Goodwood Updated in GT6 With 2014 “Central Feature”

June 26th, 2014 by Jordan Greer


With the revealing of the 2014 “Central Feature” at the Goodwood Festival of Speed today, the virtual course in Gran Turismo 6 was also updated to reflect the changes in real-time.

Kazunori Yamauchi joined Goodwood’s host, Lord Charles March, and Mercedes-Benz director Michael Bock to unveil the dramatic sculpture which is designed to celebrate Mercedes’ 120 years in motorsport.

Kazunori Yamauchi will also receive the honor of driving the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLS – one of only two 300SL roadsters modified to compete in the National Sportscar Championships in the 1950s – up the famous Goodwood Hill Climb course.

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  1. Jun. 29, 6:40am

    Just wanted to say thanks to GTPlanet and GT6 for the opportunity to go to Goodwood yesterday for free. :D

    The likeness between the sculpture in game and in real life is uncanny and I found the sculpture more impressive in real life, the size of it is pretty mind blowing up close.

    So. Thanks again!

  2. Jun. 27, 10:51am

    I love this course! The new sculpture is a very nice addition. How about adding some cars to the course so we can rediscover this awesome part of the game. I think getting gold in each car was my favorite part of GT6 to date. I’ve watched a bunch of video’s of various cars running the course through the years and so many of those same cars are in GT6 – turn em’ loose!

    • Jun. 27, 1:58pm

      Just select the car you want, go for TT and you can run the hill climb to your heart’s content in every car you have.

  3. Jun. 27, 9:40am

    How do we use this track in Test Drive mode? It is locked out. Is there a way to unlock it?

  4. Jun. 27, 4:28am

    Nice finally !

  5. Jun. 27, 3:51am

    Nice one . If anyone is missing old one , you can still see it in replays taken before update .

  6. Jun. 27, 3:08am
    tube chaser

    Follow the live feed here from 08:30 BST

  7. Jun. 27, 2:01am

    Nice …

  8. Jun. 27, 12:31am

    There is absolutely nothing people won’t complain about. Hmm, I wonder if PD are willing to update the game to allow randomized section for offline A-Spec, which should keep some folks happy or appeased enough to stop boring me to tears with redundant complaining yet again. Time to head to the Q&A to see if anyone asked about modifying A-Spec to be a bit more dynamic once you clear all events and have a setting that gives you real challenge with AI that doesn’t hold back and tries to beat you mercilessly and not chase the rabbit either, Grid start with cars that scale to your car no matter what you drive, even if you gimp your car and enter then turn up the stats before the race, the AI cars should also increase stats to match since the game can tell your PP changed since the track loaded. Hope that’s possible :D.

  9. Jun. 26, 9:56pm

    Too bad we can’t get the E63 and A45.

    • Jun. 26, 10:33pm

      Who said it wouldn’t happen???

    • Jun. 26, 11:11pm

      I reckon they are saving them for GT7.

  10. Jun. 26, 9:18pm

    120 years in motorsport? hah.. yeah like “we were first one to make a car. who wants to race? you there with a horse.. heard of motorsport yet?” well how you have.. WROOOM

    • Jun. 26, 9:53pm

      Well if you can math you would know that 120 years ago was 1894. The Patent Wagon was made in 1886 (I believe). In those eight years there were many new automobiles.
      Besides that, a horse would easily beat the patentwagon.
      Additionally, a horse isn’t motorsport.

    • Jun. 27, 12:36am

      If a horse isn’t motorsport, why do they call it “horsepower”?

    • Jun. 27, 12:40am

      @ildd has this covered. Surely you must know that motorsport was rapidly increasing in popularity at that point?

    • Jun. 28, 11:28pm

      Motorsport requires some type of mechanical engine. A horse… well, they have 14.9 HP.
      They weigh… 800lb or something?And had 4-leg drive!
      The patentwagon had 1HP, weighed like 300Lb.

  11. Jun. 26, 8:36pm

    So that’s it? No new Goodwood Festival of Speed missions? Just an update of the sculpture?
    This was a huge letdown.
    I was hoping the update would bring the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG to Gran Turismo 6.
    At least they could let the rest of us (outside uk) have the opportunity to participate in the Aston Martin Goodwood Festival of Speed Seasonal Event
    I was also hoping that the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and A45 AMG were added to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
    I wonder if i will ever learn to never have high expectations when it comes to Gran Turismo 6.
    This is just sad…

    • Jun. 26, 8:42pm

      When T10 adds new tracks, they actually add in new events for said tracks. When it’s PD, “Oh, um, we’ve added or updated a track and we hope you enjoy them, despite us not adding in more events for said tracks.”

