Gran Turismo 7: Next update idea after August 25th update

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I have an idea that I want to propose to Kazunori Yamauchi for a future update.
My idea is that they add the Lexus LFA, BMW E60 M5 and the Audi R8 V10 as part of a theoretical "V10 update". As for the track they should add some variations of Goodwood: the hill climb, the rally course and the donut area (don't know what it's called).
I would like this to reach Kaz as soon as possible and would also like to know other people's opinion. This would be the best update in my opinion
Yes but it's PD so don't expect it to happen. Also to go along with the V10 theme add the '08 Dodge Viper ACR from the PS3 era and the gen 1 Viper RT from the PS1 era (and maybe the Dodge Ram SRT10, but I'm probably going too far).
Can I make a request of a Racetrack to be put into Gran Turismo 7, I highly request that Grand Valley Speedway to be brought back into Gran Turismo 7 in the next update please also another request of cars to be put or brought back into Gran Turismo 7 and I will put them down below in a Numbered list and all of them are Corvette's. Also, I highly request that Dream Car Championship to return into GT7 in the Cafe missions including Gran Turismo All Stars Championship back into GT7 in the Cafe missions also add The Like the Wind Championship into GT7 in the Cafe missions. And top it off add the Corvette Festival back into GT7 please I beg it to be done.

For the Track: Grand Valley Speedway (Main layout & East Layout & West layout & North Layout & South Layout)

For the Cars:
1. Corvette ZR1 (C6) LM Race Car,09 (Possible Gr.2 or Gr.1 due to have 818hp in GT6)
2. Corvette Z06 (C6) LM Race Car,06 (Possible Gr.3 or Gr.2 due to have 690hp in GT6)
3. Corvette Z06 (C6),06
4. Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Concept (C7),13
5. Corvette Stingray (C8), 2021
6. Corvette Z06 (C8), 2022 (Both Z07 Version or Standard version)
7. Corvette C8.R (C8),2021 (Possible Gr.3)
8. a Corvette C8 Gr.3 car to go with the C7 Gr.3 car in game
9. a Corvette C8 Gr.4 car to go with the C7 Gr.4 car in game
10. a Corvette C8 Gr.2 and Gr.1 cars to add the Gr.2 and Gr.1 class in the Chevy brand in GT7.