Gran Turismo Sport 1.13 Update Now Available

2.6gb @ 17min and counting.

The F1 car seems to be the Lotus 97T without branding. Maybe there are minor differences. Main thing is it's a mid 80's F1 car and we'll be able to add liveries.

Pleasant surprise to see we got the Isle of Man Time Attack car. Thought that may have turned out to be a rally car of sorts.
How many 20Mil cars are in the update?

A bit of an eclectic update, as usual.

Blue Moon Infield is nice, layout looks a bit basic, but is actually quite challenging to drive. The A layout is basically Daytona Road with the corners widened and minus the backstraight chicane. The B layout seems simple but is a lot of fun to drive.

The new cars are ace.
De Tomaso Pantera :drool: I just hope they get the sound right.
Would've preferred the newer boxy R8 V10 Plus IMO.
More old school muscle is always nice for photomode and livery purposes.
The F1 - wow - never would have thought they would go down the fictional route. Based on the name I'm expecting 1500 horsepower :crazy: This opens up a whole new possibilities as well. Group F with reimagined Formula cars from every decade? :drool: Think 50s, 60s, 70s, 90s V10, 00s V8 and current gen V6 Hybrid cars in future updates. Also Formula 4/3/2 to complement the karts and fill all single seater racing ladder.
Subaru WRX IOM TT 👍👍👍 I kinda hoped PD would add DRS button (also removed from the Tomahawk since GT6). Also please let the full track be coming to the game at some point in the future. *Tourist Trophy 2 hype intensifies*
D1GP BRZ is pretty meh, but all the Rocket Bunny people will have a field day making liveries. Would've preferred Dai's S13 personally.
Toyota road cars just keep coming to GTS, while being completely absent from other games. I smell an exclusivity deal going on...not great if true. Also was hoping for PD to add the range topping MA70 Turbo R instead of the Turbo A.

Still awaiting the NSX NA1/2 to complete the 6 JDM halo cars of the 90's (STi, Evo, Supra, GT-R, RX7 being the others).

One more planned update to go (March), then it's anyone's guess whether PD keeps supporting the title with new content. Also we're STILL missing several VGT brands. And the rumoured Super GT GT-R. many possibilities.
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Looks like they added particle effects to the off road courses, now you can visually see pebbles and clumps being kicked up and tossed around when cars rush through the dirt. Nice effect although they lack proper lighting as they are far too bright compared to everything else.

Side note, anyone else game file damn near 80 GB? Just what the hell is in there that the game file is that huge now? It jumped from 68GB in Dec to 79GB after this update. This is my largest game now, beating out GTA V.
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