EXCLUSIVE: GT Sport’s Facelifted Willow Springs & Beautiful Menus (UPDATED)

Gran Turismo Sport 57 May 21, 2016 by


UPDATE: These videos have been removed at the request of Polyphony Digital and Sony.

Seeing that people’s emotions have pretty much settled down from all the hype the majority of us experienced during the Gran Turismo Sport London event, we now have a very pleasing job to do: share all the great stuff our dedicated members have recorded during the two-day adventure with Polyphony Digital’s latest installment of the series!

Previously we brought you some Ferrari 458 GT3 gameplay footage, partially recorded during a run at ‘Green Hell’. This gave the community their first taste of what the game could look like once the it hits shelves in November this year. Today we cover a different part of the game, showing what kind of main menus we could experience in the final version. Watch the video above and join Jordan as he navigates the visually appealing menus!

Hm, how hard can it be to differ real scenario from virtual thing...?
Hm, how hard can it be to determine real scenario from virtual thing…?

Of course, we’re not leaving actual gameplay videos behind, with the following exciting run at Willow Springs Raceway being a good example. This time you’re going to be put into the seat of the Audi R8 LMS, one of many exotic cornering machines that appeared during the livestream of the London event. Closely observe the new HUD in action, the interior of the car, and many more details.


Do not forget to share your impressions in our GT Sport related threads: General Discussion and First-Hand Impressions. Be prepared, as more of this goodness is coming your way!

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