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Not a huge amount of stuff to talk about from Raw, it was mostly just build for Mania.

Becky Lynch beat Nia Jax in a good last woman standing main event, Becky won with a leg drop from a ladder onto Jax through the announce table, Awesome Truth, DIY and New Day all qualified for the tag team ladder match, DIY had a banger of a match with the Creed's, Truth got the pin to win against Indus Sher but he didn't know it! :lol:

There was some more good promo stuff between Seth and Drew, Cody hit back at the Rock with some great lines, Paul Heyman interrupted but that was only really to build for the face-to-face between Roman and Cody on Smackdown.

Can't really think of anything worth mentioning from last night.

I don't think the bray Wyatt Doc will be available in the UK as we don't have Peacock. :(

Not a bad group for Rossy's post-Stardom promotion. Giulia (for the time being) and Utami (last name withheld here because it technically trips the censor filter) as top names, Mirai and Mai Sakurai midcard.

Of the five, Utami and Yuzuki are the main surprises for me. Yuzuki as she's just finished her "rookie without a faction" phase and Utami's group Queen's Quest will be on a new leader.
Smackdown tonight.

Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes face-to-face.
IYO Sky v Naomi
Street Profits v AOP-tag team qualifier.
Grayson Waller & Austin Theory v Gallows & Anderson-tag team qualifier.
Rey Mysterio v Santos Escobar-both Legado Del Fantasma and LWO barred from ringside.

Roman Reigns was on Pat McAfee's show a bit earlier, he took shots at Cody and CM Punk.
Smackdown was a bit forgettable last night sadly.

The face to face was pretty good but also a bit standard, Roman compared Rhodes to a politician in that he 'kisses babies' and makes promises and doesn't keep them, he also said that Cody is a great number two but he will be number one forever. They did do it alone (with Heyman there, but you know...) but after once Roman left the ring Jimmy and Solo joined him, however Cody wasn't falling for his mind games so Jey and Seth Rollins soon followed, and that's how the show went off air.

The in-ring action was Okay but there were two distraction finishes and two wins via a roll up, Dominik Mysterio caused his dad a distraction when he appeared during Rey's match with Santos and Santos ended up winning, Dom could be involved in the LDF/LWO feud which could lead to an eight man tag at Mania, Damage CTRL caused a distraction to Naomi which led IYO picking up the win, Bianca Belair tried to help out when Naomi got beaten down after which could mean another multi person tag match at Mania, both tag team qualifiers were won via roll up with Theory/Waller and Street Profits progressing to the finals which take place next week.

Jade Cargill finally makes her proper WWE debut on Smackdown next week, she also could be involved in the Damage CTRL thing at Mania.
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Raw tonight.

CM Punk appearance.
Andrade v Ivar
Sami Zayn v Bronson Reed.
Ivy Nile v Candice La Rae.
Ricochet v JD McDonagh.

WrestleMania is now less than two weeks away, its next weekend!
So The Rock made an unadvertised appearance on Raw, and then beat the **** out of Cody! It was at the end of the show during a melee backstage when it happened, Rock blindsided Cody then it was just a mauling and Cody didn't even fight back, it continued outside in the Chicago rain with Cody getting busted open (it was either a blade job or a blood capsule) then Rock smeared some of that blood on a weight belt with had Mama Rhodes written on it, he also said this is what happens when you **** with the final boss!

CM Punk was interrupted by Drew and then Seth, it was a great segment with Punk taking shots at Vince! It seems like Punk will be on guest commentary for the WH title match between Seth and Drew.
So The Rock made an unadvertised appearance on Raw, and then beat the **** out of Cody!
Between that and the Punk/Drew/Seth promo. Not sure how they are going to top it next week. Absolute cinema.

Also, interesting in the background of The Rock beating the crap out of Cody was a production truck with both Cena and Austin's faces on it. Wonder if that was a bit of foreshadowing for 'Mania. 🤔
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In NXT land. Ridge Holland announced he was leaving in quite a heart breaking promo.

