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    Because there are so many great questions and discussions about GT3 here in our forums, I want to highlight them without cluttering it up with "sticky" threads. If you've got a thread that you think is as informative enough to be included in this list, please send me a private message and I will update this post as soon as possible. :)

    - GT3 Getting Started Guide
    - F1 Performance Guide by Majarvis
    - LSD Tuning Guide

    - HondaKid86's GT3 FAQ
    - Arcade Mode FAQ
    - GT3 Horsepower Faq
    - Everything about HP, break-in, and oil changes
    - Logitech Wheels FAQ – Logitech Driving Force Pro

    Car Lists:
    - U.S. and PAL Official GT3 Prize Car Lists
    - Prize Car Colors List
    - Cars you can never get back if you sell them.

    - How to Get the Diablo
    - Escudo & GTOne 1000 + MPH
    - Getting the Escudo & or GTOne to 2million+ MPH

    - The Answer to "What's the BEST Car?"
    - Best F1 Overall
    - Best Car for the Money
    - Best All-Around Car
    - What Is Your Fastest Car(s)
    - Great FF, N/A, MR, Rally, ect... To use.
    - Fastest 400M & 1000M Times.
    - Top Speed F1
    - Best American, Japanese, and UK cars

    - The 100% Club Thread
    - Your First Car?
    - Can I switch from KPH to MPH?
    - GT3 Replay Manager (for sharkport/xport users)
    - Which of the tracks in GT3 really do exist?

    If you still haven't found the answer to your question, please do a search before posting a new thread.
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    This is an ongoing process that I will do over the next few weeks. Please do not assist me.

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    Lancer Evolution VII Rally Car Prototype.

    For purchasing GT3 through GTPlanet.net

    Granturismo.com forum page on the confirmation of no readily accessible Diablo in versions of GT3 outside of Japan. I think.

    An FAQ for GT3

    Something on video components.

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