      Amazing, isn’t?

    • Jun. 26, 8:51pm

      Yes, i totally agree, for me it is no use to have more tracks or even more cars when there is no race on these tracks or races for these new cars, i don’t want to drive the same race over and over with just different cars.
      It would help if we had some sort of race creator.

    • Jun. 26, 10:11pm

      I was always hoping for the E63 and A45. Maybe we’ll be surprised

    • Jun. 26, 10:38pm

      @ Toko… It would be good to add events for the new tracks and I fully agree with you, sir. But that would require a revamp of the in-game a-spec events that I doubt PD will do.

    • Jun. 26, 10:49pm

      Cool story toko. Too bad turn 10 don’t support most steering wheels.

    • Jun. 26, 10:52pm

      Or weather, time change etc

    • Jun. 26, 11:35pm

      @IngRobNy Agreed about the Race Creator. Something like that will keep a game alive for a looooong time.

      @Progress823 It doesn’t have to be in the main events list of the game, nor revamping it. All PD has to do is just, let’s say, add three events by PP for new said tracks they add into the game.

      @jimipitbull The wheel thing is MS’s fault, and there doesn’t have to be weather, time change etc. Also I wasn’t even talking about those two features either, so not sure why you’re going there…

    • Jun. 27, 12:08am

      C’mon guys.
      The saying about ‘the glass half empty’ comes to mind.
      Think about what we’ve had in the last fortnight.
      12 june = 3 seasonals (the first A-spec events)
      18 june = v1.09 with Red Bull Ring + VW Vision + major physics changes + TS030 amd Lexus.
      19 june = 4 new seasonals.
      26 june = 3 new seasonals + Goodwood real-time reveal.

      And while you may mock the Goodwood update, that yearly statue is actually quite a big deal in one of the world’s most important motor shows.

      And in amongst all that we’ve had MINI added to the Vision project.
      Reveal and July announced for Nissan Vision.
      Teasers and reveal tomorrow of Aston Martin Vision.

      So while I agree that is was a bit disappointing to not see a few extra events added to the Goodwood section, we haven’t exactly been starved of content lately.

    • Jun. 27, 1:23am

      @IngRobNY – you could just use arcade mode to take any car to (almost) any track and have a race. So you wouldn’t be limited to only rehashing what is in A-spec.

      I also think you mean PD and not GT6 because GT6 is an amazing achievement considering the hardware.

      @Toko – you are being grumpy again, go to the cupboard and have a chocolate bar ;) Did T10 add events with the vehicles to F4? I ask as I know F5does, but F5 being a new-gen game on a new-gen console, can achieve a lot more things like that.

    • Jun. 27, 1:58am

      I’m also a bit baffled at how you managed to get the impression that more than just the sculpture would appear with this update?

    • Jun. 27, 9:46am

      I have been saying for a long time now that they need to update the Goodwood Events. It can’t really be that difficult. They just choose not to do it, even though I would guess that it has been brought up in a few meetings here and there. But the world still goes ’round; and who know? We could still get something along those lines in the near future. (Vision GT events at Goodwood???)

    • Jun. 29, 12:53am

      In GT6, expect little, or nothing.

  12. Jun. 26, 6:42pm

    Could they at least add one of those Mercedes? You know, like real, historic cars?

    • Jun. 26, 9:36pm

      Makes me wonder if we won’t see one of the “two” 300 SLS cars Kaz will be driving… who knows,

      It’s technically possible :p

  13. Jun. 26, 6:27pm


    …what a waste of time.

    • Jun. 26, 6:34pm

      What time?

    • Jun. 26, 6:42pm

      To be fair, I’m sure it took no longer than two weeks to model. With only one person to model it.

    • Jun. 26, 6:50pm

      I agree, probably done weeks and weeks ago also. Just needed some details off imari on the manpower and amazing amount of time that’s been wasted.

    • Jun. 26, 6:55pm

      GTplanet …
      Complains when 80’s track versions don’t have correct period buildings.
      Complains when simultaneous in-game update matches real-life reveal because it’s ‘a waste of time’.

    • Jun. 26, 7:37pm

      I’m glad T10 and other devs aren’t as well known as PD, so they can continue to focus on making/improving the “game” rather than real life…

    • Jun. 26, 8:12pm

      Well I for one am absolutely delighted pd are right in amongst it, making relationships and becoming players in the real world. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I like where pd are headed

    • Jun. 27, 12:42am

      Woo…your incessant whinging. Again.

