EXCLUSIVE: GT Sport Ferrari 458 GT3 Direct Feed Replay Footage (UPDATED)

Gran Turismo Sport 102 May 20, 2016 by


UPDATE: These videos have been removed at the request of Polyphony Digital and Sony.

The two-day London event for GT Sport has just concluded, and for those unable to make it, we’ve got the next best thing: exclusive direct-feed video in all its high-resolution glory!

This is only the beginning, as we’ll be bringing you numerous videos from the event over the weekend. For now here’s a taster, featuring the new-to-GT Ferrari 458 GT3 tackling the Green Hell. We’ll leave it to speak for itself.

There’s been all manner of information revealed over the last 48 hours, including the release dates, new cars, new tracks, and even pre-order details. Stay tuned for even more!

You can read all about the game, including GTPlanet members’ thoughts from the London event, over in our GT Sport forums.

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