It is possible he is pulling a 2013 Mark Henry and it's a work and will come back stronger but on the chance it isn't it's actually quite sad such a freak accident spiraled his career of harrasment just because he didn't have the shield Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio or Samoa Joe had of being established names in their freak accidents...
Still finding the Rock/Roman/Cody stuff a bit boring but at least it (hopefully) ends in a couple of weeks. Dwayne has a few films to shoot.

Seems like they might be setting up a Chad Gable heel turn, with him offering to train Sami for his match vs Gunther. With that, the tag ladder match and Rhea/Becky, the undercards are looking more interesting for me.

Also, please don't bring the corpses of the Hardys back. It was great the first time, leave it at that.
I have heard that Ridge Holland's 'sabbatical' is storyline but he has been moved to the alumni section of which is basically a section of the site that is dedicated to people who are no longer with the company. So if it is storyline then they are committing to it! He has had a rough of couple of years.

They have started constructing the ring and Stage setup at Lincoln Financial Field for Mania next week.

Becky Lynch's book is out now, she has said interviews today that she is in the last two months of her contract and so is Seth, I think Drew's contract expires at the end of the month too and whilst they have had talks nothing has been singed yet. I cant imagine WWE without the three of them.

I think Monday's Raw was the best of quite a while, Seth/Punk/Drew bit was 19 minutes of brilliance...and none of it was scripted!
Smackdown tonight.

Jade Cargill's Smackdown debut.
Kevin Owens & Randy Orton v Pretty Deadly.
Bianca Belair v Dakota Kai
The Street Profits v A-Town Down Under-tag team qualifier.
New Catch Republic v Legado Del Fantasma-tag team qualifier.

More fun on social media tonight with Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre basically double teaming on Seth Rollins. :lol:

The Rock beating of Cody continued after Raw went off air with Rock whipping Cody with the belt twice.

AJ Styles hinted to having new theme music and entrance at Mania during his interview with UpUpDownDown today.
Jade Cargill is teaming up with Naomi and Bianca Belair to take on Damage CTRL, match hasn't been made yet but Jade helped out Belair and Naomi at the end of Smackdown and the three stood tall, Jade didn't have a match last night as she just signed the SD contract and gave a short promo but she looked great at the end of the show.

New Catch Republic and Waller/Theory have qualified for the tag team ladder match and that field is now set, Rey Mysterio issued a challenge to Santos and Dominik for a tag match with his partner which is Dragon Lee who has joined the LWO, Logan Paul knocked Kevin Owens out with brass knucks during his tag match with Pretty Deadly which led Deadly to win, The Final Testament and Bobby Lashley/Street Profits stuff lumbers on.

The show was light on Bloodline stuff with no Rock or Roman but Paul Heyman said the Rock beat up Cody on the order of Roman, Jey Uso will face Solo on Smackdown next week.
Looks sleek, though
Rey Mysterio & Dragon Lee v Santos Escobar & Dominik Mysterio and Naomi, Jade Cargill & Bianca Belair v Damage CTRL have both been made official for Mania.

There will be two-hour kick-off shows before both nights but they will be called 'countdown to WrestleMania', there was also two-hour pre-shows before both nights last year.
Raw tonight, the final Raw before WrestleMania is in Brooklyn.

The Rock and Roman Reigns.
Sami Zayn v Bronson Reed.
Judgment Day v New Day & DIY.
Ivy Nile & Maxxine Dupri v Candice La Rae & Indi Hartwell.

CM Punk has had an interview with Ariel Halwani where he talks in depth about his time at AEW, well worth a watch if you haven't.

