Driveclub VR’s 30 Urban Tracks Arrive in Standard Game For Free

Driveclub 10 October 31, 2016 by
RL_23 shows off Ashii, a brand new circuit in this content update.

When we sat down with it, we found the VR version of Driveclub mostly the same as the original in terms of the gameplay and the majority of content. One of the more exciting aspects of the game was the 15 new urban tracks that racers were able to try out on the PSVR just two weeks ago at launch.

Those wanting to drive these new tracks themselves will now have the opportunity to do so, as the vanilla version of Driveclub received a brand new title update this morning adding these tracks to the game free of charge.

Clocking in at 6GB, the title update brings new tracks to existing locations in the game, with reverse variants bringing the total list of new content to 30 circuit layouts. New tracks take place in locations such as India and Norway, to name but a few countries which will host a new assortment of racing-based treats.

This free content being distributed to those who own the PlayStation exclusive will all but mark the end of the Driveclub lifecycle. Treatment of the semi-sim racer has been that of neglect since Evolution Studios were relieved of their duties by the bigwigs at Sony.

Nonetheless, this strikes us as a good-will gesture for those who truly enjoyed what Driveclub had to offer without pledging for their cash at the same time. The level of free content is refreshing in a gaming generation where anything and everything can be monetized. It’s good to see Sony and Evolution Studios deliver more tracks to keep people playing the PS4 exclusive years after release.

Experience tranquility with this beautiful snap from Chikane.

To call the post-closure treatment of the Driveclub brand unusual would be an understatement. The VR edition was originally outed by the ESRB last April before being promptly removed from the rating board’s website. Later in the summer, a similar situation happened on Sony’s own PlayStation Japan blog.

With regards to today’s update, there was no time-frame given for when this content would be ready, nor an official announcement of its release outside of a singular tweet from the PlayStation account. If this is truly the end of the road for Driveclub, it makes for a slightly ignominious end to what remains Sony’s best-selling current-gen exclusive racer.

Stop by our Driveclub forum section to discuss the latest update, and stay tuned for our thoughts on the new tracks!

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