Expections for GT7 in 2023?

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Nothing gonna change same kinds of update all the times, we probably wont get Sophy either, making me sad to see how Kaz lost touch with his players. And money invested in making a GT movie instead of recruiting staffs to make the game better. Just like they recruited personnality for the GT7 launch instead of hiring more staff to make more content for the release of the game but no we had famous person and collab which 99% of the player base dont really care about.

The good things about GT is that they make really cool model to be imported into Assetto Corsa, so at least there's that.
If forza has a penalty system, a massive reduction in players. Otherwise more of the same. The one thing that won’t get better is this game. I think the devs have shown how completely out of touch they are with the people who actually play the game, or that they are a video game company at all.
Vr2, load more events and modern performance cars from past few years.
That I get to own the fxx-k and pd adds the real c8r those 2 things would exceed my expectation for 2023
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What are my expectations for GT7 in 2023? Have you heard of the Mariana Trench? They're that low.
I got neutral expectations, or in other words "Nothing Special"
If forza has a penalty system, a massive reduction in players. Otherwise more of the same. The one thing that won’t get better is this game. I think the devs have shown how completely out of touch they are with the people who actually play the game, or that they are a video game company at all.
I know FM7 online has a penalty system. 10 seconds of penalties and you enter ghosted probation state, 12 seconds = Disqualified by game. Even FH5 in PvP has a penalty system that forces slow down when hitting a wall too hard. :)
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My expectations are very low. Being optimistic, by December 2023, I believe that at most we will only have three circuits added (Grand Valley, Tokyo R246 and Red Rock Valley) and approximately thirty cars. In the launch month of Forza Motorsport 8, I believe that PD presents something slightly different.

GT7 is this game and it won't change much. I believe most of the PD is already focused on producing a dedicated GT game for the PS5
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-Just give us Endurance Races (repeatable, not missions!) and decent payout 30min and 1H race (just 5 to 10 LM/Sardegna/Spa like)
-Higher paying custom races and Sport mode
-I'm expecting 3 or 4 new tracks and around 50 cars (1 track every 3 or 4 months and 3/4 cars each month)

This would be enough to me
Lack of content updates.
You know same old same old.

If PD needs ideas I posted about 150hrs worth of endurance races, which also includes a 2 new race tracks(Sears Point & Sebring)
- PSVR2 support

- PC port announcement

- Some kind of GT movie collaboration

- Spec 2 details, although maybe '24

- 4 new tracks

- 40+ cars covering many of the remaining GT classics, plus increasing numbers of all new models

- Latest Super GT500 & Super Formula models

- Endurance races, including 24hr events

- Expansion to two Time Trials per week (tuned & non-tuned)

- Some kind of casual daily race format, ie hopper races
I expect that the week I get my PS5 will be when they finally fix the skipfreeze.
I hope for endurance races with better payouts.
Older F1 cars from the 60s
All my cars from GT4 like the Europa, Cosmo 110, etc..
City circuits, Rome, NY, Seattle
Monte Carlo
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  • More cars (datamines and new)
  • More tracks (from bright past and new additions)
  • Customisation in online races
  • Championships
  • More accessories (rims bodykits spoilers etc) and the ability to sell them if you want
  • Track and car focused events
  • Daily login bonus in all events (+30 +40 etc)
  • Track editor that will make the big push
Kaz if you see the GT4 structure 2023 will be bright!!!
My predictions is that we will have roughly half of the leaked car list by 2023.

Along with three new tracks at best, which I won't bother to try to predict because PD seems to nit be carrying about which tracks they add to the game...they will probably add a variation of a existing track too and count that as a new track to boost up the amount of free(but not really) DLC content, and no, Nurburgring Bridge to gantry layout still won't be usable in lobbies.

2P split screen will probably remain the same broken **** it is right now.

The movie will likely be a flop.

GT Sport will likely have it's plug pulled.

GT7 will still be a boring singleplayer game with the always online problem.

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Add qualifying to create race mode and circuit events replacing chase the rabbit non races with actual racing. (I realize asking for racing in a race game is a bit out there), but no-one said you can't wish list....
Multiplayer improvements
Possibility to know if the quali/race has started...
Possibility to enter if quali is not finished
Easier way to find the tracks which are in random order now..
Or/and alway put the last searched track in first..
Drive with any assist should be slower...that s often not the case today..

Improve FFB ..like ACC by exemple..

Possibility to use button box to add settings
1. Announcement of a PC exclusive GT Sport 2 to coincide with the launch of Forza Motorsport

2. Reaffirmation of PD's commitment to GT7's live service support into the far future with the adoption of a quarterly content update schedule instead of monthly

3. A sneak peek of an exciting new Netflix series, Gran Turismo Cafe, where Kaz and his interpreter sit down with celebrity car enthusiasts from around the world to talk about their shared passion (with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of Episode 1 - "What Color is Your Bugatti?" inside a Romanian high security facility)
In terms of tracks - Grand Valley for sure then there is a chance to get Hungaroring because of the GT movie and if we get lucky we might get Sebring , Motegi or some other original tracks like R246
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