There have been a few posts on here about the Mania stage, just to let you know that they are doing an official stage reveal on Thursday.
WrestleMania 40 lineups are:

  • The Rock/Roman Reigns v.s Cody Rhodes/Seth Rollins
    -Rock/Roman win, Bloodline Rules; Rhodes/Rollins win, Bloodline banned from ringside (lol)

  • Rey Mysterio/Dragon Lee v.s Dominik Mysterio/Santos Escobar

  • Bianca Belair/Jade Cargill/Naomi v.s Dakota Kai/Asuka/Kairi Sane

  • Jey Uso v.s Jimmy Uso

  • Finn Balor/Damian Priest (c) v.s Johnny Gargano/Tommaso Ciampa v.s The Miz/R-Truth v.s Kofi Kingston/Xavier Woods v.s Austin Theory/Grayson Walker v.s Pete Dunne/Tyler Bate
    -Ladder Match for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship
    -according to Michael Cole tonight, match continues until both sets of titles are retrieved. Looks like a possible welcome splitting of the belts

  • Gunther (c) v.s Sami Zayn
    -WWE Intercontinental Championship

  • Rhea Ripley (c) v.s Becky Lynch
    -WWE Women's World Championship


  • Roman Reigns (c) v.s Cody Rhodes
    -WWE Undisputed Universal WWE Championship :sly:
    -rules TBD by night one

  • Seth Rollins (c) v.s Drew McIntyre
    -World Heavyweight Championship

  • Iyo Sky (c) v.s Bayley
    -WWE Women's Championship

  • LA Knight v.s AJ Styles

  • Logan Paul (c) v.s Kevin Owens v.s Randy Orton
    -WWE United States Championship

  • Bobby Lashley/Angelo Dawkins/Montez Ford v.s Karrion Kross/Akam/Rezar
    -Philly Street Fight, so here's a good shot for someone to yeet themselves off the letters on the WrestleMania set onto everyone else

Had every intent to attend this year, fits in perfectly with my work schedule. Also would've tried for one of the indy shows that pop up each year in the same town as Mania, likely Stardom's American Dream 2024 on Thursday. On that show, we've got my main non-WWE match that week


At a comparatively towering 5' 4" (to Mei's 4' 11" and Ram's not-easy-to-source-but-easily-under-5'), noted literal human beansprout and my favorite non-AEW/WWE talent Saki Kashima is the giant of the High Speed title match.
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Rollins and Rhodes took an absolute beating at the hands of Reigns and Rock last night. And it the second week in a row for Cody. it happened during the main event which was Rollins v Solo in a Bloodline rules match, it was good but then Jimmy first interrupted before Jey and then the Rock got involved, it looked like Rock would have his way with a stricken Rollins but as Seth said beforehand he always has a plan B, and this time it was Cody and the both went after the Rock but it was a trap as in came Roman and then the beat down started with spears and whipping with a weight belt, it was pretty brutal as Roman and Rock stood tall at the end of the show.

Speaking of beatings Gunther gave one to Chad Gable and then Sami, there was a great Rocky-style video of Chad training Sami at the Performance Centre. As mentioned the WrestleMania card schedule is set and I can't see anymore matches being made. The only thing we don't know is who's going to being opening both shows and the main event for night one.

Clash At The Castle will be returning on June 15th at the Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland. It was announced this morning.
At the end of the Bray Wyatt documentary, WWE seems to be teasing a Bo Dallas (Uncle Howdy) return, possibly at Summerslam.
There was a Philly Cheese Steak eating contest between Omos and Otis which was hosted by Big E, somehow it was won by Akira Tozawa. I think it means that the Meat Mania match sadly isn't happening, also worth pointing out that Omos faced Brock Lesnar at Mania last year...but that was likely a Vince match.

Lia Maivia is the latest and probably last inductee into this years HOF, she was one of the first ever wrestling promoters and is the Rock's grandmother, The Rock himself will induct her.

I will still post the card for Mania even though its already been done, I'll post the NXT Stand & Deliver Card too.
Note on the Lia Maivia induction but considering she was on the list of inductees that leaked a while back and it's been accurate to date, can reasonably expect a last minute
Bray Wyatt
induction announcement coming sometime in the next few days.
Note on the Lia Maivia induction but considering she was on the list of inductees that leaked a while back and it's been accurate to date, can reasonably expect a last minute
Bray Wyatt
induction announcement coming sometime in the next few days.
Family have said that he isn't being inducted this year - apparently to not put a damper for the family on the US Express induction
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Smackdown tonight.

