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  1. BlueShift


    Velcome in me chop, bring a sit, would you like drunk ? :D

    Here's the place where all my tunes for GT6 are linked. High uses of engrish there again.

    I take usually take 8-10 hours of gameplay to tune a car and sometimes 3-4 for a quick tune.

    Usually my habits are max tunes with no driving aids but ABS1 and toe @ 0/0. And my religion tells me comp > ext. All my tunes are made with a DS3 at offline play.
    I'm now trying to put RH/RH on most of the cars.

    Because I don't like toe and driving aids and plays with a DS3, I'm not a very good F1 / Group C tuner.

    I played GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, GT5, got also a shop on GT5 that you can visit here.


    Dec 30 2013 - 636 PP - Abt Audi TT-R '02 - Reborn from GT5
    Dec 30 2013 - 654 PP - Tommykaira ZZ II '00 - Reborn from GT5
    Jan 3 2013 - 541 PP - Honda NSX Type S Zero '99 - Full retune of a GT5 setup
    Jan 7 2013 - 683 PP - Pagani Zonda R '09 - 2 versions : Reborn from GT5 & Full retune of a GT5 setup
    Jan 15 2013 - 738 PP - Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Base Model '10 - GT6 exclusive - Racing edition
    Jan 15 2013 - 731 PP - Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Base Model '10 - GT6 exclusive - Drag edition
    Jan 18 2013 - Pagani Zonda R'09 *update* (susp, LSD)
    Jan 18 2013 - 602 PP - Lexus LFA Nürburgring Package '12 - GT6 exclusive
    Jan 23 2014 - Honda NSX Type S Zero '99 *update* (toe)
    Jan 26 2014 - 500 PP - Shelby GT350 '65 - GT6 Exclusive, FITT Chalenge
    Jan 26 2014 - 500 PP - Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible (C3) '69 - Full retune of a GT5 setup, FITT Chalenge
    Jan 28 2014 - S.Q.A.T. - 0.0.1 Initial release
    Jan 31 2014 - 560 PP - Jaguar XKR-S '11 - GT6 Exclusive, Seasonal tune
    Feb 05 2014 - S.Q.A.T. - 0.0.2
    Feb 12 2014 - Citroën 2CV Type A '54 - GT6 exclusive, Drift
    Feb 16 2014 - SRT Viper GTS '13 - GT6 exclusive


    Next cars
    - Every setup I post for GT5 will be looked at, some of them I'm most proud of will be redone as it's easy work to get back in the game, especialy for LSD setting.
    Next is maybe the Scuderia but I have troubles with it. My Veyron, Speed 12, Alpine, E-Type and the migthy Citroën 2CV are all sure shots. I'm not sure to bother with the YellowBird again but I migth take a glance at it.
    - Escudo - at last ! I made her by request in GT5, it was very good but lost my save so I quit the game, this is the reason of why I quit the forums in 2011.
    - GT-R R35 Touring Car. Not sure if it's a good R35 or not, just picked this one.

    Working on
    - GT-R R35 Touring Car is in pre-alpha version. Having understeering problem as always on R35. Only played an hour. I'd say 20% done.
    - Alpine (60%), FTO GP Version R' 99 (60%), Dino 246 (50%), AMG VGT (60%), MacLaren F1 Stealth (40%), Rocket (30%). Don't expect all those cars to be finished and posted, I only post when the car is satisfying.

    Almost finished
    - Scuderia is giving me headaches because it though it was good from GT5 to 6 and it's not in GT6 with lower tires than RS/RS, mainly because you could put 330 aero and now only 220. So I'm doing a huge revamp of the car, basically re-making it more fast in curves. Currently, it's very stable if not too much, with a little "neutral" understeer as the cars I posted earlier. The old setup is drifting with not much control, I'll try tomorow to make it 1/3 drift, 2/3 stable, remove the understeer and re-do LSD as I remembered something important on it last evening.

