drive. Standouts include (but are not limited to) Modern, Classic and everything in between like Group B and S1600. We expect a lot of cars from DiRT Rally to return here but even from the video we can see some more recent additions.

The method in how you’ll gain access to the cars is also brought up as a talking point. The new dealership mechanic will work in a cycle like you would expect from the used car market (and classic Gran Turismo titles). Vehicles will rotate in and out of availability so be sure to spend and save your credits wisely to effectively manage your team.

DiRT Academy, which will act as the game’s driving school, also gets a bit of a spotlight alongside some accompanying gameplay footage. The teaching will come in the form of driving and videos showcasing popular rally techniques.

There’s no scoring system in place so there won’t be any need to hit certain scores or medal counts to keep progressing: you can learn how to rally at your own pace. This is a welcome addition compared to the more game-like tutorial schools of the past, which could often cause more frustration than assistance.

The video explores a bit more of the information currently being shared so it’s worth a watch to see if you’ve missed anything from the recent road book blog entries on the official Codemasters blog. We’ll keep you updated on GTPlanet with the latest in the DiRT franchise.

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