Jey Uso v Solo Sikoa
Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale
KO Show with guest Randy Orton
Zelina Vega v Elektra Lopez.
New Catch Republic v Waller & Theory

Hall of fame induction ceremony is after the show

Here is the card for NXT Stand & Deliver tomorrow.

Joe Gacy v Shawn Spears

Thea Hail, Kelani Jordan & Fallon Henley v Jacy Jane, Kiana James & Izzi Dame.

NXT Tag Team Championship.
Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker (c) v Nathan Fraser & Axiom

NXT North American Championship-Triple Threat Match.
Oba Femi (c) v Dijak v Josh Briggs

NXT Women's Championship.
Lyra Valkyria (c) v Roxanne Perez

Carmelo Hayes v Trick Williams

NXT Championship.
Ilja Dragunov (c) v Tony D'Angelo

Stand & Deliver will be on before night one of Mania tomorrow, I think its around 5pm UK time.

Mania weekend has began with lots of media interviews, there has been a Pat McAfee show with Michael Cole, Triple H, Cody Rhodes, Rhea Ripley and Gunther. Logan Paul has hosted his Impaulsive podcast with Triple H as guest.

I will post the Mania card tomorrow.
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Right then, my biggest post of the year on this thread, this is the card for WWE WrestleMania 40!

Tonight-Night One

Women's World Championship.

Rhea Ripley (c) v Becky Lynch

Rey Mysterio & Andrade v Santos Escobar & Dominik Mysterio

Jey Uso v Jimmy Uso

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship-6 Pack Ladder Match.
Finn Balor & Damien Priest (c) v New Catch Republic v Awesome Truth v DIY v New Day v Waller & Theory

Bianca Belair, Naomi & Jade Cargill v Damage CTRL

Intercontinental Championship.
Gunther (c) v Sami Zayn

Cody Rhodes & Seth 'Freakin' Rollins v Roman Reigns & The Rock
(If Cody/Seth win then the Universal title match will be Bloodline-free, if Roman/Rock win then it will be Bloodline Rules)


Tomorrow-Night Two

United States Championship-Triple Threat Match.

Logan Paul (c) v Randy Orton v Kevin Owens

Philadelphia Street Fight.
Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits v The Final Testament

LA Knight v AJ Styles

WWE Women's Championship.
IYO Sky (c) v Bayley

WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
Seth 'Freakin' Rollins (c) v Drew McIntyre

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.
Roman Reigns (c) v Cody Rhodes
(either Bloodline free or Bloodline Rules)

Michael Cole, Pat McAfee & Corey Graves will be commentators and Samantha Irvin will be ring announcer for both nights.

Wasn't quite sure about the match schedule for night two but I do know that Ripley/Lynch will be opening night one.

Any predictions? The only titles I can't see changing hands are the US title and intercontinental title, I do think that Cody will win with some shenanigans and distractions, and that the tag titles will get split at the end of the ladder match.

Dragon Lee was taken out supposedly by LDF last night, Andrade turned face to help out Rey Mysterio and is his new partner, I can see Carlito turning heel on Rey as that's twice that he has been overlooked.

Rollins and Rhodes were on the show last night to help out Jey who was getting beaten up by Jimmy and Solo, Cody said after that whilst one story ends another one begins as the two stood tall at the end of the show.

Hall of Fame ceremony was great with a fantastic little bit when the Rotunda's were paying an a emotional tribute to Bray during the US Express induction and the firefly's were out in force, well worth watching Heyman and his induction speech, the Rock was involved in a verbal altercation with a fan after he inducted Lia Maivia, not the first time that has happened during his heel run.

Huge crowd last night for Smackdown and the HOF ceremony, well over 19,000 as they used a smaller stage setup. The arena is right across the street from the Mania venue!

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