  14. Jun. 26, 6:27pm

    Its ppihc weekend i know which hillclimb id rather have. I know tracks take time but pikes peak has been in the works for over a year pd was spoted around the same time as the bathurst crew. Id rather see a new track than one with a new sculpture. Pd has finally started giving us content but theres been so much promised that we havent seen yet. I wish pd would outsource or at least bring in more people so they can hit a deadline more than once every 15 years.

  15. Jun. 26, 5:56pm

    It would be nice if we get another series of invitations from Lord March for some new time trials on his 2014 driveway.

    • Jun. 26, 6:04pm

      Yea, this is what I thought they was going to do as well. Would have been nice to see 15 more events with various cars all leading up to the last three, 10-1 Nissan GTR GT3 Team RJN 10-2 Toyota Tso030 10-3 Lotus 97T.

  16. Jun. 26, 5:45pm

    It’s ok. It is a bit bland and not the best they’ve had in recent years. But much better than there last effort. Basically a tent with a 300sl gullwing stuck at the top. If I remember right they said it weighs 165 tons. Both cars are real. The 2013 F1 car was used at Hungary I think? And the other is 1934 W25. I just think they’re impressive (Unless they’re tents) as they’re not permanent fixtures. It’ll be taken down in a few days.

    I haven’t looked in game yet. Anyone know if you can select which statue you want?

    • Jun. 26, 6:30pm

      Looks like the lotus sculpture has gone. Only a goodwood 2014 track is available as far as I can see from my game. I think it’s a nice little touch. Hopefully more challenges will be added at some point

    • Jun. 26, 7:08pm

      Thx. I’ve had a look now. It’s also deleted the previous times I’d set :(

  17. Jun. 26, 5:43pm

    More wasted time in useless cosmetic changes… Boooooring! Meanwhile Kaz is traveling around the world enjoying the Jet Set…

    • Jun. 26, 5:56pm

      Oh yeah, I forgot that Kaz is suppose to work on the game 24/7 and spend no time with promotions of the game or anything. Seriously, do you really have anything to complain about? Because PD has been jamming lately and they’ve certainly given you content lately. It’s only been a week since they gave you a content packed update, plus the new Ford Focus ST is getting added with it’s unvail this weekend, not to mention the VGT’s. Come back when you think through your logic.

    • Jun. 26, 6:47pm

      So what did we get? A couple of weird looking fantasy cars, check… A slightly different version of two already existing tracks. check… a car that you cannot race against anything else because it is unique, check… a statue, check… some pictures of Senna, check…
      Where is the Track maker? Where are the community features? Where is that track that was promised back in February?

    • Jun. 26, 7:14pm

      I’m not saying your wrong about the Course Maker and the Community Features etc because you’re not, they should be here in my opinion by now. But you asked what we got, listed out everything from the Senna update and then completely missed out everything we got 9 days ago

      Where is the new track in Spain. Dunno, but …
      Red Bull Ring (2 variants) check

      • Lexus IS F CCS-R ‘11
      • Toyota TS030 Hybrid ‘12
      GT Academy Youtube GTR

      You managed to list everything from 2 updates ago and completely ignore the update from last week that Amac500 was talking about in the post you were replying to

      Anyway, nvm, not the place for this discussion.

      This is the place for discussing the new Goodwood update which is, frankly, not all that exciting unless you are going to Goodwood

    • Jun. 26, 8:49pm

      Exactly sirjim73, and that Senna update was more than just one car, there was 3 and the Lotus is easily the highest quietly car rendering PD has put forth, so I’m starting to think Hypergolem hasn’t put the game in for months and has only barely skimmed the GTP articles. But anyways, Goodwood alone is bringing us the new Ford Focus ST and new VGT’s, which I won’t even waste my time explaining the merit of to someone who’s too out of touch with this to understand.

    • Jun. 26, 9:56pm

      what care can’t be raced against anything else?

    • Jun. 26, 9:56pm


    • Jun. 27, 12:44am

      Apparently, the 97T but he seems to forget it can be raced against other 97T’s. As well, of course, as a detuned FGT.

  18. Jun. 26, 5:33pm
    Magic Ayrton

    Cool, just had a look in game, nothing special though.

  19. Jun. 26, 5:27pm

    How about putting any of those down here so we can drive them : /

  20. Jun. 26, 5:27pm

    Where’s the old one?

  21. Jun. 26, 5:26pm
    Scuderia Paul

    Nice to see such a collaboration between games and real world events.

    The sculpture is nice, arching over the house is fabulous, but I think it looks unfinished. Needs more arches featuring Mercedes touring cars and Group C cars.

    I’m off to check out the update…

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