    Old on ! :) :) :)

    Request status
    Requests are closed.
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  2. BlueShift


    I am looking for test drivers, so Ill know if I did it right or wrong ! Thank You guys !
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  3. Sander 001

    Sander 001

    I think it was your setup in GT5 for the Zonda R that made the car wonderful. It was very difficult to drive stock but after your tune it became my favourite car in GT5, won many races in your machine so thank you. Hope lightening will strike twice and you can create magic again.
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  4. BlueShift


    Thank you, I did played on this one maybe 10-12h in GT5, tried every single combinaison I could think of :)

    After 3-4h on various championships with the car in GT6, well... Try the Zonda tune from GT5 in GT6... I'm thinking of posting it here "as if new" (with 10 x aero scores in GT5). I'm not sure to mess with the gearbox just to remove TCS on it because it's almost of Group C car.

    Roma GT5 1'
    Roma GT6 0' They must have changed something.

  5. BlueShift


    Evolved setup
    Roma 0'59.19x - not pushing too hard yet, was in 0'58.9xx with the other setup. I'm sure I can go under 0'58.7xx or maybe less with this one because of TCS lag, and because of something I've done to the car on Roma, the fourth corner before the end is now almost accel holded, like you do with less powerful cars !!! And second curve is a lot more wild now !

    Here's the new features of the "Zonda Evoluzione" setup as I called it :)
    + 10% holding the curves at top speed (remain problems there but I hold last curve in high speed ring @ 320 km/h which is a personal record, my standard is 310 and first turn is no brakes)
    + 10% stability accelling in curves with TCS @ 1.
    - 10% stability accelling almost at the end of curves (after apex) in some conditions (TCS 1 + human behaviour + higher speed in curves) but +10% stability in other high speed conditions (got to study this). Got to change a few clicks on the LSD I think, maybe -1 initial.
    + 1% top speed / accel in straight line (it's a guess from front aero)
    + 5% steering angle
    - 20% accel lag due to TCS setting (woot ! :))
    - 3% braking due to decreased front dynamics, braking setting changed and increased camber (380/650).

    TCS set @ 1 (with RS/RS) is a personal victory :)

    A few laps around High speed ring gave 0' but I'm not as regular as am I on Roma (GT5 grinding helped :)).

    I think I will post both setups in 12h. Just need a few turns around the Nür to be sure of her agility/stability on the conditions the Nür provides. I would want to try to move some ext/comp/rollbar settings but I may do this later and post an update.

    From the GT5 setup, the spring force changed (a lot higher, rear is almost at top, front is something like 18.9x, because I will now take into account aer on my setups, which I did not before), braking at 4/6 I think and RH is set @ 73/73, TCS set @ 1, camber front/rear doubled.

    I understood a lot of things "quick" setuping (aka 4h on various tracks) a 908 yesterday on dynamics to win IA challenge because the Zonda can't (no, because I can't with the zonda). I think the units are kg / speed related (I though since GT1/2 it was an angle, but it's not, and front aero don't mess with the rear one too !).

    Big, I said :) :) :)

    The 908 is at TCS 2 with RH/RH ! Expect something close to a F1 there too, that car will be a big shot too I think :)
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  6. Sander 001

    Sander 001

    I definitely prefer Evoluzione, right away I was 1 sec faster at Brand Hatch GP, my preferred testing track. It's very good, I think I'm ready to try it in some online races, thank you. Not as good as it was in GT5, I hope you continue!
  7. Motor City Hami

    Motor City Hami

    United States
    Linked your garage in the FITT thread.
  8. HTR Tuning

    HTR Tuning

    United Kingdom
    you said it takes you 8-10 hrs for a tune and for a quick tune 3-4 hrs, I usually get it done in around 30-60 mins, is tht bad?...:confused:
  9. BlueShift


    It depends on the numbers of options/combinaison you try, I'm perfectionist :)
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  10. Gabriel4578


    Gran turismo 6 peugeot 908 hdi probelm

    I have a hard time controlling my peugeot 908 hdi fap for 729pp, 1094hp and 930kg. If you have any adjustments and tips you can give me. I really struggle to control this car
    And on the circuit of the 24h nürburgring nordschleife I go out of the track every time in the curves. I play with a ps3 controller I cant control the speed with the joystick I bridled the box at 400 km / h for the peugeot 908 hdi please help me to shine on the major circuits