Here’s a First Look at GT Sport’s New Sardegna Road Circuit

Gran Turismo Sport -1 June 20, 2019 by

June 2019 looks like it could be a bit of a bumper month for new GT Sport content. We’ve got new cars in the pipeline, new weather conditions set to shake things up, and now we’ve got a brand new circuit on the way.

In yet another sneak preview from the World Tour floor, an anonymous but sharp-eyed gamer has managed to snap the new ribbon of asphalt. The new track somewhat defies earlier predictions, and is a totally new circuit to the series — although it bears a familiar name.

It’s called the Sardegna Road Track, and it’s actually three tracks rolled into one. You’ll likely recognize the name from GT Sport already; Sardegna is the location of one of the game’s three rally tracks. There’s no dirt here though (unless you count gravel traps), as all three layouts are pure road courses.

Each of the three versions — a 3.5-mile A track, the 2.5-mile B track, and a short 1.65-mile C layout — is available in both forward and reverse versions, keeping with Gran Turismo tradition for “Original Circuits”.

We’ve yet to see any game play from any of the new circuit variants, but with two “TBA” tracks in the World Tour Nurburgring schedule, chances are we’ll catch some over the weekend. Stay tuned to GTPlanet for more from the event.

Thanks to rono_thomas for the tip-off.

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