GDC 2017: Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Pro Impressions

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Last week we reported GT Sport would appear at the 2017 Game Developers Conference. The show recently wrapped, bringing us direct impressions from attendees that got to experience GT Sport on PS4 Pro.

Jaz Rignall from US Gamer has provided a detailed report on the complete experience he had with the game. First and foremost, players can look forward to a very significant increase in quality compared to the vanilla system when playing GT Sport on the PS4 Pro:

“I must say I was immediately impressed. From the way that light glistens off the cars’ paintwork through the sun bouncing off the asphalt to the movement of the shadows around the beautifully rendered interior of the car as it races around the track, the game looks incredibly lifelike – and it was absolutely silky, surely-that’s-60-FPS-smooth. It’s a definite step up from what I saw at E3 last year.”

We had our first look at GT Sport running on the PS4 Pro last November. For a review of what the Pro does to improve the already impressive presentation of GT Sport, you can check our summary here. Needless to say, GT Sport is on its way to setting an outstanding benchmark in the visual department.

Unfortunately, there were once again no signs of new cars or tracks. A total of six tracks are mentioned in the article, all of which have appeared on show during the past year. After getting behind the wheel of the Subaru WRX Gr.B Rally Car, Rignall spent a few laps getting familiar with the most recent addition, Fishermans Ranch:

“Turns out that driving off-road in Gran Turismo Sport is incredibly challenging. I entered the first corner with my foot flat to the floor, and tried to wrestle the car into a slide by lifting off the gas and giving it a bit of a Scandinavian flick so that I could drift around the bend with aplomb. That tactic usually works in most games, but here my efforts proved ham-fistedly inept: The car understeered dramatically and I plowed straight into the fence surrounding the track.”

Though Jaz describes driving as “realistic and involving”, he further noted there was a learning curve that had to be mastered to make any progress.

Fishermans Ranch.

It’s worth mentioning there was seemingly only one opponent on the track while running at the Ranch. So far we’ve heard that driving on dirt has become more challenging, yet it remains as fun as it was in earlier GT games (according to our man Jordan during the 2016 Gran Turismo Awards ceremony).

After doing another run with the Nissan GT-R on the Tokyo Expressway circuit, Jaz concluded he was equally impressed with the graphics as with the handling engine. “It just feels so slick, smooth and detailed, with a definition that takes the feel of the game to new heights.”

Curious as to when the gaming public can expect GT Sport, Jaz learned from a Sony representative that the game should appear “sometime later this year”, as stated last August by Polyphony Digital.

Gran Turismo Sport is scheduled to arrive on the PS4 platform later this year.

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