F1 2018 Will Get an Online Driver Ranking System Too

F1 2018 2 July 31, 2018 by

Codemasters has released the latest trailer for F1 2018. With its August 24 release date fast approaching, it offers a 150-second recap of what players can expect.

Perhaps the most interesting addition comes near the end of the video. F1 2018 will join the ever-increasing list of games with some level of online player ranking. The game will rank players based on skills as well as cleanliness, with the goal being closer races online against similar players. With the franchise’s push into esports, this is most welcome.

Up next is the return of the media. Interviews won’t be a passive endeavor, either: your answers will affect your relationship with your team. Not only that, other teams will pick up on your attitude, which could help (or hinder) future contract negotiations.

The R&D aspect of the game has come in for a tune-up, too. Now, each team will have its own unique tree of improvements, allowing you to play to the team’s strengths. You’ll have to be careful with your investments too, as year-to-year rule changes could wipe out chunks of progress.

This being the 2018 season, there’s a few changes to the circuit lineup. The French Grand Prix has returned with Circuit Paul Ricard, while Hockenheim subs in for the Nürburgring.

The team hasn’t forgotten about the on-track action, either. Codemasters has continued to work with F1 teams to improve the simulation of the cars. Game director Lee Mather chimes in:

“The game’s handling has also been reworked using real world F1 data to give us new suspension and chassis physics, as well as the introduction of manually deployed ERS. This all means that the cars feel great to drive and you can really feel the difference between the modern cars and the 20 classics there are in the game. There is a huge contrast between the low aero, low grip cars from the 1970s compared to the 2018 cars.”

Speaking of the classics, eight new cars have joined the lineup, including the Brawn BGP-001 and Lauda’s Ferrari 312 T2.

With this being the last day of July, there’s not much longer until F1 2018 touches down. Stay tuned for more info on the game.

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