Driveclub “PlayStation Plus Edition” Releases Today, Free for Plus Members

Sony have announced that the Playstation Plus Edition of Driveclub will be released on June 25th. The ‘lite’ version of Driveclub will be free to all Playstation Plus members, however Sony have also stated that while off-line play will be available for all, on-line play will be rolled out gradually.

Posting on the Playstation blog Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida stated:

“After a lot of hard work from the team at Evolution Studios, I’m pleased to announce that we are making the DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition available to all PlayStation Plus members starting on Thursday, 25th June.

We’ve spent a long time preparing for this launch after some difficult and unexpected set-backs. To make absolutely certain that all players have the smoothest and most stable experience possible we are going to be duly cautious about how we release the game this time around.

Starting on Thursday, all PlayStation Plus members can download DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition and begin playing the offline mode. Also starting Thursday, we will be rolling out online access to the DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition and will steadily bring more and more players online while continuously ensuring that all game systems are running smoothly. We know that this might be frustrating after your extra wait already, but hope you can understand that we are taking extra precautions to protect your experience when you do get online. We want to make sure we don’t overload the servers as we invite millions of PS Plus members to download the game tomorrow.

We have to take this precaution because DRIVECLUB connectivity is demanding for a multiplayer game, with countless ever-growing social connections across clubs, challenges, multiplayer, and hundreds of thousands of dynamic leaderboards and activity feeds.

Everybody will have full access to the offline mode of the DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition while this is happening and we will keep you fully up to speed via with updates on access as we bring everybody online.

Thank you to everyone who has stood by DRIVECLUB during the past year and for everyone who has accepted the extra wait for the PS Plus Edition and the companion app which will come after. The team at Evolution Studios is working incredibly hard to make DRIVECLUB great for you, to get everyone to have fun racing in clubs and continue the evolution of the game with spectacular updates every month. I can’t wait to see all of you enjoying the game online together.”

Driveclub has undergone a number of updates since it release and has been supported by a wide range of DLC, which many feel has transformed a title that had a troubled start. Head to our Driveclub Forum to join in the discussion on this latest development.

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Comments (20)

  1. pudge

    Why would I *buy* Driveclub? I don’t care how good a game it is, I am not going to buy a new wheel just to use it.

    I played it for a few minutes. Hard to control with the controller (though easier than GT6). I’ll stick with GT6 and Project CARS, where I can actually use my GT3RSv2.

  2. JASON_ROCKS1998

    Good going Evo. I never got the people going on about how it was meant to be released alongside the full game. In all honesty it is just a demo for DC that you need PS+ for. Anyone who was genuinely interested in DC would have bought it months ago…

    1. Zonda5

      To be fair to them, it was originally advertised to be released at the same time as the PS4 and be the first free game of the PS4’s PS+. I gave in and bought it and have put hundreds of hours in!

  3. gigio79

    I can’t believe that there are still racing game fans who have not bought Driveclub, now is very cheap. A real racing game fan buy a game the first day of release. I saved money two months before release date.

    1. BigJimmy

      A real racing game fan wouldn’t buy DilgeClub (they would wait until its free, download it, play with it for a couple of hours and forget about it).

      Says the person who will download it later for sure. ;)

    1. dualshock

      Oh stop moaning…..if you wanted it that much why didn’t you just BUY IT!
      I don’t understand how everyone wants everything to be free…..I mean would YOU work for nothing?

    2. dualshock

      I do understand though, that if they said right from the start that it will be free, then yes it should be free, but if you REALLY wanted it you’d of had it by now…so just be glad it’s here now and you can have for nothing, it was clearly due to an implimentation problem in this case and not an out and out misleading hype, so I don’t think this is as bad as the legendary ‘FIFTY CARS ON DISC!’ Super lie that System -3 STILL CONTINUE to put out about Ferrari Challenge though!

    3. Kenocar

      I own the game, jumping the gun and being condescending takes the better of you. Now now, I know sarcasm is hard to detect in the internet, but really though?

    4. pudge

      dualshock: Um. We were *promised* that we would get it for free. A long time ago. You act like we are just expecting to get something for free that we were not owed. We are owed it. For free (with PS+ subscription). And it took a long time to get it. No one is asking them to “work for nothing”; *they* promised it!

      I am not complaining; these are just facts.

      I *am* complaining that it has no Fanatec wheel support, and I can’t see how any “racing game fans” would care much about the game unless they can afford, or already have, a new compatible wheel.

      The Project CARS developers care about supporting the existing racing user base, and worked hard to get my wheel to work, and it works *great*. And that is where I will spend most of my non-GT driving time. I will play the PS+ edition of DRIVECLUB a little … basically, when I want to drive, but don’t have my wheel set up.

    5. dualshock

      OK, apologies to Kenocar for assuming butI DID say that if they already said it would be free, then of course it should be. I was more talking about how in general there seems to be a lot of people wanting things for nothing in terms of DLC etc. without seeming to realise that if Super Car Bike Truck racer doesn’t make any money, then we are unlikely to get SCBTR 2….That’s all. I feel the same about second hand games and agree that the developers have some sort of charge to fully open the game so at least they get something back, but I wholeheartedly disagree with games having online only unlockables for the offline part of the game that you can no longer get once they turn the servers off…such as Midnight Club LA and Motorstorm Pacific Rift etc. When they know they are going to turn the server off I think they should do an update and unlock the items….I shan’t even mention what I think of the Crews set up!

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